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  1. Our mods can't repel spam of that magnitude!
  2. "Boba Fett (crew) If you damage an enemy ship without destroying it through shooting regain 1 shield up to your maximum shield value." No disintegrations, and a payment method.
  3. I played a game of 40k yesterday. First time in about 6 months, and the first time with all the 7th ed knobs and buttons. It's an absolute clusterfudge of a game. However has the newest army with the most special rules will win. Bah, never going back now.
  4. I'm keeping all my 40k armies. I'll teach the kids 5th ed or 2nd ed when they're old enough. Still got my AI fleets too - despite not getting them out of the box for at least 5 years. When X Wing dies, I'll keep these too! Logic - pah!
  5. No, but Jonus + APT PTL Rhymer (where Redline is taking the heat) is nice. And DtF in formation (or not in formation but R1) will keep Redline alive for longer. It won't win you a world championship, mind.
  6. I've had a couple of games with a similar squad: Rhymer - PTL, EM, APT Redline - EM, Ion Torps, Clusters, FCS Jonus - DtF I lost both games, mostly because I flew like an idiot. Not sure on the Redline loadout. Rhymer, not being the target of everything in this list, managed to one-shot 3 ships in 2 games though.
  7. Like a man in orthopedic shoes, I stand corrected. Although it's difficult to concentrate on the intakes in that photo!
  8. No they're no, look inside them. It's half a fan.
  9. What annoys me about them is half an intake fan on each of the engines. How does that work?
  10. Put them in your bicycle spokes. Because it sounds cool.
  11. If these waves (raider, 7, and core II) mix up the meta then that will be awesome. I'm so over fat PWTs.
  12. Well it wasn't wall to wall YT1300 and IG88s, so a definite improvement over normal!
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