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  1. So I'd make it into this: Obi-Wan Kenobi (175 + 23 = 198) --Force Reflexes (10), Hope (3), Aggressive Tactics (10) 3x Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 30 = 82) --DC-15 Phase I Trooper (30) 2x Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 25 = 77) --Z-6 Phase I Trooper (25) 2x BARC Speeder (75) This leaves 52 points. 4 more clone troopers over 5 units? something else?
  2. Is dropping 2 bodies for one extra heavy weapon worth it?
  3. I have the clones form 2 cores plus one extra expansion clone troopers. With only those models; would this be OK to start out with? (looking for fun to learn the game with. Competitive might get tacked on later ) Obi-Wan Kenobi (175 + 29 = 204) --Force Reflexes (10), Hope (3), Aggressive Tactics (10), Endurance (6) 6x Phase I Clone Troopers (52+13+30 = 95) Incl. DC-15 Phase I Trooper 6x Phase I Clone Troopers (52+13+30 = 95) Incl. DC-15 Phase I Trooper 6x Phase I Clone Troopers (52+13+25 = 90) Incl. Z-6 Phase I Trooper 6x Phase I Clone Troopers (52+13+25 = 90) Incl. Z-6 Phase I Trooper 5x Phase I Clone Troopers (52 + 13 = 65) BARC Speeder (75) BARC Speeder (75) Tried to max out on troopers. (Anything counts in large amounts) The upgrades on Obi-Wan I copied form others. (assuming they knew best) 11 points left. No clue what (if anything at all) would be worthwhile. Thoughts?
  4. Hey everyone, Given the 50% or even more discount I can buy Runewars I am considering a 3rd army. (I obviously have humans and undead) Uthuk has some appealing models and if I can build an army at the cheap (not going to dump a massive load of money in a dead game) I will. At a guess: Starter set Berserker command group (for options) Box of Obscenes (must have for the models) ThuUk Tar and Gorgemaw (must have for the models) Can you make a playable (fun to play with) army with this? For more than a one-off? Or does it need more? If so; what? I have from the first wave; 2x cores, plus every box 1x from wave 1. (as opposing armies)
  5. Thanks for the compliment I guess. 😀 Not claiming it is an easy matchup but I have a very good track record against beef. (also helped by the fact you face it so bloody often of course)
  6. True. Double modded shots hurt. But Wedge dies fast under fire. Very fast. Doubly so if he spends his focus on attack. Wedge never seemed a problem to me in Rebel Beef. (never really tried it myself. Boring )
  7. Hate is too strong a word really. But I dislike phantoms+juke.
  8. Perhaps this? Luminara Unduli (44) R2 Astromech (4) Ship total: 48 Half Points: 24 Threshold: 2 "Wolffe" (51) Clone Commander Cody (3) Ship total: 54 Half Points: 27 Threshold: 5 "Sinker" (54) Ship total: 54 Half Points: 27 Threshold: 5 104th Battalion Pilot (42) Ship total: 42 Half Points: 21 Threshold: 5 Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Republic&d=v6!s=200!274:,2,,:;342:,,,225,,:;280:,,,,:;341:,,,,:&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= Changing crits to hits sure would help no?
  9. My wife does not play (tactical) games. (Pandemic legacy, eldritch horror etc she does though) But she gives me advice on paintschemes for my many wargames. (which is useful given the fact that I am pretty poor at that)
  10. Hi, The last 2 years I ran a campaign with non-force user player characters. Now we are considering mixing things up and adding force. What do I need as a storyteller/GM? And what do players need? (I obviously have the core rule book) Also and closely related; which adventure would you recommend as a starting point? Last but not least; is it easier to start afresh (new characters?) or can we use currrent characters? As always; thanks a bunch in advnace/much appreciated.
  11. Clue in title. Todfay I bullied convinced a friend to join the Charity against Cancer X-wing event. (may 18th. Be there!) He has played 1.0 even if never as much as I did but still. the basics will be familiar/known. Which faction (ships/squad) would you recommend for him?* (*=In order to allow him to slide back into 2.0 with a modicum of ease.) Thoughts? Tips? Have my cookie in advance. (I have all factions and ships even if not always in maximum possibly allowed numbers. for example I have 'only' 6 vulture droids at the moment)
  12. (emphasis mine) Twice? how? (assuming you mean twice in a round)
  13. And one with 4 K-wings IIRC
  14. Funny you should say this. I stay away from Legion in an attempt to not go bankrupt...
  15. Voted "7" even if technically my Jedi Republic stuff is merely ordered. So technically 'only' 6 atm but 7 soon enough. Yeah. I know. I may have a problem. 🤔 [edit] Currently enjoying "5 of A kind" (= A-wings) and 6 droids+Bellyrub the most. Just sayin.
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