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  1. Elkerlyc

    Starting Separatists on a budget? (How?)

    True. Anything counts in large amounts. But if I can do with 5 I'd save one blister initially. And leave a second blister plus the Sith Infiltrator for a few weeks later.
  2. Elkerlyc

    Starting Separatists on a budget? (How?)

    If I waited a bit with purchase of the Sith infiltrator I could go for 2 boxes of SIS and one blister vulture droid. With this you can get 2 Bellyrubs and 5 Droids with energy shells with 6 pts to spare. (K2B4 perhaps?)
  3. Thus far I was simply buying everything X-wing the moment it was available. But given the price hike and the 4 extra/new factions I'll have to stagger my purchases or risk sacrificing too many "wife-points". 😉 So I intend to get the Separatists first and was wondering if -and how- to make an entrance in this faction gently. At a guess you need the 'servants of strife' box and the Sith Infiltrator. Plus one Vulture droid fighter. Can you make a decent (enough) list with this lot to get properly started? Thoughts?
  4. Elkerlyc

    Veteran Turret Gunner's time to shine

    Get back to this thread and report your findings. (much appreciated)
  5. Elkerlyc

    Veteran Turret Gunner's time to shine

    The double focus helps a lot to really smash an awful lot of damage fast on anything you get in your sights. I was not very impressed with L3-37. Will swap that for the Jakke GR. But I have the nagging suspicion that a 3rd Scurgg is simply the best choice... (not calling it quits yet. But this is what my thoughts are after a mere 2 games)
  6. Elkerlyc

    Veteran Turret Gunner's time to shine

    Given the reality that i own a "mere" 2 Scurrgs I make do with what I have and will try the following tomorrow: Drea Renthal —Dorsal Turret, Veteran Turret Gunner, Hull Upgrade (53) Lok Revenant — Dorsal Turret, Perceptive Copilot, Veteran Turret Gunner (59) Lok Revenant — Dorsal Turret, Perceptive Copilot, Veteran Turret Gunner (59) L3-37 — Tactical Officer (28) If the Escape craft does not do "enough" I will try to drop the hull upgrade and swap it for a Jakku Gunrunner. But I like the idea of being able to bump or make a red manoever with the Scurrgs and still have double focus. Having said all that; I suspect 3x Scurrgs will outperform the above.
  7. Elkerlyc

    Scum and the gunner situation, the good and the bad.

    Never used "veteran gunner" thus far. Does this work to the front? So if your turret is aimed to the front can you double-tap? (My assumption is not. why I never bothered thus far...)
  8. Elkerlyc

    (Yes, it is early but...) Meta predictions?

    And my prediction is you will (try to) troll a lot.
  9. Elkerlyc

    (Yes, it is early but...) Meta predictions?

    Agreed. But people tend to overreact. (and thus leave Boba collecting dust)
  10. Hi everyone, Now that the points changes dropped; what are your initial predictions about how the meta changes/evolves? What do you reckon will fall from grace and what will rise to the top? I'll try and post my own feeble attempts below to get the ball rolling. Rebels: 3 (X) torp aces will be gone. More variety (More B and Y-wings for sure. Perhaps even some A-wings) Imperials: Less Redline (duh) even if still worth the points at a guess. (albeit without trajectory sim or adv.sensors I think) The Starwings seems well worth it all of a sudden. Whisper might fade without the crew making him stupid good. Merely good often is not enough for the number crunchers. Scum: Boba got hammered to the pont that I think we'll see very little of him the coming 6 months. (not saying unjustified mind you) Quads still very much worth it as a very annoying filler (of sorts) Scurrgs and/or IG seem clear winners. (not going to comment on first order and/or resistance; simply not played these enough. The above is enough of a guesstimate as it is) Your thoughts?
  11. Elkerlyc

    They turned off Dash's Double Tap.

    Good bloody riddance.
  12. Elkerlyc

    Are the new Points available yet

    For the record; I did not make the excel overview. But I do spread the wealth. (of information) I downloaded it and tweak the mistakes out of it now.
  13. Elkerlyc

    Rebel point changes; The impact

  14. Elkerlyc

    Are the new Points available yet

    Here you go. You numbercrunching gits. ☺️ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u-7nDcK_U_jn9A36758oCmcJSwWo7KAAMZAcPghJU1I/edit#gid=0
  15. Elkerlyc

    Are the new Points available yet

    F5 (repeat every 10 seconds...)