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  1. 99 points Talonbane Cobra (34), Vaksai (0), Veteran Instincts (1), Harpoon Missiles (4), Scavenger Crane (2), Guidance Chips (0), Pulsed Ray Shield (2), Vectored Thrusters (2) Captain Nym (41), Veteran Instincts (1), Extra Munitions (2), Concussion Missiles (4), Autoblaster Turret (2), “Gonk” (2), Guidance Chips (0) Quinn Jast (24), A Score to Settle (0), “Heavy Scyk” Interceptor (2), Guidance Chips (0), Harpoon Missiles (4)
  2. Currently looking at Talonbane Cobra, Nym and either Quinn Jast (1 pt ini bid with ps11, ps10 and ps6) ór Genesis Red (no ini bid) 2x harpoon missiles and a concussion. Testing coming friday...
  3. This is absolutely lethal: “Howlrunner” (18), Adaptability (0) “Pure Sabacc” (25), Crack Shot (1), Lightweight Frame (2) Imperial Trainee (19), Lightweight Frame (2) Imperial Trainee (19), Lightweight Frame (2) Imperial Trainee (19), Lightweight Frame (2) Tried both with and without the 'adaptive ailerons' and still not sure which is 'best'.
  4. Most of all fun first. Competitive only to the degree that they will not get rolflstomped due to a bad list which happens to be 'fun to fly'. The goal is to get them firmly addicted. (and thus increase the local player base which happens to benefit... me!)
  5. 2 weeks ago I posted this: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/261402-suggestions-for-introduction-games-demo-ing-x-wing I got some excellent suggestions with an excellent result; I got 3 new people hooked into this game. At least 2 (I think all 3) went out and bought the new core set and several expansions. Now. We have this wargameclub night every 2 weeks. And I was asked to show some 'general' squads showing off the easier builds out there. I know one of them has shown an interest in scum and the other in Imperial. The third I am not sure of. He might be like me and like everything. What would you recommend and why? Bear in mind these people have only flown a handful of ships in an handful of games.
  6. Assaij Ventress + Latts Razzi-crew (39) Viktor Hel: Vaksai Title (25) Thweek; both titles (26) 90 points exactly. 10 points for your own personal preferred upgrade cards. (do not forget the discounts due to the vaksai title!)
  7. Had 2 games with Thweek tonight.In the first I copied Marek Steele's ability (meh) but the second was with Countess Ryad. We interpreted it as if any straight can be K-turned for the starviper now. (but the colour stays the same. Correct?) Great game that was.
  8. Who/what do you pair with Thweek? I am looking at Thweek, Guri and Assaij myself and have an alternative in Thweek, Talonbane, Sunny Bounder and a Jakku gunrunner. But would love to hear more suggestions.
  9. First of all; thanks for all the suggestions. Very much appreciated. Thus far I lean to the following: Game 1; T70 generic +crack shot vs 2xTie/fo Game 2; Chewbacca (old version) + predator plus a blue sqd B-wing vs Something Imperial. (not sure yet) I'd lean myself towards Howlrunner + several tie's but that might be more than a newb can handle. Perhaps Vader (no upgrades) , Academy pilot and a Royal Guard Interceptor (with autothrusters) Gradually easing in a few upgrades plus some new and iconic ships?
  10. My idea is to run several games, one after another. Each game showcasing different ships and gradually adding rules. (like turrets)
  11. Hi everyone, Coming friday I intend to demo X-wing at our local (and very recently founded) wargaming club. Several newer people expressed their interest in X-wing and I am happy to oblige. Now; the question is of course what to 'use' for the first introduction games. I'd think I'd go with a single 'Red squadron veteran' in a T70 with added crack shot vs 2 Epsilon squadron pilots. Basic (new) core set contents. Reasonably fair fight IMO. The games after this one I am struggling with what to show. ideally not overcomplicating things but still showing new and exciting ships at the same time. What would you recommend and why? [edit]; Note that I have every ship at least once and more often than not two or even more.
  12. I have had good success with: Biggs: R2D2/IA Nien Numb: snap shot/R3A2/Primed thrusters/Black One/Autothrusters Heff Tober: Advanced sensors/Jan Ors/Jyn Erso/tactical jammer/title Strat: Biggs hides dehind Heff and gets +1 green die and all the tokens in the world. Nien flies in formation initially for the joust and switches to active 'ace hunting' at the first opportunity. (ideally dealing stress at range 1)
  13. (*if* there ever will be Dwarves in RW) Personally I hope there will be some sort of mobility/(cavalry of sorts) in a Dwarf army list. Because immobile stand-and-shoot-armies are boring as [censored]. In my not-so-humble opinion anyhow.
  14. You just did.
  15. I'd not mind the kind of dwarves as seen in the 'battle of the five armies' movie. If that is an abomination then I am happy with abominations!