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  1. Elkerlyc

    Rebel Players: Is It Worth Continuing to Play until January?

    It is fair to say that rebels have less 'super-efficient' options at the moment. They can be good in the hands of a competent player. Obviously. Rebels simply have less 'super-efficient'(undercosted?) options like Redline and Boba/marauder/Han-gunner etc. I play mostly rebels *because* of this. Fun times. IMO.
  2. Elkerlyc

    Wedge, Luke, Thane, and Sabine?

    I myself have been trying this: Wedge (Swarm Tactics&protons) Cassian Dutch (protons) Sabine -> Cassian can coordinate Dutch (focus), Dutch gives a lock to Wedge so both can hurl a fully modded proton ad ini6. Decent. But not quite up to the (fairly easy to achieve) powerlevels of the Empire and/or Scum.
  3. Elkerlyc

    Wedge, Luke, Thane, and Sabine?

    I really do not like Dutch without either turret or protons. How about: Wedge+Swarm tactics Dutch+protons Thane Sabine This leaves you with 8 points for some upgrades and/or initiative bid. My picks would be R4 for Dutch and debris gambit for Sabine. If I'd not try for a bid I'd add a second swarm tactics to this squad.
  4. Elkerlyc

    Rebels Lurking...

    Lately I have been flying a *lot* of Wedge (only swarm tactics or zero upgrades) and I think he is well worth the points. But I guess it is true that even if Wedge performs at 100% (of points) he is nog 'as good as' 110% performing Boba (marauder/han gunner) or similar.
  5. Long story short; yes. Even better.
  6. 4-LOM — G-1A Starfighter 49 Elusive 3 0-0-0 3 Ship Total: 55 Palob Godalhi — HWK-290 Light Freighter 38 Moldy Crow 12 Ship Total: 50 (Just sayin. A few points left to season according to personal taste...)
  7. Elkerlyc

    Recommended Squad for a newb?

  8. Elkerlyc

    Fighting Tie Swarms under the "Second Edition" rules

    I firmly believe tournaments help sales. (no clue by how much of course) I run local X-wing tournaments (once every three months) and every time the tournament date ' gets close' I see more and more X-wing played at our club. This enthuses people more than anything else... Just seeing how the game is played, how fast and furious it is. A decent number of people playing it. It all adds up.
  9. Elkerlyc

    Fighting Tie Swarms under the "Second Edition" rules

    No clue what you mean by this. I see Z95 AF4 Headhunters in the official FFG app. @24 points each... [edit] I think I get it. I wa sunder the assumption you meant the 2.0 edition as a whole. But apparently you seem to want to handicap yourselves by opting for the extremely limited listbuilding as offered by '2nd ed.". Why would you? Go with 'Extended" and play the game as it is supposed to be in its full glory!
  10. Elkerlyc

    Fighting Tie Swarms under the "Second Edition" rules

    Since no-one mentioned it thus far: "Fight fire with fire" Scum: Drea Renthal (Y-wing) -Dorsal turret, R4 Astromech 46 pts -6x Z95 Headhunter 144 pts (season to taste with the 10 pts left)
  11. Elkerlyc

    Joust Me

    A Evereything Swarm tactics linked to fire at ini5. Clusters for swarms and protons for everything else. Tomax Bren — TIE Bomber Swarm Tactics-3 Proton Torpedoes-9 Cluster Missiles-5 Ship Total: 51 Captain Jonus — TIE Bomber Swarm Tactics-3 Proton Torpedoes-9 Cluster Missiles-5 Ship Total: 53 "Deathfire" — TIE Bomber Proton Torpedoes-9 Cluster Missiles-5 Ship Total: 46 Gamma Squadron Ace — TIE Bomber Swarm Tactics-3 Proton Torpedoes-9 Cluster Missiles-5 Ship Total: 47
  12. Elkerlyc

    Testing 2.0 waters.. (what is known?)

    Demo lists? Are some spoiled in news articles? (I can find those. ) Or someplace else?
  13. Hi Everyone. I'd love to try tonight some 2.0 with a friend. I will fly the new Tie Reaper, using only 2.0 upgrades and will add Tie fighters since their dial is exactly the same as 1.0 and their point cost is known. My opponent has to use 'only' the last (Saw) expansion so only U-wing(s) and X-wing(s) Is there some place where i can find the 'threat levels' and play 2.0 with more accuracy than my current guesstimate? Plus I was wondering what else is currently 'playable' with the 1.0 ships/dials... (I own everything 1.0 at least once. Most of the time 2+)
  14. Elkerlyc

    2.0: Are you in or are you out?

    I am in. But I will be downsizing my collection to the actual contents of the conversion kits. Not gonna buy multiples of those. ? The gameplay has me hooked and the changes are excellent overall. If only they would have thought of making pilots and "upgrade" per ship. Ah well...