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  1. I prefer minimal fighter support, generally 3 A-wings. I wouldn't go zero. The engagements rules basically mean even one fighter stand can hold up anything and everything. On top of that the 6 turn limit means stopping the enemy fighters for 3 turns means they are going to be incredibly hard pressed to do anything meaningful to your ships. So I just feed the enemy fighter cloud an A-Wing per turn. You may feel like you wasted points but looking at it from your opponents perspective he just spent up to a third of his points just to kill 3 fighters, not a great return. You mentioned you were using 3-4 X-wings for this. I'd suggest switching to A-Wings. It's tougher to pull the stall tactic with slower fighters (speed 5 Tie Bombers can give slow X-Wings fits) and if they are probably going to die anyway you might as well make them cheaper anyway and take advantage of counter. This will free up your commands and points to make your ships more effective. If you really want to go no fighter, then I'd suggest you stick to Assault Frigates and Corvettes. The Assault Frigate gives you something more beefy with good all around shield coverage and maneuverability. The corvette gives you incredibly speed and efficient firepower, and you can always just get out of dodge if you are about to get swarmed by bombers. I'd stay away from the Neb. Even though it brings good AS dice it's flanks and lack of redirect make it incredibly vulnerable to bombing runs. As to the fighters I'd worry about, the biggest concern would be a Rhymer swarm. Fast and can lob dice at longer ranges. Playing Rebels I've found you can just generally outrun them. Stick to speed three and they are going to have think pretty far ahead to catch you with any of their bombers if you move correctly. The exception is getting swarmed by A-Wings. Black dice hurt, even without the criticals.
  2. Just a question about electronic countermeasures since I'm thinking about giving it a go. Does the term "spend" in ECM mean you discard the token after you use it just exhaust it as normal?
  3. Just FYI, the A-Wing black die will actually more consistently do damage than the X-Wing. It's really just a matter of how much you value crits when you use the A-wing or the X-Wing against ships.
  4. Any damage the A-Wing do is just gravy. they really are mostly just for CAP duties. So far I haven't had too much trouble bringing down VSDs at 300 prior to Wave 1 (ran 2 Nebs, 3 Corvettes, and 3 Xwings). It was just a matter of being willing to sacrifice the corvettes and ram at the right time. If anyone hasn't tried it before I wholeheartedly suggest people try Opening Salvo if you outnumber Imps almost two to one in ships. For example the list above can put out 35 dice in one turn just from the ships if you get the arcs and range right (8 per corvette, 11 from the MKII), most of which happen at long range.
  5. If there wasn't a turn limit like in X-Wing I'd be all for fighters but ultimately 6 Tie Fighters could keep opposing squadrons busy all game no matter how many points they spend on them or how elite (Rhymer and Tycho throw a bit of a wrinkle in that thought though). How do you figure? It only takes 1 Tie Fighter to tie (get it? ) as many enemy fighters in range 1 as possible which could be all of them. You just have to be careful in your positioning and if you do it right you could just keep a fighter in range 1 of your ships at all times which basically acts like an ablative shield for any bombing run. When 1 Tie dies just move a new Tie into range 1 (if you want to be really safe just move/keep two into range for extra engagements). It doesn't even matter if your Tie ever fires a shot since every turn the enemy isn't bombing your ships is a waste for them. 6 Turns is the real killer. Beyond the slow speed of most effective bombers (tie Bombers excepted), they generally lose the first turn because its hard to get a shot that early in the game and they also generally lose at least one more turn (generally two) because they are out of range of a squad command after they try an attack run. That means you only really need to slow down opposing fighters for three to four turns max. If there was no turn limit you could just load up on fighter and bombers, win air superiority and then spend limitless turn pepering ships until they explode. So far it looks like the designers spent a lot of time making sure that isn;t an easy choice and to be effective it will take some real brain power (it can be effective, please don't get me wrong, I just don't think it's going to be easy. Yep and Yep
  6. If there wasn't a turn limit like in X-Wing I'd be all for fighters but ultimately 6 Tie Fighters could keep opposing squadrons busy all game no matter how many points they spend on them or how elite (Rhymer and Tycho throw a bit of a wrinkle in that thought though).
  7. I don't know why I didn't default to four A-wings... I guess sometimes I can cling to the bomber keyword in a Dodonna fleet even if only a pair of X-wings may not have any impact at all over the course of a game. I think I prefer that change and stick with the A-wings flying strictly as a screen who can contribute attacks on enemy ships in the best case scenarios. I thought about the fighter flexibility of Corrputer and Yavaris builds - both would be very deadly to walk into with a Fleet Ambush objective. I am intersted in seeing how Corrupter and Yavaris play out, they seem like they would be shoe-ins for strong lists but I can't get a sense on where squadrons are going to land in terms of importance. The other part of your list that I absolutely love and would love to incorporate would be a CR90A with Leia and Jaina's Light. I do not like to think about 400 points when we know next to nothing of Wave 2, but *if* I was playing a 400 point Wave 1 match, that would be my first addition. Keep her near one of the space whales to always be able to correct a command, and let her hide behind it and snipe with a few dice here and there while maintaining the obstructed debuff for any return fire from that target. I think Superior Positions is a great objective in your list with all of those Corvettes - the worry in my own would be about how often that speed-3 whale would actually get around something. I also like Hyperspace Assault - I think I like it better in a list like yours with four ships - but it remains very much in the running with my own list. I am trying to think more in terms of facing possible mirror matches lately - which is trouble for me. My brain always starts at "vs. the Empire" even though the only place where that is a guaranteed matchup is at home games. So actually, making the adjustments you recommend, I go down to 295 points. So now I am free to try Paragon if I really wanted to, or perhaps even more importantly, remain below 300 points and put a Liaison on one of the Assault Frigates. You've certainly freed me up for some vital flexibility! I like the list a lot more now, thank you! I actually hadn't thought of just putting Leia on on Jaina's Light. what you said makes perfect sense if I want to hide her. As to Superior Positions I think the trick is to make sure you actually have a ship that makes your opponent not want to turn around. In my case that would be the MKII. That should free up the corvettes to go dancing behind the enemy ships.
  8. She is great on a CR-90. If you want an engineering command on an assault frigate, you simply select the command on her CR-90, reveal it first, and get what you wanted on the assault frigate. She's isn't great on her own, she makes it so your other ships are a lot more flexible. She'll only get more valuable once wave 2 comes out and people will be running 3 command MC80's. She is basically a more flexible liason.
  9. Sorry for the potentially-dumb question, but what does CAP stand for? Also, it seems like I have a mistaken idea of the effectiveness of interceptors and bombers. I know Fighters are pretty weak overall, just steamrolled by any other fighter. So what if I replaced all my TIEs with TIE Bombers (including Rhymer in there), took Chirpy instead of Tarkin, and swapped the Warlord title for Corruptor? Would that be viable, or is that too much offense, not enough defense? Or is it just not nearly as nasty a punch as it sounds like? I can definitely see Demolisher being more useful that Insidious, don't know why I didn't consider it before. If you intend to fly CAP (combat air patrol, basically just interception of enemy fighters) its better to spend the minimum points necessary just to hold up a squadron(s). Ties are super effective at fighting enemy fighters in a swarm just because they are so cheap and still bring decent firepower. Alternatively, you could always suicide one squadron of Ties at a time just to hold up the opponents fighter force. Example: 20 point Luke is bearing down on your VSD? Just throw a Tie at him and tie him up for a turn for only 8 points. The trick is if you decide to go that route is to focus on the enemy ships with your own and "spend" the ties wisely so that your opponents fighter expenditure just never ends up being worth it. In my original post 6 ties costs you all of 48 points, not too shabby and they can still dish out 6 blue dice on a ship if it ever comes down to that. If you are going to go full bomber complement you generally start with the Corrupter, Rhymer, and 3 extra squads of bombers. They'll need escorts that actually kill fighters though since you don;t want the bombers tied up for so long so that means interceptors and tie fighters. that's more expensive though and that means you need to make sure that investment pays off. That will come to player skill.
  10. Doesn't Paragon only work if you manage to bring two arcs on the same ship from the same MKII? that's what we said "on your second shot" you fling off your front arc and then BAM, you hit the victory like ye olde spanish galleon I just wanted to make sure because I'm still trying to decide if I want to somehow cram a Paragon in my list. It's just that the MKII has almost the same arc as the Neb (at least where the front and sides are concerned) which make it a little bit tougher to bring the two sides to bear on a platform that's less maneuverable than the corvette.
  11. Can't wait to start playing 300 point games with Wave 1. CR90A w/Dodonna, Jaina's Light CR90A w/Leia CR90B w/Dodonna's Pride MKIIA w/ Raymus, Enhanced Armament 4x A-Wings Objectives: Opening Salvo Hyperspace Assault Superior Positions I've found Dodonna to be awesome pre wave 1. He's cheap and the critical can be absolutely devastating. Leia is a great insurance policy to make sure the MKIIA has the right command. Dodonna's Pride is awesome with Dodonna (of course). MKIIA is a beast that can reliably throw 5 dice at long range with a re-roll. A-Wings fly top cover and can get some reliable damage on ships (75% with the black die)
  12. With so few fighter and bombers, you might be better off just taking 6 Tie Fighters just to give you a CAP at minimal cost or maybe start beefing up your bomber complement. Corrupter is a great titel for a VSDII. Gunnery team on the Gladiator is also a little hard to pull off just because the Black Die have such a short range. I'd also maybe consider changing Insidious to Demolisher. Demolisher will consistently let you get a front arc full barrage when you want it. Most people I've talked to have said the only way to counter it is just make sure it eats a cheaper ship and then hopefully blow it out of the water before it gets to shoot again.
  13. Doesn't Paragon only work if you manage to bring two arcs on the same ship from the same MKII?
  14. How about... AFMkIIB w/ XI7 Turbolasers, Gen. Dodonna AFMkIIB w/ Enhanced Armament, Raymus Antilles Neb-B Support w/ Salvation, XX-9 Turbolasers 2 A-wings, 2 X-wings Comes to 298 points. I don't know that I am completely in love with this as a good supporting cast, but I'm definitely going to give it a go this weekend. Thinking about objectives as well. Advanced Gunnery, Fleet Ambush and.... Dangerous Territory? Dangerous Territory specifically to try to take advantage of obstacle placement - and then ignore them all as I try to kite and lean on the MkII broadsides at range. Advanced Gunnery (which I feel is not going to be selected often) to make Raymus' broadside even more potent, and then Fleet Ambush to try to have an early isolated target for the space whales. If I had any confidence that Advanced Gunnery would ever be chosen, I think I would shift whatever I had to in order to make Raymus' MkII the Paragon. I don't know that I'd often have initiative with 298 though! I like it. Although have you thought about dropping the X-Wing to A-Wings. The A-Wings are faster and more reliable doing damage to ships. That would let you upgrade the XX-9 to XI7. It also looks like you just want to leave your opponent a smoldering wreck. I don't know about Advanced Gunnery. I know most imps would jump at the chance to use that objective. Maybe try opening salvo since you have such great long distance firepower? Or maybe most wanted and just run with your bojective ship? I'd also stay away from Fleet Ambush just because of the Corrupter and Rhymer combo. Fleet ambush just makes that first turn alpha very killer. Instead of Dangerous Territory maybe try superior positions. Unless you take some corvettes I'm not very confident that Rebels play navigation very well (Corvettes are awesome at navigation though). Paragon is also a little hard to pull off with the arcs on the MKII. Your ship selection looks solid and most of my critique is just in the details objectives so hopefully its helpful. I was thinking about running the following: CR90A w/Dodonna, Jaina's Light CR90A w/ Leia CR90B w/Dodonna's Pride MKIIA w/Raymus, Enhanced Armament 4x A-Wing Objectives: Opening Salvo (awesome when you outnumber your opponent (4 ships might be enough), and its more likely that the opening shots happen at long range so I can get use out of the evade token to lessen damage back. Hyperspace Assault Superior Positions (just for positioning superiority and the possibility of getting a bunch of rear shots with corvettes) I prefer the Corvettes over the Nebs just because the arcs are way more forgiving and more likely to bring the side and front arc to bear on the same target on top of better speed and maneuverability. Salvation thought has me questioning my choices...
  15. I think my go to ship for Wave 1 is going to be an MKIIA with Raymus and Enhanced Armament. That beast can easily put out 5 Red's with a re-roll at long range. Anyone have any thoughts on the best way to support it? Should I try to cram as many corvettes in as possible or beef up on the squads?
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