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  1. Ive seen people post about house rules and stuff but I don't think there is a full fan made conversion out there.
  2. I saw a ton of people playing Destiny events at LVO, even after its cancellation was announced. I tried it myself when it came out and had a good time, but what really killed it for me was the dice. They implemented a set rotation like M:tG and it was rediculous to not only cycle out cards but boxes and boxes of plastic dice for heroes and some upgrades. It was a cool game but it didnt scale well since you need all those dice!
  3. Yeah, I only throw it on there when Im points starved. But man, if it stops 0ne standby token from going off its more than worth it. Perfect for the "around the corner" standby situations.
  4. One of the reasons why I think Fear is underrated by people at 3 points. Its great against standby.
  5. To be fair, I said that there was an element of sexism. I didnt say that anyone who didn't like Rey was a toxic incel. I myself dont really think they did a good job of her story, which is a shame because Daisy Ridley is a fine actor and could have done a lot with better material. As far as Luke being a good pilot goes. As I can recall, he describes himself as not a bad pilot to Han in the cantina. Is Luke a reliable narrator in this instance as a brash youth trying to prove himself to what he sees as a swindler trying to rip them off? The other time I can recall off hand is Biggs describing him as the best bush pilot in the outer rim, which once again is based on Bigg's limited perspective (the Galaxy is a big place after all) and the fact that hes trying to assure his commander that Luke can fly with them. Luke having experience in a T-16 skyhopper is irrelevant becuase it wasnt shown in the movie but only in supplemental fiction (by your own standards).
  6. I mean, she was pretty crappy at flying the Falcon. She scraped it up really badly taking off and also in the star destroyer ruins. She ended up out maneuvering the TIEs but only becuase she was force sensitive (knowling the timing on her crazy handbrake maneuver instinctively). Her profession as a starship scavenger gave plenty of justification for her tech smarts throughout the film. Contrast that with Luke who is a moisture farmer with a speeder that he uses to harrass the local wildlife (bullseyeing wamp rats and such) basically a space redneck. He gets shoved into the cockpit of a military starfighter with no space combat experience and ends up not only surviving the battle of Yavin but being instrumental to the alliance victory. Luke is more of a "Mary Sue" than Rey. ****, he's named after the writer of the film. The space opera genre is filled with plucky improbable everyman heroes who prevail against impossible odds. We are used to seeing men in that role (John Carter of mars, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers etc.). I do think there is an element of sexism against Rey for being a female version of that tradition. I do think that from a storytelling perspective it was not good to have Rey beat Kylo on Starkiller base. It undermined Kylo as a threatening villain in his first movie, and it violated the established lore around how difficult it is to wield a lightsaber effectively.
  7. Im sure they will address this at the in flight report later this month. Im sure things have been crazy for them with Asmodee taking over distribution right when a global pandemuc hit.
  8. Yeah I wish (in hindsight which is 20/20) they had held off on making more movies until they really had a good creative team. It seems like they are only getting their **** together now with The Mandalorian. After watching the docu-series behind the scenes, Dave Filoni and John Favrau need to be in charge of the creative team for future movies. I think they really get George's influences and vision.
  9. Dang I hadnt even thought of that... My Jedi loving republic playing friend will be so jealous!
  10. Yeah, I'd be down for them to get a real military ground vehicle. The problem is that there isnt anything really iconic for them (for non-EU nerds). The Luke landspeeder technical is janky but its from ANH and its recognized. Here's hoping that Disney continues to re-canonize stuff so we can get some more rebel vehicle options.
  11. It varied according to where and when. Rebels (the tv show) showed us the lead up to Episode 4 and that what we saw in the movies was the culmination of many years of rag tag operations and small ill equipped cells. The Yavin rebel cell was also the best equipped in the galaxy, with tons of left over military grade ships and gear. By the time we get to RotJ we have a rebel alliance that is truly a vast military and fleet, able to go toe to toe with the Imperial Navy shortly after the destruction of the 2nd deathstar. So yeah, the movie rebels surrounding the main characters are more like a real army, but its not the whole picture. The OT only shows us a few engagenents related to the most famous heroes in the 2nd half of the revolution. There was a lot more going on "in universe".
  12. I love that the AAT is the first CIS unit with a ton of canon paint job options
  13. The 2nd season is coming out later this year so it will only grow.
  14. Cara Dune for Rebels as an operative alongside Rebel droptroopers special forces would be siiick. Also Moff Gideon as an Imperial commander with an equippable Darksaber!! There's lots of material for them to use without adding a scum faction.
  15. While I am disappointed that they're doing Maul for CIS, I'm excited that this opens the door for Qui-gon and young Obi-wan (eventually! They should do more of the CW era Jedi council before them) Also excited to play Maul as a CIS player...
  16. I do think that there is a lot of group think on the discord. And since the only big tournament we have right now to go off of is TTS invader league the preferences and playstyle of a relatively small number of people is going to seem to have an outsize effect on what The Meta is.
  17. Is it just me or does her face and arms look weird? Like closer to the slightly wonky figures of the early waves (Han and Leia). Iden and the rest of the inferno squad look amazing by comparison.
  18. I think the Empire just needs the Dewback to be brought down 10-15 points. That was needed before Padme was even announced.
  19. Generally Ive seen him state his opinion, acknowledge that Legion isnt his cup of tea as far as rule sets go, and leave it at that. It only escalates when people start trying to argue with him. Liking or not liking a rule set is a fundamentally subjective artistic appraisal (considering board games as a form of art) so its not something that can really be argued. People dont always like things for rational reasons. I personally dont mind people of many different opinions about the game on the forum as long as they are not abusive or toxic, and as long as there is a critical mass of people that like the game to encorage new players (which there are atm).
  20. Yeah, I ordered my Vital Assets and AAT through my LGS. They only just got the AAT in. Its pretty tempting to go through Amazon instead... But I know that the LGS business model is really hurting right now, so I wont cave!
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