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  1. KommanderKeldoth

    Airfix 1/32 buildings

    Nice! Mind posting some pics with your legion minis once they arrive?
  2. KommanderKeldoth

    Custom Mat (Crait)

    It would be even cooler if you had a big red sand table and then covered it with fine grain white salt... The mat looks cool though! Are you planning on building the big base door and crystal interior too?
  3. KommanderKeldoth

    Making T-47 Flyable

    Errata the 'Speeder' keyword so that it performs a number of compulsory moves equal to the Speeder number. Wouldnt effect bikes and it would have the added benefit of making it fly more realistically. The in game benefit would be that it would have an insanely large threat area commensurate with its cost
  4. KommanderKeldoth

    First Ever 800 Game Report

    I run the AT-ST a lot and I gotta say its definitely worth its points as long you position it correctly. In my opinion the best weapons set-up is Light Blaster cannon and Mortar. The light blaster boosts your damage at range 1-3 and the mortar lets you add suppressive to range 4 attacks. In addition the mortar gives you some good counterplay against special forces snipers. You can also use it to surprise panic troopers that stray too far from their commander. I've used it to panic troopers off the board round 1 against unwary opponents. As far as positioning goes I will typically plop it down on a firing lane or close to an objective and just sit and Aim+Shoot at anything that dares approach
  5. KommanderKeldoth

    Are sniper commands worth it?

    I've played against them once. Opponent brought two full squads with sniper rifles. It was pretty brutal against our Stormtrooper squads (it was in a 2v2 game) with each shot reliably taking out 1-2 guys. We were playing Breakthrough as the objective so the Empire was put into the rare position of being out ranged by the Rebels. We were forced to rush forward and got pretty badly mauled. I think speeder bikes and AT-ST mortars will be pretty effective against 2 man heavy weapon teams, but against full squads you will need to risk suffering heavier casualties on the approach. I think they are quite good, but of course their cost still requires you to play smart with them. We were playing on a city style map and the Rebel player set them up to cover several 'street' sight lines that crossed most of the board. This gave him good cover vs. my AT-ST mortar (as opposed to if he had grabbed a rooftop vantage).
  6. KommanderKeldoth

    Does Clone Wars mean new core set?...

    For grievous I could see them introducing a keyword that allows him to ignore the 1 attack action restriction. That way he could attack twice but couldn't combine it with an aim token or move. He will probably be kind of a glass cannon type character since he wont have access to force powers or deflect. I'm actually more excited for Count Dooku since he will combine the melee strengths of Vader with the built-in force lightning attack of Palpatine.
  7. Yeah I think if the Snowspeeder had Cover 2 it would go a long way towards making it a more appealing unit. The other thing I have thought of is if it had some sort of special Keyword that allowed it to cancel crits with cover and dodge tokens
  8. It's pretty clear cut in the rule book. The confusion me and my friend had when first playing is that we were using the X-wing attack sequence out of habit.
  9. KommanderKeldoth

    2v2 gameplay — Anyone tried yet?

    I was one of the players in the 2v2 battle with NoShieldsAllGuts. It was super fun! Probably one of my favorite Legion games I have played so far. It was tactically challenging but also very thematic. Luke sacrificed himself so that Leia and Han could score the victory. One observation I had was that bikes are less effective in the larger point format. It was kind of like trying to play Soontir Fel in X-wing epic play. There are not enough places to flank from and not enough places to hide from all of the firepower on the board. In hindsight I wished that I had brought several AT-ST's and just punched through with brute force. I really enjoyed how the sniper commandos shaped the game. LoS blocking became way more important from turn 1 (which also worked well with our building set-up) and it forced our troops to advance quickly out of hiding.
  10. KommanderKeldoth

    Chewie is actually really good

    This makes a lot of sense, and its something that I didn't consider when first looking at him. We'll see how effective he his vs. Boba Fett who will be able to outmaneuver into line of sight consistently. Even then, it will be forcing Boba to take out Chewie before moving on to higher damage output targets.
  11. KommanderKeldoth

    Not too excited about Chewie

    Chewbacca is a beloved character to us, but in universe he is still just a Wookiee. It would be pretty lame if he rivaled Vader or a Jedi character in melee.
  12. KommanderKeldoth

    Snowtrooper scheme ideas

    Those look nice! Reminds me of the mud troopers in Solo
  13. KommanderKeldoth

    Don't order anything from Miniature Market.

    I also generally avoid pre-ordering. Every time I've done it it takes longer than if I had just walked into the store on release day and bought it (I know I'm spoiled because I have game stores around).
  14. KommanderKeldoth


    What if they released two models for them? A rolled up mode and an attack mode. That way you could track which movement speed and defense applied. I think the shields should be a resource that gets depleted like in Battlefront 2 (2005) Shields 4 (Place 4 shield tokens on this unit card. When defending against non <grenade> ranged attacks, after rolling defense dice you may spend shield tokens to cancel hit or critical hit results) ->: Gain 1 shield token
  15. KommanderKeldoth

    Why Generic Officer Commanders don't bother me

    I think they will mostly see use next to other more powerful commanders like Vader or paired with points heavy Operatives like Fett. It will be more of a back-up commander that gives your troops extra panic protection. When I just run Veers solo I feel like I am already taking a huge risk when a single speeder activation, or Luke can just pounce on him and kill him. The generics will be even weaker.