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  1. Scouting in X wing???

    Yeah this is ridiculous. I've never seen any high level players have any concerns about this.
  2. New Solo Trailer Today

    Am I the only one that likes the music in these trailers? I think it fits well with the 'wild west in space' aesthetic they are going for and immediately conveys that this is a very different movie from the main saga or even Rogue One. I'm thankful that its 10 years before ANH and hopefully that means it won't end with Han and Chewie walking into the cantina on Tattooine. They could get away with that in Rogue One because they kind of had to end it where they did. It would be lame if they do it again.
  3. New Solo Trailer Today

    Scum falcon added to Wave 14 in 3.... 2.... 1....
  4. Re-design any 1 ship of your choosing

    TIE/D: reduce the cost to -2 like TIE/x7 Crossfire Formation: Allow it to work on attack rolls in addition to defense rolls Advanced Homing Missile: Change its range to 3 and completely re-write the text to: "Discard this card to attack one enemy ship (even one outside of your firing arc)." Bomblet Generator: Make it a double sided card that requires some sort of cost to flip over, like an action or receiving a weapons disabled token. Something to add some sort of strategic decision to it instead of just being able to always drop a bomb without having to think about it. Krennic (unreleased): Add the following to 'Optimized Prototype': "If you do not have an <EPT> icon on your upgrade bar you may equip one <EPT> upgrade with a squad point cost of 3 or less for free." Basically makes a whole swath of terribad early Imperial pilots usable again (Kir Kanos, Lt. Lorrir etc.) Advanced Targeting Computer: Take away the text that stops you from spending the target lock to re-roll your attack dice. It really wouldn't break Vader since he really wants to use at least one action to reposition each round and then focus or evade. For all the other pilots their lack of action efficiency would prevent it from being too good. Black One: Reduce the cost to 0 and make it so that the title only functions if you are not in the enemy's firing arc. Not only does this make thematic sense but it also allows counter play instead of PS 11 Poe just always shutting down Ordnance lists and ATC Vader.
  5. Re-design any 1 ship of your choosing

    The HWK should have had a built in 2 die primary turret instead of a turret upgrade slot. It should also have a better dial The Firespray should have had a barrel roll. Boba Fett should have had Krassis Trellix's pilot ability Engine Upgrade should be small ship only. Only certain ships like the IG-2000 or the Falcon title should give large ships boost Advanced Cloaking Device should give you a stress token when you take the free cloak action after shooting Direct Hit damage cards should read "Your opponent may choose and discard one of your equipped upgrade cards OR they may deal one face down damage card to you. Then flip this card over. Harpoon Missiles should be 5 points TIE Punisher needs a title that lowers the cost of ordnance it equips or one that allows it to discard ordnance to stop damage cards (like integrated astromech) Punishing 1 title should be cheaper but should give you a salvaged astromech slot and a torpedo slot and allow you to roll one extra die when performing a primary weapon attack out of your primary arc once per round. The Jumpmaster should have a slightly worse dial (red one turn one side and white one turn on the other side, no S-loop on one side and red S-loop on other side). Contracted scouts shouldn't have EPT's. Dengar should be PS 8 Scurrg shouldn't have an EPT slot Sabine should only work at range 1-2 TLT should have the Attack: Focus header B-Wing E-2 should have been a title and not a modification Miranda's pilot ability should only work on her primary weapon Kylo Ren (TIE Silencer) pilot ability should trigger when he performs an attack that hits instead of when an attack hits him. Wookie Gunships should not have 6 hull. They're small base and made of wood yet they have more hull than the YT-2400 This one's going to be controversial: They should have left ordnance the way it was before Guidance Chips (only reliable if you had a target lock and focus at the same time) but made it much cheaper. That way dedicated bombers that can take long range scanners would be the primary alpha strikers. It would make Ordnance harder to use but cheap enough that you might chuck 1 in even if you weren't building around it. It should be fairly situational (as depicted in the movies). Right now its so easy to use that you can lose games in the opening exchange of fire due to the intense damage spike.
  6. COTD #2: Backstabber

    One of my early favorites. One of the best budget flankers in waves 1-3. Like all TIE Fighters, he's pretty much sidelined by the meta now, but still fun in casual or epic.
  7. New Article- Dark Days

    I read it more as them saying "See? All you guys whining about OP Rebels are overreacting." I didn't see it as any kind of condemnation of QD. They've made similarly glowing statements about other things that have not been nerfed.
  8. Would people be interested in a 'Card of the day/week' series

    Do it
  9. What is the worst location you played a game of X-Wing?

    Loving this thread. Mine would be in a Denny's. Me and my friend were getting breakfast before the start of trying to hit back to back Imdaar Alpha events and decided to play a practice game on the (far too small) table with no mat. My TIE Interceptors carried the day vs. his Biggs Walks the Dogs list. We ended up playing each other at the final table of the first event, he got his E-wing and I got my TIE Phantom so we were basically just playing for fun and to try out the new ships. At the second event (which we had to race over to) I made it to the final table and got a TIE Defender. I wish FFG did more of those special pre-release tournaments
  10. Feelings about Harpoons vs T-65s

    The X-wing was outclassed by the TIE fighter in efficiency right out of the gate. If anything the X-wing fix should make core set games more balanced. I don't mind harpoons that much. You really have to build around them to get the cost savings (i.e. you need to hit with a harpoon on the alpha strike and then be able to reliably put a crit through on the same target during the same combat phase. Which is why 3 attack die GC missile carriers like the scurrg and Khiraxz like them so much) If you just run harpoons without any crit dealing ability you're as likely to take the splash damage as your opponent is. Basically you're saving a point over homing missile but effectively giving your opponent a 2 point deadman's switch.
  11. Wave XIV is at the printer

    I always thought that it would be cool to give a damage bonus to bombs if you manage to place it on top of an enemy. Maybe "Your upgrade bar gains 1 <bomb> icon. Whenever a friendly ship drops a bomb so that it is placed overlapping an enemy ship, the enemy ship suffers 1 damage." Plays up the precision of the Empire and is not game breaking because it cant be used with trajectory simulator and dropping mines straight onto an enemy is harder for the Imperials because they don't have a SLAM bomber. No once per round limit because it is harder to trigger than Cad Bane or Sabine. If you could line up a triple Cluster Mine drop it would be devastating.
  12. Wave XIV is at the printer

    Imperials need a bomb crew so badly. I don't know who it would be though. Maybe Pryce? She commanded bombers in that one Rebels episode on geonosis
  13. Grand Admiral Thrawn

    I always thought that this casting was a little too obvious. Benedict is already typecast into playing brilliant, ruthless, scheming geniuses.
  14. Grand Admiral Thrawn

    For a few episodes in season 2 and 3, yes. But then he came back to the light and is on the path to being some sort of force shaman in the unknown regions.
  15. Wave XIV is at the printer

    True, but it just doesn't make sense for it to be a single pilot if there's two entry hatches on top. Also Disney keeps saying that everything that comes out under their brand license is the new canon (with the exception of things like Lego Star Wars). I think the next Imperial Aces type pack could use a Striker with a new Modification called 'heavy frame' that adds a crew or a bomb slot. Basically you can trade in your LWF bonus to make a low PS striker into a pseudo-slamming precision bomb dropper or a high PS striker like Dutchess into a surgical reveal bomb dropper.