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  1. "I've never" anonymous

    I've never gotten Rexler Brath's pilot ability to trigger, even when flying him with expertise and TIE/x7
  2. FFG and their Stealth Tournament Updates.

    I for one am pleased. I would love to see Epic get more official support. I have a feeling we may finally get an epic play FAQ. Based on these new tournament rules it looks like they are finally trying to balance the format now that all three factions have an epic ship.
  3. Playing X-wing on a Budget

    As far as ships go, if you're just playing casually I would recommend people buy the ships that they love from the movies. If you regularly play with a small group of friends I would recommend doing a shared collection, that way everybody doesn't have to buy their own Millennium Falcon, for instance. I've found that the more iconic ships are the best for hooking people. The Falcon, Slave I, X-wings, TIE fighters, pretty much all of waves 1-3. Doing the missions that are (used to be ) included in the large ships is another way to grab people's attention. The included special tokens add a striking visual element to the game and mix up the objectives. There are a lot of alternative play mat options like vinyl or just making your own out of plywood and black paint.
  4. Interesting... Will have to try this out on Vassal
  5. Does FFG make up some unique cards?!

  6. Does FFG make up some unique cards?!

    Some, like "Whisper" or "Omega Leader" are made up beucase the bad guys don't get as many named characters for obvious reasons. Others, like Keyan Farlander are from old Lucas Arts games. Astromechs are a combination of made up and obscure EU lore. The real issue, really, is that at no point in Star Wars lore was there ever a missile that stuck into your ship and then exploded later. Now you can't throw a rock without hitting a squadron based around the goddamned things.
  7. Q: why does trajectory simulator come only in the Resistance Bomber?

    Because it's literally the only ship from that wave that could potentially use it. They wanted to introduce it as an element to reveal bombs and this was the only new release where it made sense to include it.
  8. FFG had their chance to fix the x-wing and they missed it

    THIS^^ If it wasn't 'small ship only' Linked Battery would have been a small boost to pretty much every large ship that needs a little help right now. I forget who came up with the idea on here, but I remember someone made a title for the Firespray that basically said "you may equip upgrades as if you were a small base ship". It would solve a lot. Linked Battery, Vectored Thrusters, Intensity and Deadeye would all become available to the 'spray and it would give it a neat niche among large ships.
  9. FFG had their chance to fix the x-wing and they missed it

    This title is ridiculously undercosted. I think it would preclude Engine Upgrade since that adds Boost to your action bar. Also if you took this title and shield upgrade you would render the T-70 utterly obsolete. A title that grants Re-load is a good idea though. It's one of those actions that should have been in the core game design. For those bemoaning the X-wing I would recommend playing a few games with generics equipped with Flight Assist Astromech and Integrated Astromech. They're super fun to fly and actually feel usable (not top tier but actually playable) in today's X-wing: miniatures game. Taking full advantage of FAA takes a few games though, so don't be discouraged if its underwhelming at first.
  10. Next Epic Ship

    I always wanted the Star Jewel for scum, but since we already got Jabba as a crew for the C-ROC I'm thinking its not going to happen. Would love to see the Carrion Spike for the Empire/First Order. You've got a lot of options from the new Poe Dameron comics and from the Tarkin novel. Plus huge ship cloaking! (I wouldn't work like small ship cloaking but it could have some cool effect, like allow you to do ambush deployment or something)
  11. [TLJ Spoilers] Did any one notice...

    I vote for 'polity' as the collective noun for Porgs
  12. That ship you never fly...

    TIE Punishers Played 'Redline' a couple of times when I first bought it but realized its overcosted. Once Bomblets came out I broke out 'Deathrain' with Bomblet, Advanced Sensors and LWF which is super fun, but also overcosted. Haven't really picked them up since. I used to love the Imperial Firespray back in the day (Krassis with HLC and Rebel Captive; or Kath Scarlet with gunner and marksmanship or tactician) but I think I've only flown it once in the last year (during a casual fleet campaign league). Also most of my Scum collection does not see a lot of play. I stopped playing scum entirely after wave 8 when they started to get truly obnoxiously OP. Just started getting back into them now that the Starviper is playable and the Jumpmaster is no longer an auto-include in list building.
  13. Getting new people into X Wing.

    The beauty of recruiting new players is that even though the game's learning curve has gone up considerably for competitive X-wing you can still pair the lists down to wave 1 and 2 stuff and keep it really simple and accessible.
  14. [TLJ Spoilers] Did any one notice...

    7 counting Rogue One Also Anakin was portrayed by 5 different actors (David Prowse, Hayden Christiansen, James Earl Jones, Jake Lloyd, Spencer Wilding) so its easier to have him in a lot of films spanning a long time. The old characters needed to die. They've had their saga, and its time to let the new characters come into their own in the 3rd movie. Plus they're 'getting too old for this sort of thing' (to quote obi-wan). Seeing Han back in action in TFA was great for a couple of scenes, but if you stretch it out it just becomes sad and implausible (like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).
  15. It's time for a TIE fighter title!

    Let's make that TIE only so Interceptors can take it. Just restrict it to 0 shields, that way it helps Bombers too without making Defenders ridiculous.