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  1. People forget that the mirrored releases are largely to fulfill the idea that you don't have to buy cross faction to get an upgrade card. If the rebels have say a commander coming out with a new command upgrade, the empire also needs a commander so that they are not left out (see Han and the Emperor)
  2. You know key words stack right? Each mini contributing pierce 1 would be nuts!
  3. I sense @TauntaunScout's hand in this. He obviously sabotaged this expansion to get back at @DewbackScout
  4. Probe droids for the empire would be dope. For K2-S0 they could release him as an operative for Rebels and include a card that allows a generic K2 model to be added as a personel upgrade for the Empire
  5. Star Wars: That One Ship From That Videogame You Used To Play
  6. I really want probe droids for the empire. Support unit with infiltrate and some ability that allows mortars to use the droid to determine range and line of sight from them (indirect fire). Also spotter action and a self destruct mechanic.
  7. Much like snowtroopers and fleet troopers, they are a specialized close assault unit so you should only be fielding one or two in a balanced army.
  8. In a recent game against rebel vets I would say that the critical keyword was used at least once every attack. And it helped push damage through cover. On most rolls critical 2 is functionally the same as surge to crit.
  9. I heard it had some pretty glaring balance issues right out of the gate.
  10. Becuase it can only shoot backwards on the model. I think increasing both the forward and rear weapon ranges by 1 would help a bit.
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