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  1. THIS. Miranda abusing TLT is the reason she is so frustrating to play against sometimes.
  2. TIE SILENCER!!! Oh wait... *Whispers* TIE silencer
  3. Well, it only effects the ship its on, and it only allows you to change a blank result. It is essentially like a free action (evade or pseudo marksmanship) which is in line with Expertise costing 4 points. But like I said, Expertise has a built in kill switch in the form of stress. Emperor's hand either needs to go up to 5 or 6 points or have a conditional limitation. Like maybe it only works if you have a focus or something.
  4. Emperor's hand is... actually pretty cool. I feel like it might be overcosted by one point though. Expertise is powerful for 4 points but it has a built in counter: stress.
  5. After seeing all of the Last Jedi trailers to date I think Rey is wholly unconnected to the Skywalker lineage. Especially in Luke's shocked reaction to her level of power. So far she has been shown to be even more powerful than Anakin was in Episode I and II. We have evidence from the Force Awakens novelization that Kylo recognizes her (saying "It IS you!" during their battle, a line that did not make it into the movie). I think she's either some kind of reincarnation of the 'chosen one' (and we will get more backstory about that prophecy from Luke's research into the first Jedi temples), or she is a First Order cloning experiment gone wrong and dumped on Jakku. These would both also line up with Snoke's demand that she 'fulfill her destiny'. I'm actually more interested in Snoke himself. I really want him to be Darth Plagueis, but after reading some of the new EU I doubt that will be the case. We also have JJ Abrams on record as saying that there are no Sith in TFA (though he may just be covering for a big reveal). The EU so far has hinted at Snoke being connected to something far older, ancient and more elementally dark than the Sith order. Something that the emperor sensed out there at the edge of the galaxy but never confronted.
  6. I agree. PS 10 and above is too situational for the two die benefit. Heck, predator has lost some of its luster since barely anyone flies PS 2 or lower nowadays.
  7. I like this one, but drop Seismic Torps and Kallus and add rebel captive for a control element. Or trade Intensity for VI on Vader as well and squeeze in Gunner on RAC.
  8. No Shields, All Guts! Empire to the core! *TIE Defender goes racing by, fully shielded*
  9. Yeah, lets make it so shields only stop crits! *entire rebel faction crumbles to the ground*
  10. Oh man, I love this list. I came up with a similar version when the Raider first dropped and Vader was king (briefly)
  11. I wasn't implying that the mere act of flapping was moronic but that an x-wing doing it would look like a moronic bird. As in, a bird who is also a moron. The alternate sentence structure could have been "Flip this card to open and close your S-foils in the middle of a dog fight like a bird flapping its wings moronically."
  12. Yeah, spoiler alert!
  13. I could see slapping it on a Doom Shuttle alongside Collision Detector for free tiny situational boons
  14. Could the Spoiler modification be the fabled X-wing Fix? I'm thinking YES! Spoiler (-2 points) Modification. X-wing only. You may equip two other modifications that have a listed cost of '0'. After you perform an action, you may perform any other action in the game, then assign two stress tokens to all ships on the board that did not appear in the Original Trilogy. All friendly pilots named 'Wedge Antilles' or 'Luke Skywalker' may roll three extra attack dice when attacking or defending. Action: Flip this card to open and close your S-foils in the middle of a dog fight like a moronic bird flapping its wings.
  15. I think Hyperwave Comm Scanner is the superior choice on him. It's only a point, takes up one of TWO tech slots and also gives your allies a token for the inevitable round 1 engagement that Dormitz is going to give you. Also it lets you place at PS '0' '6' or '12'. I think we'll see Courier in lists that have the extra crew slots (YV-666, U-wing, DoomShuttle). Decimators probably won't make use of it because all we see right now is RAC who is already PS 8 and gets no benefit for placing at lower PS.