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  1. KommanderKeldoth

    Chewie is Next

    It would be cool to have a 'slice' keyword that Chewie or Bothan Spies or something would have that would let them mess with vehicle activation.
  2. KommanderKeldoth

    Rebel answer to Palpatine and Royal Guard

    Chewie as an operative is very likely. Sabine would be cool but probably too close to Boba Fett in abilities. I would welcome Bothan spies or Wookie warriors if only for the added species diversity that the Rebels need. They are supposed to be an alliance of a bunch of worlds. Introducing Obi-wan, Yoda or Ashoka runs the risk of overshadowing Luke. I'd be more excited for a commander that falls somewhere between Luke and Han/Leia in points and power level. Maybe Ezra Bridger. I agree that the rebels don'd need a super expensive analogue to the Emperor, they should be struggling against a superior foe using clever tricks and unexpected tactics.
  3. KommanderKeldoth

    Best weapon on AT-ST?

    I always put on light cannon to beef up the dice from the main gun. You have a pretty good shot of killing or disabling AT-RT's with a single attack! I also use the Mortar quite frequently to slow enemy troop movements and to selectively panic troopers off the board or off of objectives if they get too far from a commander. Have not used the grenade launcher much, but as my table becomes more cluttered with buildings and terrain I will probably be trying it more and more for close quarters fighting.
  4. KommanderKeldoth

    Jedi Temple Ruin Desert Skirmish Table

    Nice! I also got one of the Hasbro U-wings. It's pretty much the best deal out there right now for in-scale ships as terrain
  5. PSA: The planet from Solo that the Empire was attacking is called Mimban and its located in the Expansion Region. Fun Fact: It was originally conceived as a 'Bog Planet' where Luke would learn from Yoda (which eventually became Dagobah). It was recycled into the primary setting of the first (albeit terrible) EU book Splinter of the Mind's Eye. It was also given a mention during the first season of Clone Wars
  6. I'm sure there is some poor sap who is totally over 1.0 and isn't going to nationals anymore. PM me if you are interested
  7. KommanderKeldoth

    Rebel Fleet Troopers, are they awful?

    Funny because literally the first scene we saw in the first Star Wars movie was these guys getting wasted by storm troopers
  8. KommanderKeldoth

    Mirror Armies are Annoying

    Keywords make a big difference in differentiating the troopers. Stormtroopers have Precise and red dice which makes them better at offensive rushing or Aim+Attack activations Rebels have Nimble and white dice, if you try to just do Aim+Attack activations they will get cut down real quick. Rebels want to Dodge and find cover Snowtroopers have Steady which makes them the only trooper so far that can do a move action from out behind LoS cover, attack and then move back before getting shot at Fleet Troopers throw a ton of dice but at shorter range and get a free aim when doing a standby action. This makes them ideal for close quarters, heavy LoS terrain How much terrain do you play with? I've learned as my terrain collection has grown (never played 40k style wargame before Legion) that the game really needs to be played with at least 1/4 to 1/2 of the battlefield full of both light and heavy cover in addition to ample LoS blocking pieces. If you don't have that it can feel like a dice fest and a lot of the units don't get to show off their uniqueness
  9. KommanderKeldoth

    Some Core Set cards spoiled!

    Honestly Porkins is more iconic (infamous?) than Garven or maybe even Biggs to the average layperson
  10. KommanderKeldoth

    Solo movie talk (No spoilers)

    I enjoyed Solo a lot. I went in with pretty iffy expectations because I wasn't a fan of Disney making a Han Solo movie in the first place. The movie blew my expectations out of the water! I actually think it might be my favorite Disney star wars film so far. It has a tight narrative that moves along at a good clip (Rogue One struggled with this in its first half where the re-editing really showed) and it doesn't get bogged down by shoehorning in references or tie ins to other Star Wars movies. More importantly it gives time for the new characters to really breathe and develop. The actors do a great job handling the iconic characters in my opinion. Donald Glover sounds a lot like Billy Dee but doesn't overdo it to the point of sounding like an over the top impression (which is a problem that the new Star Treks had). Alden captures enough Harrison ford mannerisms and facial expressions to sell being a younger Han, and the script really helps him by giving him some great dialogue to work with. No one can ever match young Ford, but Alden's Han still feels like Han. Another problem Rogue One had was that its primary lead lacked enough charisma to carry the movie, with many scenes being stolen by other characters. Solo does not have this problem. Another thing that jumped out at me was the soundtrack. Rogue One had a mostly forgettable lack luster soundtrack. Solo sounds a lot more like something John Williams would have scored in his younger days with a lot of bombast and Wagnerian flair. They also use some bits and pieces of the Williams score directly for a certain scene. The low box office returns are not surprising to me. I went to a Thursday night show and the place was half empty, which shocked me and my friends. I have a feeling it might pick up some more momentum as word of mouth builds. I think the weaker opening can be attributed to the May release. It feels a little too soon after The Last Jedi and like some have pointed out Disney might be running into brand fatigue by releasing movies every year. I wouldn't mind if they slowed down a bit, maybe releasing a movie every 2 years instead of each year. The other thing that doesn't help is that Solo was plagued with bad press during its production since they switched directors and did a lot of re-shoots. It didn't build up hype the same way that the other films did.
  11. KommanderKeldoth

    Are you playing with enough terrain?

    Thank you for this thread. As I've gotten games under my belt I've quickly realized how important good terrain is for an ideal playing experience. Without LoS blocking and ample heavy cover the game can feel like a dice fest. Ordered some gothic ruins sets (Pegasus), 1:53 scale AT-AT and X-wing (Revell) which I posed in a crashed position, and some Hoth turrets from Imperial Terrain. In addition I've started making snowy forest patches for area light cover. I've actually almost gotten MORE into working on terrain than my actual army (need to paint my snowtroopers still!) I also DM a lot of D&D so my obsession with dungeon tiles and scenery set pieces really transfers over to this game.
  12. KommanderKeldoth

    Since the reveal, no interest in playing 1e.

    Totally done with 1.0 Partially its because of my new Legion obsession. I had actually slowed way down on X-wing prior to the announcement (too busy painting stormtroopers!) but after the announcement I lost all interest in theory crafting for a game that is about to be reinvented. I am going to Nationals at Gen Con however, but mostly just to say goodbye to 1.0 and to buy 2.0 stuff as soon as possible.
  13. KommanderKeldoth

    My gripe with repulsor units and specifically the T47

    The Empire says hello... The Imperial Patrol Transport would be a great addition to Legion. It's a repulsor vehicle that acts more like a helicopter. I could see it having a new keyword called Hover that acts like Speeder but does not require a compulsory move. Also it could have the ability to deploy a single trooper unit as an action.
  14. KommanderKeldoth

    Fickle had a terrible thought (re TIE Reaper preview)

    All the more reason to slap Palpatine in there for some guaranteed jams
  15. KommanderKeldoth

    More Vehicles for the Empire?

    I'm also on board for prequel factions. It would make more sense for this game than for Armada or X-wing. CIS battle droids would play very differently than Rebels or Imperials (maybe immune to suppression? but super weak attack and defense?) Also droideka would be quite different and powerful.