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    instre reacted to mtgred in Petition against NetrunnerDB Cease & Desist   
    Alsciende, the creator of netrunnerdb, created a deckbuilder for Doomtown, a new LCG from another publisher. http://dtdb.co
    This is the reaction from AEG, the publisher of Doomtown:
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    instre got a reaction from mysticpickle2 in Petition against NetrunnerDB Cease & Desist   
    For me, that's the straw that breaks the camel's back (incomplete core set on one hand but unnecessary cards copy on data pack on the other for ex.)...
    I'm done with FFG. You've just lost a customer.
    And, by the way, thanks.
    It was fun.
    And the timing is quite perfect with other good card games that have just been released.
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