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  1. Chudley

    Range 0

    You and your base covering!! 😜
  2. Chudley

    Range 0

    I found something in the Core Rulebook, under measuring ranges, just nothing in the RRG.
  3. Chudley

    Range 0

    Does Range 0 also include yourself? Not just things you are touching. If so, please show me where to find it!!
  4. Chudley

    Way of the Force Checklist

    Oh. I’m see. I was sort of hoping for an alogue tick and flick document like the one under the FFG player resources section. Thanks for your help though. I do appreciate it.
  5. Chudley

    Way of the Force Checklist

    Ok. What am I looking at? There doesn’t seem to be a checklist. Where do I go from that link? Under FFG player resources, it has Legacies, not way of the force.
  6. Is there a checklist for the way of the Force yet? I have a legacies checklist, but not the Yoda one. Any help would be great.
  7. Chudley

    Oberos and Afterburners interaction

    I thought that would be the case. Stoopid Scum. We weren’t sure about the order, we thought that maybe you must complete the entirety of the card before going onto afterburners, but I had an inkling that the window of opportunity was any order.
  8. Quick question. When Oberos does a 3-5 range move, then he does his 90 degree turn for stress. Can he still boost with afterburners? I suspect yes, but not 100% certain. Thanks in advance.
  9. Nice one. Thanks mate, appreciate it.
  10. Yep. I just read that 😔. Twice. I actually knew the answer but it didn’t click. The real question I meant to ask was, why does only one ship take the effect? Why not all?
  11. Sorry, what? Are you saying if I am able to drop a mine overlapping 4 ships, only one ship will be damaged of my choice. Overlapping indicates that a ship is overlapping something if it conducts a manoeuvre or moves in any way. This says to me that the first ship that moves through (movement template overlaps) or lands on the template will be the one taking the damage.
  12. Chudley

    Anyone know where I can buy this organiser?

    Bugger. I was super interested as well.
  13. Chudley

    Anyone know where I can buy this organiser?

    Nice find. I would suggest an Auto One or Supacheap Auto. That’s where I found my Stanley X-Wing holder.
  14. Chudley

    X-Wing Squad Builder Update

    Thanks guys. Regardless of what has been stated here in these forums, it’s obvious you guys have been working hard to fix up the issues. Keep up the good work, and keep your chin up. Now, a question regarding version numbers. Will there be an obvious delineation regarding a Points cost version update, and a technical update of the app. Eg. current updates are 1.0.1, 1.0.2 etc. And maybe a points change update will be 1.1.x, or 2.0. I’m just trying to work out a way to future proof it. Possibly a means to update your current lists to your up to date version to allow for patch/points updates. I can just see an issue at tournaments with lists being correct.