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  1. Legion has the points on the cards. The points are updated quite regularly. The points on the card are for casual use. The points update are a living document for tournament play.
  2. Well done guys. Pretty good content. Looking forward to some more. I’m assuming the new Clone Wars dice have a different hit/miss ration than the previous version? 🤪. That was hilarious.
  3. Thanks for the videos. Can’t wait to get into this game. I’m a little disappointed that you skipped “old cards”. I would like to think that the reinvention of this 1.5 would introduce a whole new generation of players to the game, which you immediately dismiss. Either way. I look forward to seeing what else you put up on you YouTube channel. Subscribed.
  4. Awesome that there is hopefully some level of accuracy here. Based on what I have seen, there are quite a lot of neutral cards here. There appears to be some value for non-Empire/Rebel players. Edit: Just over 150 neutral cards. So, half...
  5. Jeez! Didn’t realise the Armada forums were so toxic! Maybe this is a bad idea after all! 😜 Thanks for your help guys. FYI, I am purely going CIS.
  6. G’Day all. So, I’m going all in on Armada once the Separatists Core comes in. I’ll be getting the Core and Squadrons pack. However, I am unsure of the upgrade card pack (or whatever the official name is). The article indicates its usefulness for all 4 factions, but I’m not really sure how useful for the new factions. Is there any conjecture as to what this pack will bring to the table? Will 1 Squadrons pack be enough? Any thoughts regarding a new player getting into it for the first time are appreciated.
  7. If you control 1 fortress, you achieved “Fortified”. If you control a total of 2 fortresses, you achieved “Expeditionary” and “Fortified”. Just because you have achieved the 2 Fortress Victory Condition does not mean you lose the 1 Fortress Victory Condition.
  8. Thanks guys. Hmmmm... So more than 2? Interesting. I thought 2 may be enough, but a massive swarm list with 4 ships. Well, I’ll have to try and find some more! 😋
  9. I am struggling to build a “good” or “reasonably competitive” casual list using the HMP. I’m either spending too many points, or just not spending enough. Any ideas would be great.
  10. I have watched the game twice now! I didn’t think I would get excited about this game after how average I felt the base game felt compared to their original.
  11. I have purchased 2. I’m not sure it’s enough. I sort of gauged the amount based on uniqueness. Same with Hyenas, I went 3. What would the brain’s trust here suggest for a “good” or “competitive amount of ships. I have only played 1 game with them at present and did quite poorly.
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