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  1. I fell in love with FAAs on Blue Squadron Novices with Primed Thrusters and Integrated Astromech. For fun I have filled the list with a Gold Squadron Y-Wing with Chopper, Dorsal Turret and as much 0 point upgrades as possible. Next time I am going to try Rookie Pilot with FAA and IA as the fourth ship.
  2. Where have you heard of these rumoured nerfs you assumed in the first list? Losing printed icons on the ship cards would be unprecedented in X-Wing...
  3. I really like what you are doing. Yours are the best batrep videos I have encountered (there are not too many around, are there?) and the only ones I watch regularly. Keep them coming, please!
  4. Very nicely done video. Good use of the text bar. Well played. Opportunist time
  5. After having made my way to the forum it was very nice to find out that you have made a solid report about the tournament. I can add that the rounds were 75 minutes. My squadron that ended up winning the tournament (and made me thus apparently the first official store champion in Finland ) consisted of Dagger Squadron Pilot + Advanced Sensors, Dagger Squadron Pilot + Fire-Control System and two Red Squadron Pilots, totaling 99 squadron points. The named TIE squadron was a challenge as I was last to shoot and I knew I could lose one ship in the first volley although TIE fighters were not flown in a tight formation. I faced this squadron twice, in the final and in the 4th game. The first time I lost as I lost heavily damaged RSP and DSP on the last round leaving my other DSP to face two TIE Fighters that made the shots. Modified match win to my opponent. In the finals my B-Wings prevailed and did only lose one or two shields each. Memorable moments of the tournament on my part. 1) My (unfocused) B-Wing evaded assault missiles fired by an (unfocused) Green Squadron Pilot (blank, blank, eye and hit) and saved my squadron for four hits. 2) My entire squadron fires at a focused Rookie Pilot with 14 or 15 attack dice, some focused and some unfocused... and the Rookie Pilot just loses his shields. He also shoots back and makes three hits at my B-Wing.