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  1. Are there really going to be so few skills in the game? I am casually reading the Basic rules and I want to be sure I am reading them correctly. For each skill, you can use a different approach (via a Ring, Fire, Air, etc.) so as to try to produce different outcomes in how you use a skill. However, within the Martial Skill Group there are only 6 skills (Fitness, Martial Arts (Melee), Martial Arts (Ranged), Martial Arts (Unarmed), Meditation and Tactics)? Other skill groups also seem similarly bleak. Are these skills really all encompassing? It seems Fitness would grant skill in everything from horseback riding, to leaping from rooftop to roof top, to juggling, to tight-rope walking, etc. The Social Skill Group had 4 skills. I hope L5R is not going to be like DnD5E, and what seems to be the upcoming Pathfinder 2, meaning very basis and general. 4thEd., seemed to have more skills and katas if I remember right. I did not play the Beta so I did not see where they intended to go with this set of rules. Any ideas about future skills?
  2. Someone posted about a samurai army. I found this this on Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/alfonso.falco.9/posts/pcb.1010231762441645/?photo_id=10212514703812250&mds=%2Fphotos%2Fviewer%2F%3Fphotoset_token%3Dpcb.1010231762441645%26photo%3D10212514703812250%26profileid%3D100001700053637%26source%3D48%26refid%3D18%26ref%3Dbookmarks%26_ft_%3Dqid.6403040961442210624%3Amf_story_key.1010231762441645%3Atop_level_post_id.1010231762441645%3Atl_objid.1010231762441645%26cached_data%3Dfalse%26ftid%3Du_b_g&mdf=1 hope it helps those in this game. Also Perry miniatures has them as well a North Star. Pardon the typos please.
  3. Here is a Samurai war game you may be interested in: http://web.zenitminiatures.es/en/kensei-the-game/ its too new to know anything about, so do your research.... this company produces samurai miniatures so you may want to add to your RPG: http://muraminiatures.com/on-collecting-samurai-miniatures.html these are the mainstay miniatures...the best: https://www.perry-miniatures.com/index.php?cPath=23_38 As I discussed with Osprey's game and miniatures here are more: http://skirmishwargaming.com/ronin-miniatures-overview/ this is a wargame set of rules so enjoy: https://miniaturewargaming.com/blog/2015/07/kensei-samurai-rules/ hope this helps with your idea, but war game rules are out there....
  4. Not to be snarky, but lots of people, thousands have done just this with mini war games like Johnny Reb and Napoleon. You make a good point and those days are gone. The problem people seem to miss is that the special characteristic of a clan is likely a small part of that clan, the RPG portion if I may. For a war game, each army field hundreds of generic soldiers. But those days are gone. It's a great idea, but it's a byegone time. Sorry
  5. Have anyone purchased the book? Any reviews? It seemed to go straight to RPG Drive through without any actual publication. Any input to what the Atlas has?
  6. Good morning: Its early here and I found this post and wanted to jump in. I do know of a small samurai mini game you may like. If you are looking for a small skirmish level samurai miniature game, I think you will love Osprey Publishing's Ronin. Its is very easy to play, fun, and the figures are available, high quality and can be purchased from overseas and are top quality from a dedicated minis company, look at North Star in England. The Osprey rule set is cheap so I would encourage you to consider buying it: https://ospreypublishing.com/ronin-skirmish-wargames-in-the-age-of-the-samurai (I am just a fan of both games and I have no interest other than sharing in the conversation) You could even run a lot of the L5R skirmishes through Ronin. So take a peak at it, and I am sure you will be pleased. As for full size army, or company level games I would disagree. Sadly, my experience with the decrease in popularity in miniature games leads me to believe while the idea (assuming that is what you mean - army level gaming) sounds nice, its is not likely to catch on. I say this because in my experience miniature games other than Warhammer, Flames of War are not all that popular any more...at least not in the US. Napolian wars, etc, full size army battles has a massive history, but I cannot see a 15mm samurai game taking off. Although I would love it. However, I am sure there are rules out there and the minis may be hard to get. Like many of you I look forward to seeing what they do with the game, but I think the RPG is dying. I hope I am wrong as I think its one of the more attractive RPGs out there. But sadly nobody in my area plays it. Personally, for the RPG, I would like them to keep it as it is and republish the books as they are unavailable everywhere. This is just my opinion, and hope it add to the conversation. Best of luck to your all and enjoy gaming.
  7. Well FFG describes the Tie Striker as "designed for atmospheric combat and defense..."... So we put it in space...hmmm. And then they give the fighter Adaptive Ailerons, which makes sense in an atmosphere where it has to bank, but how does an aileron work in space? Ok yes, just play the game, lol.
  8. I do not know about the rest of you, but my store got the Tie Striker and U-wing in stock today. So FFG did hold up their end. But I still have no idea why and atmospheric Tie Striker is being presented in a space game...
  9. Ok, I am going to say it... IMO (only) L5R 5th Ed, would be wiser to drop its "independent system" and adopt both the DnD 5th Ed, AND the Pathfinder systems. They are not so far apart, and you can column the separate rules/stats in a single book. Go Open Gaming License and cater to a superior market that wants more and is well populated, nobody plays L5R and a lot want to. DnD5th Ed, desperately needs an "Oriental Adventures" game, and L5R is well respected in its rich culture, artwork and design. I love it, but there is no one around to play it. So why not cater to the biggest market available. Pathfinder also needs an "Oriental Adventure" game also. So L5R 5th Ed, could enter into both markets and sales would explode. Players of the two most populated games would and could buy L5R 5th Ed products, and expand their games into the jade empires. Also, this would allow third-parties, if not L5R to also expand on their design to the neighboring regions, especially Second City. I entered into L5R during 4th Ed, and a lot of the books were out of print. Also its fan base is very difficult to find, and player are extremely rare. I do not know anyone in NY that plays it. Which is really too bad as the game is one of the best I have ever seen. Accordingly, I would personally enjoy a DnD/Pathfinder system so as to "sweep" my players into Rokugan (sp? - sorry) and enjoy an Oriental style game using L5R background, timeline, storyline, etc.
  10. . If you have been playing this game for more than a few waves, you like everyone else, has a ton of ships just sitting on shelves. Heck, I have a whole Rebel fleet I have never played. But one day I will, or might.
  11. well, the Tie is literally "sabine's masterpiece" (even if she did steal it) Well technically she did not steal it.
  12. Look at Ronin from Osprey Publishing. Very easy to play and does not require a lot of miniatures. Its also very very fun to play.
  13. Ok, I have tried to write this post a few times and deleted it each time. I am looking for suggestions on how to get started in this game. How did others get into the game? It sure isn't like the other RPGs. I bought several books over the past year or two. The richness of the story, the system, and the books are all amazing and kind of overwhelming. This is probable the best produces RPG yet. No RPG that I know of has this many books other than Pathfinder (and that is the poster child of overwhelming) The story alone advances to rapidly (CCG story) so to figure out what is going on is a chore. They actually have a book dedicated to the history of land (Imperial Histories 1 and I think 2)...no other RPG has that! For the new player, where and how do you recommend to start? The game is vastly different than DnD.. So, yes, start with the basic book, but then where to go? I am more than likely going to have to learn the system and run it, because nobody in New York City plays it (that I know of). Hopefully LA may have a group or two. I have the following books: The RPG, Enemies of the Empire, Secrets of the Empire, Atlas of Rokugan (not that worth it), Earth, Fire, Water and Void...I am missing Air, and I have the third edition of Emerald Empire. And I have the Second City Box. I guess I kept buying them because the books are utterly amazing in production. I am not interested in playing the CCG or LCG as its not my thing. But the RPG keeps getting my attention. Any pointers, guidance, recommendations or directions is appreciated. Thanks.
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