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  1. I don't want to miss playing IA since I got passed over for Destiny.
  2. This is what led Paul Heaver to post what he did. Doug, the guy who "retired" from X-Wing. Riiiiiight. What melodramatic crap. Doug Kinney, everyone. Calling out a 17-year old kid. The players in question followed the rules as published and distributed by FFG. Take your gripes to them instead of insulting players who played by the rules.
  3. There is plenty of room for tokens to be inserted, as I've channeled out the base for that. But that said, why would I need them? There won't be another Soontir Fel like this on the table.
  4. 0.8mm Got it from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0006O6X74
  5. 2 less hitpoints, but far better dial? EPT for sure.
  6. Yeah. With two magnets and the edges of the base to hold it in tight, magnet strength doesn't have to be super amazing for this, since the CR1220 is so light.
  7. My group has been playing this for a couple of weeks now, and it is amazing. Thanks so much!
  8. The negative lead, which runs on top of the base but under the cardboard is soldered to the top of the small magnet. Since I decided to make this a permanent Soontir Interceptor (gluing the cardboard to the base itself once it was wired up), I cut out a small cavity in the cardboard token so I could use a generous blob of solder there to guarantee good contact. For the positive lead, I filed out a small cavity in the plastic of the base to make enough room to have the lead balled up and make solid contact with the magnet once the magnet was glue in place. That gave me enough room to keep the magnet all the way inside the base so it would sit perfectly flat. I was afraid that a blob of solder, even a small one would be too this. My soldering skills are not the best. Hah! I'm pretty stoked with how it turned out. Next project is to figure out how to do it so I can swap ships and base tokens. Hah!
  9. "Too expensive to do my whole collections. Crap product." is a dumb argument. The whole point of them giving you the tokens to swap out ship IDs is so you don't have to buy one for every dial you own. The idea is to have enough for the maximum number of ships you'd run in a list for each faction, then you swap out the dial for whatever ships you're using that day. At most, you'd have to spend $60 to get 6 dials for each faction, which covers ever list except TIE swarm for imps and Z swarm for Rebs or Scum. And getting enough for all of those is only going up to $90. and even that is unlikely for most folks.
  10. It's actually possible. But it could only be for display purposes only and not playable.. It requires a base large enough to contain the right kind and size of electromagnets and that it be power by plugging into the mains. But rest assured, I will be doing it at some point.
  11. All done except for some detail painting and such. But it's good enough to show off now. And to answer a question before it is asked. This is a permanent mod. It's set up to only ever been Soontir Fel. Personal choice, and I am happy with it. Detail photos, showing how the battery and flasher circuit is hidden completely in the space under the base. Small magnet embedded in the base itself has the negative wire attached from above, and this one holds the battery in place. The bigger magnet has the positive wire attached from under the base, and holds the battery in place from the side. It works because of how coin cells are built: negative contact on top, positive on sides and bottom.
  12. It's a simple pre-made flasher from modeltrainsoftware.com on a 3v CR1220 coin cell battery. It's just taped into the base for now. I have a design that I'm working on to hold the battery in place with small magnets. Just need my green flashers come in the mail first.
  13. Yeah! My wife got a personalized print of it from the artist, Chris Onstad, when makes our all-time favorite webcomic, Achewood. The original is here:http://www.achewood.com/index.php?date=02282007
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