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  1. I'm sure it would be officially the "Imperial Astromech" slot (if so implemented) to avoid R2D2 shenanigans. Personally, the crew option seems better to me.
  2. 2016 was, by and large, a steaming pile of poo. As far as X-Wing goes, it is the year I began to lose interest and got REALLY tired of a constant stream of expansions that are bloating the game without adding a lot of value.
  3. Every single-use EPT would be replaced with a double sided card, with the front side changing "discard this card" to "flip this card over." The opposite side would read, "ACTION: Flip this card over." Would instantly make them more valuable than they presently are, as well as giving new life to Experimental Interface.
  4. Honestly, open-ended regeneration is probably a bit of a miss by FFG, so I hope they don't extend it any further.
  5. This game is already beyond bloated. Anything like that would be a clear sign to quit the game once and for all.
  6. I don't know fully about the NPE phenomenon, but I would agree that it is much easier today to find a near autolose scenario if you happen to play the wrong list. There are too many hard counters and it's too hard to make generalists thrive. Perhaps that's the way it's always been, it just seems more prevalent now, especially in the light of some very unfun lists (4x TLTs, the Scouts fiasco, the Party Bus, x7s, etc., depending on taste). Frankly, I just don't think the game can be balanced as is, and that it is somewhat buried under the weight of so many upgrades and combos, that I am inclined to agree that a new edition would help smooth the edges a lot.
  7. Please give me a TIE Interceptor FO...
  8. I built a sweet green laser line following techniques provided by Hexdot. I used one of those Chinese green laser pointers and it is powerful enough cast a clear line on the side of a house across the street. It comes with a key-locked safety, lol.
  9. Unkar Plutt demands his FULL PORTION of news coverage!
  10. This seems like one of those lists that's fun to play exactly once.
  11. That air freshener would count as illegally modifying your ship, so expect FFG to personally escort you from the smelly premises (or smemises, as the case would be).
  12. Given that blocking is a major part of gameplay, I doubt they will ever consider it viable to put out mass numbers of ships regardless of how pathetic they are. 1 dice may seem limiting, but at range 1 against 0 or 1 agility they would be devastating. So, no, I highly doubt they will ever consider a ship below the Z-95 and TIE Fighter level.
  13. The other part is, frankly, epic stinks. It's casual because it's not remotely balanced, the ships only sell to collectors and people wanting whatever insane upgrade card they have put in it to make it sell (see: C3PO, Palpatine, etc.). If it never comes, great. Don't want it. If I want large ships, I'll play Armada (that game that FFG also makes...).
  14. This seems like a love letter from one of those ladies who fall in love with a serial killer.
  15. Seems pretty clear Hot Shot Co-Pilot forces the enemy ship to spend a focus, if they have one, on any attack or defense roll against this ship. Remember that they have specifically FAQ'd it so that you can spend focus even if you don't roll focus results, so it basically eats focuses away from the target. I am going to LOL on this with a Phantom or Ghost.
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