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  1. I personally like determination, its cheap and discards the occasional crit.
  2. Gametime: A occasionally I will play 6 or 7 in a day though. Meta: C
  3. I thought this was a good idea so I changed mine too lol.
  4. I must have that card. that is amazing. time to start planning my victory
  5. I am about 33% of the way through it at the moment, Its okay. I think the problem I am having is mostly relative to what I have been reading lately. jumping straight from Ringworld Engineers to A New Dawn is a really big change.
  6. i wanna try out: Captain Oicunn (42) Intimidation (2) Mara Jade (3) Rebel Captive (3) Commander Kenkirk (44) Determination (1) Ysanne Isard (4) Total: 99 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  7. I wish I could go. It is too far and I am far too broke.
  8. As long as there are people to play with then i would stick around. this game is one of the best I have ever played and new content Isn't entirely necessary. Some more common well known Family table top games (ex. chess, risk, monopoly, Catan, etc.) are a great example of this fact. New ships or not I love both Star Wars and this game.
  9. I think this references the actual path of the attack being within the firing arc rather than the ship Itself. I feel that the card should have commas around the "against a ship" or remove it to make this more clear. This leads me to believe that the actual shot must be made within firing arc at range 2. I predict an errata, lol. Subbed, as i would like to know the answer to this for sure.
  10. It gives this explanation since you might have part of the ship within range 2 in the front arc but another part of the ship is range 1 outside of arc. If so, you must fire at the closest point. But the same is true of non-turretted ships, so why mention it for turretted ships? That is only to determine range, not firing arc. Tactician specifies that it needs to be within your firing arc. (sorry, i was looking at something else and just noticed. the above post is correct though.)
  11. Timothy Zahn definitely. Aaron Allston would take second for me.
  12. I like to pair gunner with fire control system if possible, It makes the opponent think twice about spending that evade/focus. or strips it for the follow up attack. it can also work well with tactician to stack on the stress.
  13. I am reading right now, It's not bad. It doesnt feel any different from the old timeline just yet. probably once we hit post ROTJ is where things are going to start feeiling a bit weird.
  14. That book was very good. The ending was... depressing.
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