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  1. My thought is that the a Razorcrest if very close to this: https://kainrath.wordpress.com/2018/08/02/ss-54-light-assault-gunship/ Thanks to kainrath for the ship card.
  2. I was thinking when Galaxy's Edge opened in California that FFG could produce a a game module based in Batuu to sell at the parks. I am thinking of something similar to Under a Black Sun with pregens and a abridged rule set.
  3. Going on Friday.Hoping to sign up for a game.
  4. Poor Durak has been retired (i lost his files). I have a concept for a new character. Human Scout/Archeologist/Force Adherent. Found a old Jedi training stick and some Jedi manuals during a dig. Wants to live his live by the Jedi code even if he can not use the force.
  5. I just saw a documentary on Netflix's about Kenner getting the rights to the Star Wars toys. The original agreement was Kenner got 95% and Lucas/Fox split the rest. I always thought that the merchandising made Lucas rich but not so much in the early days.
  6. Every other Friday between 8-11. Oh wait that is what the question is. Current game is two years after the Battle of Jakku.
  7. I do not roll for Obligation/Duty/Morality. I use it as part of the story. I also use it like Aspects from Fate or Distinctions from Cortex plus. If the players are rolling for something related to there Obligation/Duty/Morality I will let give the player a boost die or setback die. Since I do not use the numbers I give my players +10 xp and 2500 additional credits at character creation.
  8. It is finally done. Durrak ponders his future. Does his stay with his comrades or go back to wandering the Galaxy alone. Whatever he decides he knows the force will guide him.
  9. Durrak throws his discblade at Insanire. "Time for this to end !" 4 total Damage Pierce 4 . Uses the force point to retrieve his discblade. I will use the advantage for a boost die to whoever acts next.
  10. I thought I would mix it up. OK I will throw the discbalde with saber throw at the blobs. Total Damage is 4. Throws the discblade and hits the blobs. Uses the light side points to call the blade back to his hand. PS I am out of town until Monday.
  11. Going to fire my blaster at the lizard. Spend the advantages to block the lizard. The shot hit a wall and caused some rubble to fall ?
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