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  1. Let's do this! That's half your attack dice with your Tyranids or Orks, right?
  2. Everyone loves a pedant, right? GW is reportedly planning on plastic sisters very soon. They're supposed to be in the early 2017 releases! (of course, this has nothing to do with the topic at hand. I just felt I had a useless piece of information to share. And hey! It's the internet!) I am rather active in a Warhammer chat room that sees discussion of the current game. And the Celestine and bodyguard are all that the SoB are getting for plastic models. Everything else is still pewter. To say nothing of the fact that the plastic models for Celestine and her retinue just look flat out awful.
  3. Sounds like whoever wrote that is confusing morale and panic. Which is either bad, because the person writing the article just got confused. Or worse, the two terms are so interchangable that the person who wrote the article lost track of what they are talking about. I am getting an unfortunate feeling it is the latter, because you have panic tokens, and the morale die result which you spend with panic tokens.
  4. I think that spending is optional, just like spending for a surge is optional. The tokens stick around until spent or removed, but the die result is a "spend now or lose it" thing.
  5. Where does it say this? I must be missing it.This is an educated guess based on their upcoming section and the fact that other products have not yet been announced in combo with previous behavior.Ah, so a "citation needed" kind of thing. Got it. No, not "citation needed" if there was more than just the core boxes and dice at launch Ffg would have said so. They do not launch a new product side by side with unannounced products. They are extremely transparent with what they have coming out, so "surprise" content does not happen. It also hurts their pre order sales and projected profits and interest if they don't know how many of each product to print. It is basic stuff here, youo don't announce only part of a launch product for sale to the public or retailer.
  6. Because release means launch. And it is launching with just the core boxes. While I disagree that just having two factions to start will kill the game,that is what it is releasing with. I do think that it is probable that the elves and a fourth faction are in the works for a quick support but they aren't going to be in game on release.
  7. Also how would you determine surge results, or morale results? While I can understand the feeling that just rolling 2 or 3 dice doesn't have the epic feeling of armies marching across the field because you aren't rolling as many dice as Warhammer or Warmahordes, Runewars was designed for minimal dice being rolled and the cost of the surges and morale cards, is based with that in mind. .
  8. You said that miniature war gamers have "a short attention span" or at least, you did. The short attention span isn't remotely accurate at all. Miniature war gamers keep interest in a game regardless of "New" content. Look at Daemon/Chaos players for 40k. They went how many years before they got a new rule book? Their first rule book was in 4th. They didn't get anything new until 7th edition. However, people still played with Chaos Daemon armies, and tried to make them work. Just about every faction in that game goes a minimum of 4-5 years before they get revamped rules and the like. And longer than that before they actually get new units, or see existing ones removed from play. Sisters of Battle is still using pewter figurines, which GW moved away from a while ago, and they are no plans for long term plastic models in that factions' future. People still play the Sisters of Battle. Battletech was one faction (The Inner Sphere) for years, and while you had the 5 great houses, for the most part you didn't have much variety in what mechs were on the field regardless of faction. Then the Clans came years down the road with new models and rules and someone other than the Inner Sphere to fight. Flames of War is technically two factions, any WW 2 Mini game is two factions, and few ever see a Western Front Russian faction, Africa Campaign, or Pacific Theater for years in either factions, rules, or models. So your "You need multiple factions otherwise people will lose interest and move on" is wrong on many levels. Just because you might lose interest, it does not mean that anyone else will. You are correct that Runewars Minis needs a robust release schedule to stay alive, but given that there is an increasing probability that the game won't be out until after Adepticon, and the presence there will be from FFG owned and controlled kits, rather than players bringing their own, announcing the Elves before they even have the core sets available is a poor mistake, because it will alienate people who will view it as greed, and attempting to fund something that might not see support, because of the issues with GW IPs getting support. My guess is that when this is On the Boat or about to start Shipping is when we will see the individual blisters and the known expansion models announced, and after that, the next faction or two. The Latari Elves and maybe a fourth faction are probably a Q4 release date, given that people more in the know of the Runewars setting seem to think that the Elves all but guaranteed and the Chaos equivalent is the most likely culprit for a 4th faction.
  9. No, it is just hits, surges, morale, mortal wounds, and the like are not multiplied like damage. That would skew things into multiple groups of the maximum across, which looks to be 3,instead of something like a 3 x 2, since mechanically it would be more efficient and over powered if one morale result have you the chance to force a betrayal or to just lose a tray outright.
  10. However he is the CEO of Asmodee NA, his responsibility is for more than just FFG products.
  11. Yeah, was waking up this morning when I said that. Something that is optional like unique bases or card sleeves is one thing. But selling the expansion units separate from the required base is a different matter entirely.
  12. Having the trays sold separately would kill this game quicker than anything else with no hope of recovery for this game. Also selling a game supplement in two pieces isn't something that FFG or even GW would do.
  13. I might go with Purple and some kind of bright green for Undead, no idea on the human army just yet. Maybe Grey and Red.
  14. If you mean Warhammer Diskwars, they cancelled support of it when their license with GW was in question. They knew it was on shaky ground well before their announcement, because development of a game like this is not something you roll out at the drop of a hat. Given that they are no longer doing -any- GW products, this is a null point.
  15. I wouldn't say that missing one event is a sign of collapse. If that was true Armada would have collapsed for missing the Massing at Sullust event. Edit: After all they aren't even necessarily missing Adepticon. Just that an official tournament isn't in the works.
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