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  1. I'm having trouble seeing how. If I understand how it's used properly, there are few character cards that can be attached and used with it to any useful effect. I was hoping someone might have a good example or two for how it might be employed.
  2. These three cards are from from APs in the Ancient Relics cycle. * Arcane Tampering: "After a character exhausts to trigger or pay the cost of an effect, its controller must sacrifice that character." A local player argues that this card means the controller sacrifices if: 1) The character exhausts to trigger, or; 2) The character pays the cost of an effect, with or without exhausting. If I'm understanding it correct, and I think I am, the key is that the character exhausts, either to trigger or pay. Just need a little clarification on this one. * Canopic Jar: Can someone give an example of how this card might be used? Its application seems very narrow, perhaps all but useless. Am I missing something? Is there a clever combo with this card? * Premature Detonation: Even worse than Canopic Jar, I can't imagine how this expensive card is helpful to the active player. Its utility must be very narrow--perhaps to prevent a character from somehow committing to a story after the commit steps are typically over? Otherwise, it seems downright harmful to play for most any scenario that comes to mind.
  3. I've got a handful of questions and thoughts. Let's get started! Is there an expected release cycle for this game's expansions? (i.e., every 6 months/9 months/yearly.) Have there been hints, subtle or otherwise, as to what we can expect for near-term expansions? Do we have any idea when (if ever) a so-called "Big Box" or "Deluxe" expansion will be coming? Are we sure there ever will be deluxe expansions? Does it seem to you, as it does to me, that this game may never see expansions offering additional game boards, à la Arkham Horror? That the board is already complete thanks to the global format? Sleeving and storage suggestions -- any good options that can account for future expansions, too? (Kind of hard without knowing what to expect ...) Thanks!
  4. First, thanks for taking a little time to answer my questions. I'll try to keep them clear. My core set has 19 Miskatonic and 21 Agency cards. Is that right? If so, what's the reasoning? Not sure I have this correct -- Pulled Under (Cthulhu) costs nothing to play but still requires a domain with two Cthulhu resources under the player's control AND an exhaustible character with at least 2 terror icons? Scotophobia (Hastur): Does this make characters who normally can't be made insane, potentially made insane (if they lose a terror struggle)? Performance Artist (Hastur): Can she be sacrificed to cancel the effects of an attachment/support card such as Ghoul Taint (Shub-Niggurath)? Does it make the support become unattached an discarded? Does it just make the card's ability not function? Does this not work at all? I probably have more but I can't think of them at the moment. Thanks!
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