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  1. If they're Navis Nobilite with only minor mutations, they're given the nice-nasty treatment by most. If they're a Navigator that is a hideous mutant abomination, then revulsion and avoidance whenever possible. Anyone else with an obvious mutation will be treated with outright contempt at best, and hunted down for purging at worst. It hasn't come up with anyone but our Navigator yet, but I'm excited for it to happen.
  2. I agree with what Cornwallis and Lynata put forward. For what it's worth, in my own interpretation of the setting, the Imperium tends to be much more like a distant ideal than a concrete presence. It is the idea of the manifest destiny of mankind to rule the galaxy. It is the concept invoked when the worlds of a sector are trying to rally for mutual defense. It is also, of course, the idea of unity through worship of the Emperor. In the way I present the setting in my games, the rare occasions when the Imperium actually becomes a solid, tangible thing, it is almost always devastating and a sign things are very, very bad. If you're dealing with a threat on a scale that local forces cannot handle it, then you're past worrying about whether a particular world is actually going to survive. You're at the point of just trying to keep humans from being wiped from an entire region. Crusade fleets and Space Marines don't come around to check and make sure you're doing okay, basically. By the time they're sent, you are indeed more than likely already dead. Or, y'know, worse. Because 40k.
  3. Someone stop me if I'm wrong, as I'm away from books at the moment, but aren't they also the only ones with the ability to move, shoot, and keep moving? I feel like that really helped with their hit and run tactics during the one time I've used them so far.
  4. I imagine raw materials would be useful to them. Eldar still have to eat and drink, and their gear isn't 100% wraithbone so far as I know. This seems especially true for Corsair bands, who probably lack the manufacturing and supply base that a Craftworld enjoys.
  5. My party spends most of their time out in the homebrew expanse we use for our game, and the influence of the Inquisition is felt sporadically at best out there. However, recently they journeyed back into Imperial space to try and obtain the support of the Astra Telepathica for their various endeavours, because they were tired of not being able to check on their projects without actually journeying back to them. Of course, once there they found out the only 'bargaining chip' they could offer was arranging for a Black Ship to visit their holdings, and performing the Tithe themselves. Pay in to get paid out, basically. They were given long enough to let the potential horror and enormity of that task start to settle in, and then they were contacted by someone who said he could arrange to fulfill their request immediately. They agreed, with the understanding they would owe the person an unspecified favor in the future. He chose that moment to reveal his Inquisitorial origins, and said he was "confident they could be relied on to fulfill their side of the bargain when the time came." Moderately terrified since they all have dark secrets to hide, they've spent a lot of time wondering how they managed to draw the attention of the powerful, invisible, inscrutable Inquisition. Now, the reality. The reality is that the man they interacted with isn't exactly an Inquisitor. He's not sure what to call himself, honestly. As far as he knows, he's the only operative of the Inquisition in this entire region of space. All he knows is his master dropped him off with a large but limited supply of thrones, and told him to 'keep an eye on things.' Ever since then, (200 years or so) he's just been playing the game as best he can. He's built criminal enterprises to fund his operations, and gotten cybernetic implants that let him change his appearance as needed. He's suppressed cults, watched out for xenos invasions, and hunted heretics. There is no back-up that he knows how to call on, it may not even exist, and if the party were to actually call him out, they're almost undoubtedly more powerful than he is by any measure. Yet there's that reputation and dark rumour in the back of every Imperial citizen's mind, and that's what he trades on...
  6. Forgive me if I'm wrong here, but isn't there actual mention of a Necron-constructed Dyson sphere in some of the fiction? It's speculated to be a prison for the Outsider C'tan, as I recall. Then again, that was OldCron fluff, so its validity is a matter of personal opinion.
  7. Honestly, if the group isn't digging the game and you've all talked to him several times about it, it sounds like it's time for someone else to take over the GM chair. I would make it straightforward, put it to a group vote on what you want to do (wipe and restart, continue, or continue with a new GM being possible options), and go from there.
  8. Salamanders do seem like a stretch, but you could easily have some Carcharodons out there in the midst of the darkness. That's their entire mission most of the time, as far as I've been able to read up: go out there and stomp whatever seems like it might need stomping. Just a thought. For what it's worth, I'm wrestling with the same thing in my campaign at the moment. It's a bit of a different situation, because the Expanse our game is set in is the site of a failed crusade. They found where a company of Astartes made their last stand, and have decided to set out on a pilgrimage to find the Chapter and return the armour, weapons, and bodies to them so they can be restored to their rightful place. I feel like that deserves some kind of reward, but darned if I can think of anything cool.
  9. There's also a generation system in Stars of Inequity that will allow you to modify standard components into archeotech versions.
  10. I have a few more of them than that. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4VSi-gAMkZpN2I2MHk3WGZIaVk/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Our RT has fathered multiple children, and arranged for each one to be adopted by an entirely different family unbeknownst to either the child or the family adopting them. He then checks in occasionally and covertly on each of them to see which one shows the most promise. My understanding is whichever is looking the best at the time has an announcement set up for them in the event of his death, and the others will never even know their bloodline as an attempt to stave off intra-dynasty intrigues. I raised the possibility of someone else figuring out who one of them was and trying to use them, and he said that was what stories were made of.
  12. The Pestilaan light cruiser from Battlefleet Koronus is pretty much exactly this, minus any mention of CSMs. Which seems like an excellent reason to add them in to me.
  13. I share your suspicion, chiefly because it'd be yet another suitably grimdark aspect of the greater setting. It's also exactly what he did to the Thunder Warriors when he was done with them.
  14. We play one weekend every 4-6 weeks, so I can't say how quickly we'll be able to test the whole thing, but we are using it. The group has recently established a web of trade routes between a Mining World, an Agri World, and a Hive World. They want to make this the center of their dynasty's holding in the region. Most of these things had been abandoned/fallen into decay and disrepair, but after several endeavours they've got the whole thing up and running again. Of course, where there's thriving trade, piracy soon follows. They only have one ship, so they followed rumors of a derelict Strike Cruiser left from a failed Crusade into the homebrew expanse our game is set in. Long story short, they secured the cruiser from the dangers infesting it and manage to get it back to a space dock for repairs. This raised an interesting question for me, at least: do I apply the reduction in PF immediately upon salvaging the ship, or when it actually enters their active service? I went with the latter, but I'd be interested to hear if you agree/disagree. Once the ship was repaired (involving more shenanigans, of course), they put it into service patrolling the trade routes. They cut a deal with the local Free Trader captains that half of their maintenance costs would be covered as long as they were defending the local shipping, so I reduced the 6 maintenance to 3 as long as it's doing that. That will have shifted to the background now, as they're headed back into Imperial space to pursue getting Astropaths for their worlds. So next time I may have a chance to test some of the background Operations rules.
  15. Well, I don't have a problem with crunch, so I'm grateful for what you've already provided. I'm going to give it a test run with my group in the new few months, as they're looking to grow their fleet some. I'm happy to let you know how it goes, if you like.
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