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  1. PhantomFO

    Poll: which 1.0 meta pilot do you want back?

    Asajj lost several components from 1E. PTL, Engine Upgrade, and Glitterstims are all gone from her. Latts and Evade tokens don't stack. Her pilot ability is no longer a mandatory stress, but instead the defender's option of either stress or losing a green token. None of these things are fatal, but they do make her very expensive for what she can do. I already went into Dengar above. I don't know how they can make him into a ship that's effective, or even fun to fly, when there are so many things which give him stress and he has such a terrible time removing it. Ryad's just too expensive at 84 points. She's not nearly as good as Rexlar now that all of her K-turns are white. Drop her into the 78-80 point range and she's fine. I don't think a modification slot would hurt her. She could maybe use Afterburners after a 3k? Not seeing anything else that would be problematic. Nym should be fine now. His ability is the best of both worlds, he got a Gunner slot, and he's a tanky IN5. For 74 points, you can run him with Expert Handling, the Havok title, Bomblets or Proton Bombs, a Dorsal Turret, an R3 Astromech, FCS and a Veteran Turret Gunner. I think he's the only one that can combine VTG, FCS and an R3, which seems like a very powerful way to mess someone up. Lothal Rebel: Much like Ryad, just needs a steeper price cut to compensate for the loss of two points of shielding. The chassis itself is fine.
  2. PhantomFO

    Poll: which 1.0 meta pilot do you want back?

    I went with Dengar, as he had the biggest combination nerfs. He's ridiculously easy to stress. Want to move your firing arc? That'll be a stress token. Want to turn around? That'll be a stress token. Want to Barrel Roll? Stress token. Make a right turn? Stress token. Want to get rid of that stress? You're either going straight or banking left. To top it all off, he doesn't even have a Gunner. His pilot ability and the Punishing One title both emphasize keeping things in your forward firing arc. This means you probably want to concentrate on using your stress for movement instead of rotating the arc. However, his terrible blues will make it pretty easy to avoid that, especially if he can't make a right turn while stressed. You can then try to move the firing arc, but that's going to lock you out of being able to turn around. It was just a ridiculous overkill combination of nerfs, and I'm not sure what they can do to actually get him into a playable state. A Gunner slot would probably be the first place to start, as he could at least take a Hotshot or Agile Gunner.
  3. PhantomFO

    Resistance and First Order Dial Upgrade Kits

    To the contrary. These make it so that you only need to store the maneuver portion of the dial, plus the ship ID token. It's much easier to store a single circle of cardboard, compared to two pieces joined with a plastic. My FLGS actually put the 1.0 dials on clearance without realizing they were identical to the 2nd edition ones, and I cleaned them out. I'll happily pick up two packs of each of these for my Resistance and FO squads.
  4. PhantomFO

    "limited edition" ships?

    My last tourney under 1.0 included a match against a player running quad Gunboats. Each was painted to correspond with Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker and Ramjet, complete with customized pilot cards. No pilot abilities, just regular Nu squadron pilots with fancy color schemes. This is no different than that, aside from being painted by FFG and being nowhere near as awesome.
  5. PhantomFO

    "limited edition" ships?

    I've been to events where the prizes were custom painted ships, complete with LED lights for the engines. I've played miniature games where some of the most powerful pieces or upgrades were only available as prize support, so you had to either win them or pay stupid prices on the secondary market just to be competitive. I could not give a rip of FFG offers a unique paint job that offers no in-game bonuses to players, considering that fan events have been offering similar painted ships for years. Edit: I mean, no ship FFG sells at a convention is ever going to be as sexy as this.
  6. PhantomFO

    Next Hyperspace monster? Briliant Luke

    It'd have to be pretty cheap to be better than Hate. With all his Force-spending shenanigans, the ability to quickly recharge Force points is more valuable than the ability to convert multiple focuses.
  7. PhantomFO

    Do I need it?

    I wholeheartedly disagree with this statement. Since 2.0 hit, I've flown almost exclusively Rebels and Empire. They're fantastic, especially with the most recent points adjustment.
  8. PhantomFO

    Purple evades are dank

    I believe the first interpretation is correct, but I still think it will be really good.
  9. PhantomFO

    Purple evades are dank

    It's still not weak, because you're trying to use results from a single roll to justify the process. It's like saying a Focus action was a bad idea because you rolled all blanks. Firstly, you are more likely to roll a blank than a focus on any given die, with three faces vs two. Secondly, the combination of Evade plus Force/Focus/Calculate is much stronger on defense, because you can modify multiple types of facings. It's the defensive equivalent to combining a focus and reroll on an attack in order to maximize your results.
  10. PhantomFO

    Purple evades are dank

    Sure, and the generics probably won't evade much. They're probably going to be like generic Inquisitors in the TAP. The named guys, though, will likely be evading a lot, with the force points to back it up.
  11. PhantomFO

    Purple evades are dank

    The people who see no value in spending a Force point to get an Evade token on a 3-agility ship are insane. For any Delta-7 pilot with two or more Force points and the Brilliant Evasion power, you're going to be nearly impossible to hit. If you are not in the bullseye arc, you'll be able to change two eyeballs and a blank into evades. That is as close as you get to 1.0-level token stacking, and the only limiting factor is going to be your force point regen.
  12. PhantomFO

    How to get the TIE/LN in the mix

    Inspired by this thread, I took a seven-TIE swarm to my league night yesterday. Seyn, Gideon, Rudor, and four Black Squadron Aces. Everyone had Crack Shot except for Seyn, who had Marksmanship instead. I was pretty rusty, so I went 1-1 on the night. I mulched a double ARC-170 list pretty handily, but lost my second match to a pair of Supernatural Inquisitors with Concussion Missiles paired with Vessery. At no point did I ever think the ship chassis was the problem. Rather, my biggest issues came from self-inflicted wounds (landing on an asteroid TWICE with my lead TIE) and and general mental fatigue once the swarm breaks up. Mapping positions for that many ships, while also trying to account for the potential maneuvers of your opponent, taxes you mentally haven't been doing it regularly. That leads to mistakes which quickly snowball. A misjudged bank causes you to fail a barrel roll with one TIE, which causes you to block your own K-turn with the next, leaving you stressed, actionless and facing the wrong direction for multiple turns.
  13. PhantomFO

    Purple evades are dank

    It was in the Polish article translation.
  14. PhantomFO

    How to get the TIE/LN in the mix

    Yeah. The biggest impediment to me when it comes to running TIEs isn't that I don't think they'll be effective. It's that mapping out maneuvers for 6-8 ships moving at the same initiative over the course of a 5+ round tourney is the sort of activity that would turn my brain to mush by game 4. As has been noted, many of the things which were natural predators for the TIE swarm (Supernatural Reflexes and Advanced Sensor arc-dodgers, plus trajectory simulator Punishers) were nerfed in this round. We'll see if these changes help them rise in usage for those players with the mental fortitude to run them.
  15. PhantomFO

    Hyperspace - is there a list better than Tripsilons?

    While I'll give you your other points, if you can't get three boost- and barrel-roll-capable ships to train bullseye arcs on the same lower-PS, large-based shuttle, you should probably just sell your collection now. This game ain't for you.