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  1. The 2nd edition U-Wing is nearly unchanged from 1st Edition. Still two crew with a sensor/system slot. Still eight health, 3-die primary, and 2 agility while the wings are open. Dial is exactly the same. Gained a printed red Coordinate action, but actually lost the option to use torpedoes. Even the pilots are identical, down to the K2SO omission. The only major change was to the mechanics of Pivot Wing. In 1st edition, you had to telegraph your pivot a full turn in advance, and could only perform a 180 with it. 2E changed the timing so that you didn't have to flip the card until just before you revealed your dial, and allowed 90-degree rotations. This mitigated the need to telegraph when you'd be doing a speed-0 maneuver, while also making it much easier for a U-Wing to keep guns on target.
  2. PhantomFO

    Importing TIE/D

    I just want to note that declaring an inability to use Full Throttle at the start of the Engagement Phase does nothing. The shop has already executed it's maneuver and received the Evade token. It'd need to be triggered at a point ranging from start of the System phase until "Before you execute a maneuver."
  3. Point costs: divide by two, rounded down. Initiative: Increase by 50%, round up or down. Linked actions: pretend they aren't there. You will take PTL and like it, mister.
  4. They'd probably just give Ahsoka a line that says, "You may equip Light Side upgrades and cannot equip Dark Side upgrades" in her pilot ability. Scum Ahsoka crew would similarly get a "You may equip Light Side upgrades," opening things up for Asajj.
  5. I think you guys are basically arguing the same point: if Deplete only affected primary attacks, then it would be a no-penalty choice for Vonreg's missile attacks. You would take the Deplete token, fire your full-strength missiles, and then clear the Deplete on a blue maneuver next round. By having it affect all attacks, it forces a choice between penalizing your attack or your defense.
  6. Legion also gets a preview in that livestream, but ew, gross, ground combat.
  7. This was originally posted to Reddit, but I didn't see a thread here for it. FFG will be showing the stuff they were originally going to preview at Adepticon today via livestream. It was announced during their Arkham Horror livestream.
  8. Dash with Ezra, Maul, Outrider and Expert Handling could be interesting. Very expensive at 135 points, but Dash is better positioned than most to deal with the stress from Maul, and double Force points allows him to maximize the impact of that 4-die cannon and would pair well with a target-lock action.
  9. Now I want to try a squad of five Vultures, and four Hyena bombers with struts. 35 hull points, 18 attack dice, and all the networked calculates you could ask for.
  10. The most deadly obstacle in the game: Icy Ramp After a ship executes bank or turn maneuver, it MUST execute a barrel roll in the same direction. This barrel roll can overlap obstacles and the edge of the play area. (seriously, screw those ramps)
  11. Mind Trick (Light Side Only): When an enemy ship at range 0-2 declares an attack, you may spend 2 Force. The attacker's dice cannot be modified. Wrath (Dark Side Only): When performing an attack, if the defender has a face-up Pilot damage card, you may discard that card and spend 1 Force in order to reroll any number of attack dice. This does not count as rerolling for the purpose of other effects.
  12. There's a lot of value here, especially keeping note of your win conditions. Don't get so cocky when your list starts doing well that you start taking unnecessary risks with Soontir or Fenn. A bad roll of the dice can easily flip things around on you. In addition, try to avoid getting frustrated by an early sequence of bad events. First, it's usually not fun for the person you're playing to see you getting upset by the game they're playing against you. Second, you're making it harder on yourself to come back if you've already been defeated in your mind. People in that mindset tend to look for ways to end the game faster, instead of the opportunities to climb back into the fight.
  13. I was flying Chiraneau/Whisper for a while, and the Proton Bombs were definitely valuable there. First, it discouraged opponents from flying behind Chiraneau. Second, that list relied heavily on attacking tokenless targets (Hotshot Gunner, Vader crew, Juke). Anything that encouraged opponents to do things other than take a focus or calculate action action helped me push damage through.
  14. I have a different request for the next Aces pack: For some reason, we got two copies of Coaxium Hyperfuel in the pack. This, despite the being exactly one ship in the game with a SLAM action and an Illicit slot, and it's the ship CHF confess with. Even if they put out another ship like that, it's highly unlikely that ship wouldn't also get Coaxium. Meanwhile, Deuterium Power Cells came out in the same wave. It can be used in almost every FO ship. And it's only available in Vonreg's TIE.
  15. PhantomFO

    UK System open

    I don't know what surprises me more: this result, or that I'm actually happy to hear it.
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