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  1. Maul, Dooku and Grievous have been my three most-used pilots for probably the last six months. They're a blast to fly, and I wasn't even planning to get into CIS until after the released.
  2. I suppose an alternate to this would be to eliminate the "Perform Action" step entirely and have actions take place during the System phase, a la Decloaking. You can still boost and barrel roll, but you'll have less information about the board state when you do so. It would also make blocking less impactful, and things like Advanced Sensors would be reversed to allow you to perform your action after executing a maneuver as before. Linked actions would also need revision in this scenario.
  3. My personal favorite is Wampa with Crack Shot, Hull Upgrade and Stealth Device. The most broken Quick Build has to be the naked Starkiller Base Pilot for 2 points, because it means you can run FOUR (!!!) of them in a list.
  4. Bullseyes arcs are one of the best things about 2.0. They give small-based ships an edge against large targets, especially ones that can't reposition well. I also love that they reward properly planned and executed maneuvers.
  5. For me, there are two archtypes of successful 3-ship list: 1) One super-strong ace, and two ships that help that ace do their job better. Kylo plus two Upsilons is the gold standard here, as both Upsilons are usually built out to help Kylo solo your list. They'll chip in here and there, but there's no mistaking the focal point of this squad. 2) Pick Your Endgame. At least two of the ships are ones that you don't want to let reach endgame, if not all three. Some combination of Vader, Fel, Whisper and Vynder. No matter who you kill first, you know the other two will leave you with a bad time.
  6. I'd probably give Cad some sort of bonus when attacking/defending if the enemy ship has a Force rating, to reflect his specialty against Jedi.
  7. Maul definitely wants Hate, and I also strongly recommend Chancellor Palpatine on him. Brings him to a force rating of 4, which lets him be much more accurate with his attacks while remaining aggressive with his ability. Soulless One is fantastic on Grievous, and I'm a big fan of Daredevil as a talent for that ship. This brings us to 143 points, leaving 57 points for Sun Fac, any other upgrades, and a bid. Assuming Fac comes in around 45 points (comparable to Quickdraw and Midnight), that still leaves 12 more points for Ensnare and any other upgrades.
  8. You need to read Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series. It's about the Lost Roman Legion becoming Pokemon masters to fight the Zerg, and it's glorious.
  9. Basically, remember how often Tactician triggered in 1.0? Snap Shot will trigger exactly as often.
  10. I'd probably peg Sun Fac somewhere around 42-45 points before upgrades. That puts it around the same range as Midnight and Quickdraw. Considering it has no linked actions, has to take a tractor token in order to "boost" or "barrel roll" (risky if you can't get rid of it), and its "boost" doesn't allow it to bank, I think that's a fair price point. It does get a limited 2-die turret, and using tractors to reposition means it can land on gas clouds without Collision Detectors. I also realized that they may get two talent slots, a la A-Wings. If Sun Fac can take Gravitic Deflection and Ensnare together, then holy cow that's going to be strong.
  11. Sun Fac could be a royal pain. It'll be interesting to see the final pricing on the chassis and Ensnare. He has Ace stats, but his damage and defense both rely heavily on getting rid of tractor tokens at range 0-1.
  12. I thought the same about Dooku. However, I've realized two things: 1) I was terrible at planning my large ship decloaks anyway. 2) Dooku is still really good as a ship that basically generates a free Calculate token each turn, which he can spend to remove stress and target locks, and is also then free to use his regular action to either barrel roll or acquire a lock. Plus, the chassis has one of the best dials in the game. I've looked for other ways to spend those 63 points, but nothing else matches up.
  13. My current go-to Separatist list is the following: Maul w/ Hate and Palpatine Grievous w/ Daredevil Dooku Sadly, the list doesn't have room for Hate and the title on Dooku anymore, but he still works as a beefy wingman without it. Grievous with Daredevil is a fantastic cheap flanker, and Maul as the centerpiece. It pushed people into a "Damned if I do, damned if I don't" with Maul. If you go after him early, you'll fuel his double attacks and take stress from Palp, which will make it easier for his wingmen to eat you up. If you go for the wingmen, then you're dealing with Maul in the endgame.
  14. I love to fly him with just Hate and Chancellor Palpatine. Comes in at 90 points, gives you a Force Rating of 4, which helps you double-tap and still mod two focus results, and Palp lets you punish attackers at range 1-2.
  15. Not only will it get be able to do multiple attacks with hardpoints, but this title could potentially allow you to have two calculate tokens with a focus. That sounds pretty handy when making multiple attacks. Love the bullseye arc usage on it. You probably aren't going to catch many smaller ships in it, but immobile large ships and other epic ships will have to watch out for the concentrated firepower of that 5-die primary attack.
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