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    Savate reacted to Lord Ashram in Painted up a Rebel sniper team...   
    Hey all!
    Well, I got my sniper/spotter team painted up!  Overall I'm pretty happy with them... I considered doing the Mon Calamari in greens and yellows... like, the guy who would be in that role would naturally be one with some natural camo... but then figured the red would pop nicely against all that green.

    Overall pretty happy with how they, and their ghillie cloaks, came out!  I think they will be a nice contrast to the imperial Scout version!
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    Savate reacted to BigBadAndy in Added zenithal and ink rebel commandos   
    Finally got this squad finished up.  Here’s a few more pictures:

    All in all I’m pretty happy.  I went back and painted the faces white and then used wash on them because they were too dark and not looking good with the ink. Similarly the ink was pooling in the crease between the brim and the hat and the highlights looked odd so I did the green part of the helmet with paint as well.  Added some battle damage as practice for Boba Fett as well.  The backpacks came out well.  The picture doesn’t quite capture it.

    All in all they look pretty good for my standards.  One more unit ready to roll.
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    Savate reacted to MrMustang in Terrain Tutor looking for a nod   
    Hey all and you at FFG The Terrain Tutor is looking for a thumbs up on doing a series on Terrain for Legion lets vote this up and get the guys at FFG to reply to him. Go to this video and let him know you want it. He speaks to the point at 8:51
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    Savate reacted to Loud_al in Terrain Tutor looking for a nod   
    Yes absolutely! I literally just created an account just so I could say how great an idea this is. 
    In fact, I was actually on the fence about even getting into legion, since I'm so heavily invested in xwing, armada, and imperial assault. However, watching Mel's videos made me realise that I didn't have to spend an arm and a leg to get amazing looking terrain on the table, and that I could have fun making it. 
    It seems to me anything that lowers the barrier for entry for new players seems like it would be a good thing.
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    Savate reacted to Teravoc in First post of my legion collection   
    Not sure if this will work, but I have put up some legion pictures on my google pics drive.  This is my first attempt to share my collection with others. Hope you enjoy and have access
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    Savate reacted to Sword named Folly in Folly's Terrain (addition Ruined AT ST 12/17)   
    So I've been enjoying doing a few builds lately. Tons of fun taking it out to my FLGS for tournaments and some one-on-one games. Here are just a few tastes of the pieces. Next few games I'll get some table setups. 
    Full Galleries:
    Mountain: https://imgur.com/a/IReqBNo
    Big Red Building: https://imgur.com/gallery/h4Ewcnb
    The Grotto: https://imgur.com/gallery/GeEo8NI
    The Sleepy AT-AT: https://imgur.com/a/ErutFaz

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    Savate reacted to aniron in Gift Idea for Imperial Players   
    Pfft, everybody knows that is just "Achievement" by Krennic, rebranded in a new bottle.
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    Savate reacted to Darth Sanguis in UPDATED: E-Web Stormtrooper conversion   
    Had a couple of stormies left over. Decided to convert my E-Webs to match my army since I don’t use snow troops. Whatcha think? 




    This is just 1 of the 3 I bought so I’ll update later with more.
    UPDATE: all done!






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    Savate reacted to ImhotepMagi in Imhotepmagi's Legion Painting-Skullforge Stormtrooper Captain 5/31/19   
    I've made no headway on stormtroopers. but a friend commissioned me to paint his Vader like mine. Apparently, lightning can strike twice:

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    Savate reacted to ImhotepMagi in Imhotepmagi's Legion Painting-Skullforge Stormtrooper Captain 5/31/19   
    Also, it occurs to me that I haven't posted a photo of all three of my 501st Legion stormtrooper leaders with full designs yet:

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    Savate reacted to ImhotepMagi in Imhotepmagi's Legion Painting-Skullforge Stormtrooper Captain 5/31/19   
    Hey folks, it's been a while since I have posted anything but I had a tournament coming up and 4 Stormtroopers left to paint. So I painted Veers instead.
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    Savate reacted to Pooleman in 1.4 Laser   
    I decided to put my Laser under some camouflage netting. I may try some different materials to get the right look. 
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    Savate reacted to ajdrake in Imperial Hangar Bay   
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    Savate reacted to ajdrake in Imperial Hangar Bay   
    Here you see my first attempt of terrainbuilding.
    It is an Imperial Hangar Bay with catwalks, Ties and cargoboxes.
    Still a lot to do (painting, etc.)
    I want the floor with marks and signs for the Ties and boxes. Will probably design a mat.
    What do you think?
    Anny Tipps and ideas.

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    Savate reacted to jocke01 in Crashed airspeeder   
    Bought 2 revell airspeeder kits in the cheap. Scale is 1/52 so only slightly smaller than legion. First one crashed Skywalker style, next one will be crashed sideways. Han solo for reference scale.

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    Savate reacted to BigBadAndy in First battles and some impressions   
    Yeah, cover is everything for your infantry units.
    As far as suppression, I understand that people hate luck but honestly dice rolling is probably as good as any simulation of a “bullets whizzing” scenario so I don’t mind the luck element all that much (meaning sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it.). But since many of the units in the game simply don’t have the firepower to kill other units I feel like surpression is a needed mechanic in order to make sure there is strategy to your order selection.  Besides cover order of activation is probably the most strategic element of the game.
    Like you, I have only managed to play a few complete games but it’s a lot of fun!
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    Savate reacted to Digimortal in How are you painting your T-47s?   
    Interestingly I painted mine similar to your inspiration, I am creating a desert theme for my Terrain so wanted a logical scheme, spending hours painting a sunset 360 degrees in all the windows of the mini is entirely optional.
    Star Wars Legion - T-47 Airspeeder 
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    Savate reacted to OccasionallyCorrect in How are you painting your T-47s?   
    I've posted this before, but I went with a Phoenix Squadron theme.

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    Savate reacted to The captn in Beginnings of my lothal table.   
    Did some paint work after the xwing tourney and now its in primer.  I still have 1 roof to print for the storage shed.  I added more wall sections as well. Ill have a fair bit of terrian to get finished soon.  Already laying out my next tables.  Ill be rotating out terrian at my flgs and setting up tables for our tourneys. Just my way of giving back.

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    Savate reacted to The captn in Beginnings of my lothal table.   
    Finally sat down this week and got to run a bunch of terrian off. Wentvout tonight and atleast sat it on the table and played a game. Ill have to get it all in paint and finished soon.  Ill add more variety of wall sections.  Its all stuff found on thingiverse as of now.

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    Savate reacted to stackeffect in Stackeffect World Building   
    Apply a little paint and vegetation.

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    Savate reacted to stackeffect in Stackeffect World Building   
    Second pour. Need to get it into better light where the colors don't come through quite so brightly.

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    Savate reacted to stackeffect in Stackeffect World Building   
    Weekend WIP. More soon.

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    Savate reacted to TauntaunScout in Ewebs and FD turrets are shipping!   
    I never liked video games either and they were huge when I was a kid. For me it was D6 Star Wars miniatures, which led the SW RPG, and which led to Battletech and 40k, which led to all the other GW games, which led to blah blah blah blah.
    See someone else would call that and an old door "Garbage". Go forward and make more scenery from garbage!
    Unless you specifically like playing with big squares of ranked up olden folks with sharp things, or specifically like playing with teeny tiny toy vehicles, I sincerely believe Legion is the best miniatures game on store shelves right now. And I own a lot of them and have played more than I own.
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    Savate reacted to Sirdrasco in Those Random Unit Tokens   
    I bought a bag for $25 to use with legion, it came with a free bottle of Crown Royal.
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