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    Savate reacted to wintermoonwolf in [Insert cool name here] - Jabby’s painting thread   
    ...wow....a lot of interesting tricks of trade....from glue to make flags to milk lights!.....so amazing is this group!
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    Savate reacted to Jabby in [Insert cool name here] - Jabby’s painting thread   
    So I finally cracked open my core set box 2 days ago after waiting months for the paints due to delay after delay. So, without further ado, here it is!

    Regular stormtruppen. Still Need to highlight back up to white with them.

    Elite camo-troopers. Pretty happy with these.

    At-Rt. I kinda handlied this one while it was still wet so i messed it up a bit but it looks decent

    action shot
    any comments, advice, and criticism welcome - these are my first ever painted minis, never touched a brush before
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    Savate reacted to Sharkbelly in Sharkbelly's Star Wars Minis   
    "Aren't you a little short for a Rodian?" He's kneeling.
    I finally picked up my new Legion stuff and have packed it up for transport. This will be my 2019 painting project.

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    Savate reacted to Alpha17 in Alpha's Army (Now with Second Geonosis Obi-wan! Page 6)   
    Couple of new additions to the Army:

    Boba Fett
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    Savate reacted to Alpha17 in Alpha's Army (Now with Second Geonosis Obi-wan! Page 6)   
    With the Fall semester and graduation behind me, I can start playing again.  Maybe.  Anywho, here are some updated photos of my army.  New additions are an AT-ST, a Scout Trooper Scout/Sniper team, and a Space Maxim, I mean, E-Web Mudtrooper gun team. 
    Basic idea was that the Imperial Army was pushing through this bombed out village, with a scout team in the lead, and combined arms unit following.


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    Savate reacted to Alpha17 in Alpha's Army (Now with Second Geonosis Obi-wan! Page 6)   
    Movement tools finished, on to the Range Rulers!
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    Savate reacted to Alpha17 in Alpha's Army (Now with Second Geonosis Obi-wan! Page 6)   
    General Veers has arrived with reinforcements! Finished painting my first expansion sets, General Veers and another squad of Stormtroopers. Next, on to the Range Rulers and movement tools.
    I'm really pleased with how Veers turned out.  The pictures don't do it justice, and its by far my best-painted mini to date.  I'm sure others have painted better, but I'm pleased with the results. 
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    Savate reacted to BigBadAndy in Simple Scout Walker (ATST)   
    I’m not sure if it’s better etiquette to necro an old thread or to start a new one.  But as I haven’t posted in a while I thought I would share a few pics of my (finally) finished ATST.
    Pretty simple.  I used my airbrush to prime in gray/black.  Then I painted in a dark green gray and worked up toward a green gray/sky gray, which I only sprayed from the top. It’s a fairly subtle zenithal highlight.
    I used some army painter dark shade to weather some spots.  For the base it’s a mud, shaded military green and then coated with 50/50 glue and water and sprinkled on some grass and leaves.  The stick is from my yard.  I baked it in the oven for half an hour at 200 Celsius to make sure it was reasonably dry.
    Heres a bunch of photos.  Like all my stuff, it won’t win any awards but it gets the job done.  Every time I paint a Legion vehicle I want to go out and get a another one to paint again...

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    Savate reacted to xmarkusx in Endor table   
    Hey guys. I'm very new to building terrain (and tabletop wargames overall) so i'm not expert on building yet. Been painting minis now for around two years (started with Sorastro's videos of Imperial Assault), most of the elements i've build myself (trees and bigger elements), but bigger rocks are made by my friend. This is still very much in progress as you can see from the stage of painting for the units,  still very much WIP process as well.
    Working at the moment for more big trees. Will update if there's interest for ya'll to see!

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    Savate reacted to xmarkusx in Endor table   
    Cheers guys!
    All trees (stump and hollow big tree) here are done from air-dry clay, it's really easy material to work with and you don't need much tools than a hobby knife! Tutorials for something like these are in youtube, few different avaialable ofc for these. I just checked few when i started ´building, i've never done any terrain before this stuff you see here. High recommendations for using air-dry clay from here, just spray it when it's dry and then apply some drybrushing and washes and some terrain material to highlight it, that's it! And i have to add that i'm not 100% happy with all of these elements, so there will be modifications and better basing most likely in the future.
     Got some more additions done after this update (more trees etc.), will post 'em too when i got time to give 'em finishing touches and basing and take some photos. Been really distracted on painting the minis at the moment, heh!
    And there is a Bunker coming too.... and i'm concidering build a slope to fit in in (trying to match ROTJ Endor bunker battle)!
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    Savate reacted to LordBubba in Imperial Hangar Bay   
    That looks absolutely amazing Hope you can have some great games.?
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    Savate reacted to azavander in Robot City Terrian   
    During the Clone Wars a small detachment of clone troopers and battle droids led astray on a distant world, a robotic planet.
    There OOM-113 “The Wise” and OOM-714 “The Conquerer” led an army to defeat the dread Clone Troopers.
    Now decades later the Empire and Rebel Alliance find themselves on the same planet, where droids are immortalized.

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    Savate reacted to Makwiesel in Baas Rattan (Desert Town)   
    I have been a fan of desert towns and in particular Tattooine since 1977 for some reason.  I am building out a whole town called Baas Rattan using a variety of terrain-building techniques.  You can follow it on AdventurersSTEW.com and I will post in here.  My goal is to make the town feel lived in and to give each building and object a reality that grounds it and makes my games there more meaningful and immersive.

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    Savate reacted to Alpha17 in Trenches (Now with Command bunker/gun position)   
    First batch of trench sections is finished.  
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    Savate reacted to Albertese in Desert Terrain Scatter Rocks, C&C welcome!   
    Oof! I love your results, but I'll posit that you're using much classier paint than you need to. Cheap craft paints work great for terrain. Save your fancy mini paint for fancy minis! 
    Or not. Up to you. The end result is lovely. 
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    Savate reacted to Captain Jed in Desert Terrain Scatter Rocks, C&C welcome!   
    Some scatter terrain I recently finished up for my desert table.
    3mm MDF base with blue/pink styro and some cork scatter. There's a couple of real rocks mixed in as well - just enough to give it a bit of heft and stop them being knocked around so easily in play.
    Took around 3-4 hours of work in total I guess, ignoring drying times etc. 
    More pics here at Imgur!
    Other bits and bobs nearly finished, will post soon. 

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    Savate reacted to Darth Sanguis in Ole Papa Palpatine   
    So I got a chance to use him before the holiday. Holy crap is he good. I ran this list and he managed to creep up on a huddle of enemy troops with his entourage of red pajama ninjas... after a standard attack and 3 bursts of "now you will die" my opponent had 2 units dead, 2 more with only a single wound or unit left and completely suppressed. I rushed the pajama ninjas in to tie up the remaining units in melee. I lost Ole papa palpatine but not before wiping 5 units and his commander off the board... Took the objectives and moped up with my stormies. Hella good game. 
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    Savate reacted to shmitty in Transporting Legion   
    Love this thing:

    The spaces for the models are deep enough that they stay in place on car rides to the FLGS.  The drawer holds all the counters and cards that you need to play.
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    Savate reacted to groggydog in Imperial Discipline - A Legion Blog for Beginners (posts updated inside)   
    Today's post:
    That's Not How the Force Works: The Attack Resolution Chart
    ...in which I try and explain the fairly complicates steps involved in attacking and defending in Legion. Probably a good refresher for everybody, but especially for newbies!
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    Savate reacted to sirfrancisdubois in Homebrew Units Thread   
    Imperial Army Troopers
    Rank: Corps
    Base cost:35
    Defense: Red.
    Health: 1
    Courage: 1
    Weapons: black dice (melee), E-11 Blaster (range 1-3, no surge)
    Speed: 2
    Squad Size: 4
    Upgrade slots: Gear, 2 Personnel, Heavy weapon, Grenade.
    Exclusive Upgrade Cards:
    1. Medic (Personnel, 15 pts): When defending from ranged attacks ,exhaust this card to roll up to 2 white defense dice,  shield results are added to your pool.Cumbersome. Available to all trooper units.
    2. Army Trooper (7 pts)
    3. T-21 Light Repeating Blaster (20 pts): 4 white dice, range 1-3, impact 1
    Ability: Garrison: Gain a free standby token if this unit doesn't move during its activation.
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    Savate reacted to crx3800 in Commando Strike Teams?   
    You must be a blast to play with. Also, why would you quote me instead of the OP? Seems you need to do more......research?
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    Savate reacted to Dansome1 in Commando Strike Teams?   
    Nah, that makes you sound like a jerk.
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    Savate reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in VADER   
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    Savate reacted to RaevenKS in RaevenKS work !   
    Next batch already started with some reinforcment :

    And a converted running chicken (as i'll have 3, I want at least one to be not as the other). The rider of this one will be paint as a Chiss (even if, yes, Chiss are more an Imperial race...). The third rider will be converted to be a Twi'lek :

    Soon, the group shot of the whole armyre, I hope, painted
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    Savate reacted to Abwehrschlacht in My New Scout Troopers   
    I recently got myself a box of the new (ish) Scout Troopers for Star Wars Legion, there's a few more pics and a bit of a write up on on my blog:

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