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    Savate reacted to TauntaunScout in How do you deal with failure? We talk about our dealings with the F word and how to cope.   
    I shake my fist at the sky and curse Dewback Scout because I know he must have been working behind the scenes to bring about my loss.
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    Savate reacted to KommanderKeldoth in Table showcase.   
    Jakku trading post made from Imperial Terrain desert buildings and 3d printed capital ship engine wreckage
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    Savate reacted to Outpost Painter in Battle-worn Barricades   
    Have a look at the battle-worn Barricades I made. If you'd like to see how I achieved this look than just follow the link to my blog where I have put together a step by step tutorial:  https://legion-outpost.blogspot.com/2019/02/battle-worn-painting-tutorial-barricades.html

    bloge here: https://legion-outpost.blogspot.com/2019/02/battle-worn-painting-tutorial-barricades.html
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    Savate reacted to Caimheul1313 in New Unit Ranks   
    I don't think we will. Artillery falls into the category of either Support or Heavy depending on the chassis (self propelled artillery vehicle is probably Heavy, while mortars would probably be Support). In the real world at least, the typical "engineering corps" on the frontlines are combat engineers, trained to fight as well as perform engineering tasks (unofficial mottos often take the form of "First we dig 'em, then we die in 'em").  Regardless, such a unit definitely falls under "Support" since their role is to support the rest of the army. 
    Most games that have such ranks only have a few, since part of the whole point of ranks is to limit the combination of units possible. By having the AT-RT, Tauntauns, and 1.4 FD all considered Support, it prevents a player from having 3 Support Vehicle AT-RTS, 3 Support Trooper Tauntaun, and 3 Support Artillery 1.4 FDs. You can only have a total of 3 from those three units, and the selection will create a particular flavour/playstyle for your army. 
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    Savate reacted to Slugrage in New city battle board   
    I'm slowly becoming a fan of NOT putting the streets parallel to the board edges. It just makes the firing lanes for long-range attacks like the AT-ST mortar way too easy. I like putting everything on about a 20 to 30 degree slant off of parallel. I find that it forces more movement and not just the long shots.
    But yeah, cool board.
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    Savate reacted to Wetaas in New city battle board   
    My New city battle Board.
    Soon the Empire and the Rebels will fight through the streets 🙂



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    Savate reacted to murkkumise in Table showcase.   
    Hi, this is my first post here on FFG forums.
    This is not my table per se, but part of it!

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    Savate reacted to Jancula in Table showcase.   
    Here is mine 3x3 Endor table:

    There is still some things to finish...
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    Savate reacted to Alpha17 in Trenches (Now with Command bunker/gun position)   
    Few updated pictures of my trenches from a game last night.  Played key terrain, with the center terrain piece being a section of trench.  Made for some great trench warfare moments with space Maxims (E-Webs) being taken out by space trenchguns (Fleet trooper scatter guns), Wookiee trench raiders, and plenty of sniper fire. 
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    Savate reacted to smickletz in A minis base may not overhang off a ledge.   
    Yeah, absolutely understand that!  But take a look at the first line of this article on the bikes: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/2/23/racing-into-action/
    I am definitely looking into terrain that works well with all types of units. I think it’s important to provide both terrain that makes navigating tough but also allows you to use the advantages of units as well. Definitely makes the game more fun, strategic, and interesting. I agree that it’s been known for awhile so shouldn’t cause any new distress, but it stinks that the T-47 has a huge base and should have the easiest time going over buildings. 
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    Savate reacted to KommanderKeldoth in Mortar line of sight?   
    Well, the game has only been out for a year and they've had to squeeze in a bunch of other stuff.  I imagine that it will be the next support unit for the Empire.  In fact, they could pair it with Tauntaun outriders for the Rebels as their scout unit.
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  14. Haha
    Savate reacted to qwertyuiop in AT-ST Down. FFG gives us another awesome preview.   
    But I can watch Black Hawk Down for free...
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    Savate reacted to NEBELWERFER in *UPDATE* - Hasbro AT-AT next to Legion Models - Some Scale Photos   
    *UPDATE* Final "build" pic on page 2.
    Hi folks,
    I took a pic of an old Hasbro AT-AT next to the Star Wars Miniatures game AT-AT (with a Legion AT-ST and Legion Stormtrooper) for scale.

    I also found some screenshots from Empire Strikes Back showing the scale in the movies next to Luke.

    The Hasbro AT-AT obviously has a huge head compared to the body. Other that that, any thoughts?
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    Savate reacted to ScummyRebel in Mistakes were made....   
    Good!!! Good!!!
    Although you will find a reason to play with them at some point, even if it’s jist an extra strike team.
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    Savate reacted to crx3800 in Imperial and rebel Specialists 2 (theory and conjecture)   
    I'm betting that the next specialists will likely be something more specific, such as C-3po and R2 (if they aren't made into an operative team). Or we might get the chance to add ISB agents to a squad to "improve performance." 
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    Savate reacted to TauntaunScout in Trying to choose a faction!   
    Buy two core sets. Unlike most games you will need, not want, a second set of dice ($15) and a are required to get a 3rd corps unit ($25) so at that point a $90 core set is only $50. Minus the OTHER two units you'll get for your chosen army (corps, vehicle, $25 each) the second core set is... FREE. I'm using MSRP but the numbers hold up for discount sites too. If you are hard up for cash you can't afford NOT to get two core sets.
    Then just buy an extra $12 hero or two for each side: Chewie, Boba Fett, Emporer, Leia, Han... doesn't matter at this point, whoever you think looks cool. Personally I'd buy 1 extra commander and 1 extra operative for each side. AKA, Chewie and Boba with Veers or Palpatine and Leia or Han.
    If you buy two core sets and any two heroes you now have two legal 800 point armies to play with and find your preferences. Later on this will become your loaner army for future newbies and/or something to bust out for casual games where you feel like a change.
    When you decide which faction to follow, the new upgrade cards (grenades, gear, etc.) from it will transfer over to your "secondary" army keeping it fresh and interesting. Because of this, Legion's not a game the requires you to buy 1 of everything for each faction to "keep up".
    Someday when a really killer figure that you just "have to have" comes out for the other side, you'll have an army to plug it into. Also the worst thing that could happen if you are tight for cash is to accidentally invest in the "wrong" army for you. By having just over 800 points of the other force laying around, you can always switch gears.
    Two core sets and a hero or two for each faction. You don't have to buy it all at once, but this is the way to do it if you're  trying to stretch your dollars-to-fun ratio. You COULD buy a core set and swap the contents with someone and start "following" that faction but if you are already feeling some indecision, just keep an eye out for sales, get a second core set, two to four heroes, and play awhile. 
    Don't be intimidated. As time goes on and "keeping up" with the new units gets daunting, be patient! On cyber-Monday I got a $17 AT-ST, a $9 snowspeeder, and several $50 core sets!
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    Savate reacted to werdnaegni in New vehicles!   
    Tabletop Admiral updated.
    Not sure what the new upgrade slots on the landspeeder will be called though. "WeaponThing" it is, for now.
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    Savate reacted to John79 in Terrain Tutor looking for a nod   
    I hope Mel and FF do well.  I would like to see terrain kits for Legion.
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    Savate reacted to Thevshi in Terrain Tutor looking for a nod   
    Mel did another channel update a couple weeks ago where he stated he is now in discussions with FFG about making some Legion themed terrain videos.
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    Savate reacted to Makwiesel in Baas Rattan (Desert Town)   
    It may be just because Bargos is kind of a weak Hutt and more of a crime manager than a crime boss, but he has brought a large number of Jawas into Baas Rattan to do his dirty work... the result he did not intend is that his little town has turned into a scavenger's paradise with a focus on droids and starship parts.  Just don't mess with the little guys at night- they're always packing!
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    Savate reacted to mr_mithrandir in Table showcase.   
    Finally got around to taking a couple photos of my and @Sword named Folly's Desert Table (or whatever). Table was set up for a game, but we forgot to take pictures during it. So we may have just added back some of the killed units.... Just in case you were wondering why positioning may look funny... Full gallery here: https://imgur.com/a/pMMNPhS



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    Savate reacted to Shieldwolf72 in Table showcase.   
    Here is my Endor table. The pictures aren't very good, but you get the idea. Had to put it away for awhile so we can get the van in the garage for the winter.

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    Savate reacted to Evoknight in Table showcase.   
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