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    Savate reacted to aniron in AT - VW   
    That's not a CAT-AT, *this* is a CAT-AT:

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    Savate reacted to TauntaunScout in Are Vehicles worth bring?   
    Don't just use your AT-ST as a bunch of attack dice that cost a certain number of points. That's not all they are. I can park them in an alleyway and then suddenly the opponent has to walk ALLLLLL the way around the buildings. I can walk it ahead of my squads and set off mines with them and ignore the damage. Don't forget that ****er can see over things you might assume block LOS. I've lost games cause I forgot to check LOS from different angles, AT-ST's are so tall they can see things you think they can't. A bunch of attack dice that get their own portable sniper-tower are worth more.
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    Savate reacted to bllaw in Thoughts on the new Heavies?   
    Yeah i tried it...significantly improves the defensive abilities it ended the game undamaged even when my opponent fielded lots of DLT troopers.
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    Savate reacted to buckero0 in Thoughts on the new Heavies?   
    I'm waiting for one of the Hammer Drivers to defect.
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    Savate reacted to Angry Ewok in Need Kill Point Missions to Counter Spreadsheet MSU   
    I am continually annoyed by the boring, spreadsheet efficient, tactically passive, list composition in most top competitive legion lists.  There are some stand outs that break out of the mold and I admire them and hope they will continue to find success.  We need ppl like them to break up the current snooze fest.  
    Sadly and unimaginatively, the general formula for high level tournament success is really pretty simple if you look at the reports though.  You must take your faction's best (aka most long range) troop option, and not just a few, you had better spam them hard.  Most lists feature 5-6, Z-6 Troopers or DLT Troopers, then to further pad your activation advantage you have built by spamming efficient troop choices, you then spam your faction's sniper teams.  So now that you have filled out your obligatory 8-9 units, you then actually consider what units you like to use, or think have tactical wrinkles worth considering. 
    What you don't see much of are units that exceed the 70 point range, anything above that is hard to justify when you factor in the loss of activations it represents, such a unit must offer something amazing to warrant its inclusion.  People say vehicles are bad in legion, why is that?  Because not only do they not score in every mission, but they also fall short of this 70 point or less bench mark of inclusion, and can not normally be justified as one of your above 70 point splurge units...
    The end result is a bunch of lists that look basically the same, and fight basically the same, and typically not in a very dynamic or tactically deep/challenging way.   They all excel in attrition fights because as enemy units attempt to close, they must spend actions to move instead of taking other beneficial actions like Aim, Dodge, etc.  All other things being equal, the army that gets to take aim or dodge actions instead of moving will out perform an army that does.  An army with equal range and more activations will end up getting more shots on their opponent as they wait the other side out and hit them once they have moved into range.  This issue only gets worse when you factor in suppression.  An army with more units can create more suppression ( thus incentivizing activations even more).  We all also see the massive advantage of having more units/activations when setting up a Last/First attack or covering objectives once the enemy no longer can react due to being out activated.
    The cover system is admittedly designed to encourage larger dice pools, but when crits get around this limitation and ALL missions are objective based, it is nowhere near enough to limit whole sale spreadsheet efficiency spam across both factions.  
    As with basically any alternate activation game, having more activations is advantageous.  That is why we have the meta we currently do, a never ending parade of blah armies running the same 4-5 units over and over. 
    Legion needs missions that award points for killing units.  40k is a simplistic, shadow of the tactical depth legion has to offer but they do get one thing right, to counter the overwhelming strength of MSU style lists in objective based games, kill point missions are also included in tournament packets.  This introduces risk to MSU players for spamming units.  
    Imagine the list design space that opens up if players could include a mission in their battle deck that awards 1 VP for each enemy unit killed?  Or even better, if in addition to the VP's earned from holding objectives, you earned 1 VP for every 3 units destroyed.   We would see people reconsidering the ubiquitous sniper teams for sure.  Also there would be less pressure on each unit in your list to conform to the 70 or under template.  Tough, hard hitting units become less of a liability and more of a factor in list design.     
    As it stands I am just not impressed or interested in going to large events and playing against people who seek to create a stand off situation and create just enough of an edge to force the other side to push forward, thereby exposing themselves to the attrition mismatch I outlined above.  The game is not 3 months old any more, all lists should not look the exact same... Put down your calculators and actually play the game, don't just tie the mission and win my killing 1 unit and hiding all game. 
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    Savate reacted to Rhen-FR in My easy to make jungle terrain   
    Hello everybody,
    Here is a picture of my jungle terrain. I share it with you to give you some ideas for a cheap way of playing.
    Tell me what you think of it.
    I made it with only a few aquarium plastic plants. Some of them were cut in small bits and glued to a very fin green carpet. My light brown table makes clearings between the jungle areas.
    The only element I bought is the Battlefield in a Box sci-fi bunker. I want to make cheap terrains but a beautiful central element is a very nice sight , and it is even pre-painted.
    I used many small plant bits glued on very small coins in order to push them a little aside when moving the figs during the game.
    In terms of rule I consider the jungle areas as providing light cover with no move penalty ("sparce jungle areas"), they block the lines of sight only for a unit which is outside the area and can't see behind it (but can see through it).
    I'm going to make another terrain now set on Tatooine on the same light brown table with rocky areas (with rocks made of pine bark) and I've bought some elements to make a moisture farm : a desert house and walls (2 boxes) again from the Battlefield in a Box series.

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    Savate reacted to Alpha17 in Trenches (Now with Command bunker/gun position)   
    While sidetracked with my desert town, I'm back to working on the trenches, or more accurately, No-Man's-Land.  First up is a wrecked AT-ST.
    Intact AT-ST and Scout troopers for scale.  It was made off a Bandai model from Hobby Lobby.  Not sure what to make for the trenches next, so it'll likely be more trench sections, and maybe a bunker or two. 
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    Savate reacted to Alpha17 in Trenches (Now with Command bunker/gun position)   
    Couple new pieces to add to No Man's Land, a wrecked Corporate Alliance Snail Tank and a mostly buried AT-AT:

    The Snail tank was made from an AMT model kit, while the AT-AT body is from the folks at LegionTerrain.  I've also got one of their crashed X-Wings, so I'll be adding that shortly.  I'll be picking up the rest of the AT-AT set from LegionTerrain eventually, as its just too cool not to. 
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    Savate reacted to BucketheadBits in The Popcorn Strikes Back   
    Probably not super practical for my Mimban armies, what with all the mud, but the Imps could park this at a base for intimidation.

    After I saw the popcorn bucket I knew I wanted to clean one up and turn it into a nice terrain/objective model.  I've been working on it on and off for a while.  
    Added lots of styrene details and replaced the chin guns and ankle pistons which are normally wonky rubberized plastic with brass rod.  Also put a light in the cockpit (it's more red IRL.... it's a red LED behind red scrim gel but it blows out on my phone's camera).

    And I built up some big details on the rear to make it more accurate.

    Feedback welcome!
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    Savate reacted to JediPartisan in Is the Separatist AAT too big for legion?   
    I’m still hoping for the AT-TE, but never count anything out.
    Armada is getting a slightly longer than two feet Super Star Destroyer, so if there are enough people that want something, FF will try to make it happen, I’m sure.
    After all, FF wants to make money and like the designers say, they’re geeks too and want that stuff on the table too.😁🤑
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    Savate reacted to Jabby in Thunder Lizards   
    Lets all of us call out @DewbackScout
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    Savate reacted to Taiowaa in Spoilered Rules about DF-90 mortar and Mark II Medium Blaster   
    wanted to post about this. however you will loose high velocity but actually if i just think of the following attack:
    2 Black, 3 White dice
    Sharpshooter 1, Pierce 1, Suppressive, Critical 1
    Range 4 - unlimited
    for 44(Sniper)+36(Mortar)=80 points
    Yes please!
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    Savate reacted to Tubb in Shout out to Sorastro ‼️   
    CONGRATS SIR!!! You really deserve it! Your artistic feats and dedication are immeasureable, and the fact that you care to share it with us, is an honor! 
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    Savate reacted to azeronbloodmoone in Some stuff from Fifth Troopers Interview with Alex Davy from last chance qualifier and High Command   
    so as a follow up to the the whole jyn thing
    Thanks for following up! Yes, I misspoke, I meant to say “Complete the Mission.” Rebellious cannot be countered by removing Jyn’s order token. I was trying to say that we will be doing more cards that require a unit to retain its faceup order token so that counterplay becomes more possible.
    Alex Davy
    Game Designer
    Fantasy Flight Games
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    Savate reacted to UnitOmega in Images of the new vehicle cards from Adepticon   
    you've also got a pretty cheap R1-4 pintle mount which is 360, one of which can even have impact. With the Hammer pilot you'll get that surge to hit on that DLT. 
    I'm a little disappointed in the Ion Blaster, but it's only a few points more expensive than the rocket gunner or medium blaster and it does have solid dice and range. Depending on what you're doing you may only really need one big shot to get a vehicle out of somewhere important. 
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    Savate reacted to MasterShake2 in Fun With Saboteurs   
    Them- I think you have a problem with saboteurs
    Me- I think I have a solution with saboteurs!
    *not pictured, a third saboteur hiding in a corner ready to detonate this nonsense*
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    Savate reacted to Matt Antilles in Fun With Saboteurs   
    Nice! Is 3 significantly different from 2? I ask cuz I only own 2 but have been meaning to run the guys more often
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    Savate reacted to Recon00 in So uncivilized   
    Finally, I've finished painting all my initial stuff for Legion (core, commandos, fleets, scouts, and some commander/operators).   These are the first real mini's (like little 28mm dudes) that I've painted, and I've gotten better as I've gone through the boxes (yay me!)   Started with the Empire, finished with the rebel scum.  Lots of mistakes, lots of learning, and I'm happy with it in the end.  Shout out to Sorastro as he was an immense help with inspiration and his videos were a great help in deciding how I thought about how to tackle these (ie, I shamelessly stole what I wanted). 
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    Savate reacted to lukecook in TTS Mod Tutorial   
    Hopefully this helps some people out! TTS Tutorial: https://youtu.be/rGKsuDySMxQ
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    Savate reacted to Alpha17 in Star Wars Inspiration Art   
    I'd buy that, but only if they made its companion piece, Kathleen Kennedy/Mickey Mouse and the tears of fans.  A few billion translucent blue pieces should do it. 
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    Savate reacted to TauntaunScout in Star Wars Inspiration Art   
    No one saw it coming, though Lucas had plans to heavily merchandise. Mark Hamill was into comics books and stuff so he put in his ANH contract that he got 1 of everything released in conjunction with Star Wars. He said he thought that meant "an original soundtrack, a movie poster, and maybe a T-shirt. Then the boxes started arriving...".
    Peter Cushing and Alec Guiness, old screen veterans that they were, were among the only ones to accurately predict the success of the movie's ticket sales. Cushing was quoted as saying so and Guiness, much as he disliked the work itself, was iirc the only one to insist on a cut of the ticket sales in his contract, indicating he knew it would be worth a lot.
    In case anyone can't tell by now, I've largely stopped following canon and taken up following the real-world history of the franchise.
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    Savate reacted to TauntaunScout in We wrap up our "Real Talk" Series on the important topic of Depression, talk about Krennic our lists and go into the weeds.   
    Yup. 3 core sets, plus 2 commanders and 2 operatives and probably Priority Supplies, will let you be competitive, and play two factions more or less indefinitely without boredom. Especially if you photocopy your equipment cards and stuff. Legion is insanely wallet friendly. Assuming no discounts that's $355 for two full sized armies. A tabletops worth of scenery is like $20 if you don't already have wargames. Paint and tools are maybe another $50 if you are new. You don't have to drop that $355 at once either, the buy-as-you-paint rule is important for budgeting. Even if you do go out and buy all that at once, it's still dirt cheap in the realm of grown up expenses. To be fair not all gamers ARE grown ups. But 2 each of core sets, commanders and operatives would almost do for indefinite fun, is only $240. Terrain could be scrounged for free, and I could probably squeeze $20 at a bigbox craft store (be sure to use their online coupons!) to paint all that stuff.
    If you do get into the realm of buying your Legion stuff from discounted websites, it gets sickeningly inexpensive.
    I don't think that's the correct use of the term "Luddites".
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    Savate reacted to BadMotivator in Wait, astromechs can't repair speeders?!?   
    Which is a good argument for an official app that can be used in tournament settings so nobody has to deal with cards. Which yes, would require FFG to actually put some effort into it, but we can dream.
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    Savate reacted to Tirion in Wait, astromechs can't repair speeders?!?   
    Don't you love cards that are out of date basically upon release
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    Savate reacted to Alpha17 in Desert Town   
    Thanks.  Here's an older picture of the crew, from the front.  Gives a better idea of what they are:
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