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    Savate reacted to Zrob314 in Permit Painting (General Grievous)   
    Yes...the graffiti actually says something

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    Savate reacted to SFC Snuffy in How Many of you Gloss-Coat Your Stormtroopers?   
    Now I'm going to have a nightmare about Vader's shiny codpiece...¬†ūüė®
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    Savate reacted to Mbweha in The Playbook - Turn 0: Table Edge & Battlefield (New Episode)   
    Ever had a hard time picking a board edge as blue? This Playbook episode is for you!
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    Savate reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in Built from Scratch   
    Insane talent 
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    Savate reacted to Teravoc in Imperial City Impound   
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    Savate reacted to Alpha17 in Republic Outpost/Colony   
    Finished painting everything, and got it on the table for a game, so time for more pictures:
    Still working on the table layout.  I'm not sure what its missing, but I still think its a building short, especially if I remove the crashed gunship.  Definitely need to pick up a ramp/ladder set as well, because a lot of these buildings have no real means of being climbed other than clambering.  Still open for suggestions on what could be added to the table, or changed in general. 
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    Savate reacted to Alpha17 in Trenches (Now with Command bunker/gun position)   
    I finallly got around to weathering/touching up the Juggernaut.  It think it looks far less plasticy now.
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    Savate reacted to TauntaunScout in FFG Live Legion -- Points Changes being discussed!   
    This is the best day of Legion since tauntauns were announced. 
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    Savate reacted to jocke01 in FFG Live Legion -- Points Changes being discussed!   
    So happy for this, units like the at-st and airspeeders are valid choices again and the range 5 is a great way to buff dish turret and nerf snipers.
    Way to go design team!, Have a medal!!
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    Savate reacted to RyantheFett in FFG Live Legion -- Points Changes being discussed!   
    Wow the amount of changes are really crazy, I can't wait to see what else we got in store on Friday if this is only some of the changes. Come on Jyn and pathfinders!!
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    Savate reacted to TauntaunScout in FFG Live Legion -- Points Changes being discussed!   
    This is pretty awesome. Legion’s getting better and better. 
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    Savate reacted to Manukaman in Sarlacc Table by Manukaman   
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    Savate reacted to Manukaman in Rogue One Scarif Table by Manukaman   
    Thanks Savate. My desert board is designed to have 6 2x2 boards which can be mixed up several ways. This one is pretty much stuck as is with two water inlets.
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    Savate reacted to Destroyer742 in My Work In Progress Sullust Table   
    Paint isn't all done (first coat on the bunker is still wet in these pictures even) and it still needs some scaffolding and more bunkers to break up all the black, but it's finally playable.  
    Still need to paint the ffg priority supplies, wash the 3d printed boxes, paint a few more barricades...

    Board itself if 6 2x2 mdf boards covered in plaster/sand/acrylic caulk/ paint / glue mix
    AT-AT is the Hasbro 2010 one
    rocks are pink foam
    landing pad is pink foam on some house paint cans and some plastic tubes (Still need to magnetize it to stay in place, just gravity for now)
    U-wing is the nerf blaster Hasbro one
    most boxes were found on thingiverse and 3d printed 
    lava is repainted battlefield in a box swamps
    bunker started life as a plastic container of doughnuts
    barricades and at-st are ffg
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    Savate reacted to Cleto0 in Suppression everywhere   
    generators are not worth the points. make veers krennic. shoretrooper don't want veers, they have better dice than storms and get an aim when you give them orders. krennic gives you entourage for some fun tricks.. 3 mortars + shores is excessive. you are going to want more r4.
    Commanders:  - Director Orson Krennic (90) + Strict Orders (5) + Aggressive Tactics (10) + Electro Binoculars (8) = 113 Operatives:  - Bossk (115)  = 115 Corps:  - Stormtroopers (44) + FX-9 Medical Droid (19) = 63 - Shoretroopers (52) + T21-B Heavy (32) + Imperial Comms Technician (10) + HQ Uplink (10) = 102 - Shoretroopers (52) + T21-B Heavy (32) + FX-9 Medical Droid (19) = 101 - 2x Shoretrooper Mortar (36) + Comms Relay (5) = 82 Special Forces:  - 2x Scout Troopers Strike Team (16) + DLT-19x Sniper (28) = 88 - Imperial Death Troopers (76) + DLT-19D (34) + Comms Relay (5) + Recon Intel (2) + E-11D Grenade Launcher Config (8) = 125
    Total: 793/800 
    Commands: - Voracious Ambition (1)  - Ambush (1) (over bombs so you can proc Aggressive Tactics) - Deploy the Garrison (2)  - Reptilian Rampage (2)  - Lying in Wait (3)  - Annihilation Looms (3)  - Standing Orders (4)  Comms tech + Entourage + 3 Relays gives you a crazy amount of activation control. lets take your Voracious Ambition turn.  normally you only get 2 activations( krennic + deathtroopers). This turn you will most likely win the pip war for first activation bc VA is the straight flush to Sorry about the Mess' Royal flush. you get to give out single order to Krennic for VA, but you have HQ uplink AND deathtroopers Entourage. you proc HQ to give an order to a shoretrooper + mortar. you then comms relay the mortar to your other shoretrooper who give a mortar an order, and then he gives his order to bossk. the deathtroopers give their order to the stormtrooper to give your order pool 3 Special forces order + 2 corps. you then take 3 of those and put it on Krennics card. almost certainly giving you perfect control of your order tokens. you also get to give out 2 aims to your shoretrooper units, and 4 surge tokens, which i would put on the 2 shoretrooper, 1 stormtrooper and bossk for extra defense! efficiency is off the charts. and since you get free aims, you can afford to recover with shores
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    Savate reacted to TauntaunScout in Unit $ Costs   
    Hopefully they don’t get a big head or crazy ideas about the value of 15 cents worth of hard plastic. I think Legions low prices are important to maintain. 
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    Savate reacted to Manukaman in Rogue One Scarif Table by Manukaman   
    About 90% done with this table. need some orange scatter cannisters and may add one more bunker that is more "movie correct"
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    Savate reacted to Manukaman in Geonosis Terrain by Manukaman   
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    Savate reacted to JBar in Building a Geonosis battlefield   
    Some updates. I have to wait a few days for the paper mache to fully dry out. Then I'll get to painting the crashed ships.
    I'm hoping this will be enough terrain. I might make a few more pieces but I want leave some room for new ideas instead of making more of the same stuff.
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    Savate reacted to JBar in Building a Geonosis battlefield   
    This piece was an afterthought but the Facebook pages really seemed to like it haha. I almost didn't make it. I used some Geonosian warriors as statues. I think I'm finished with everything now. I'm just waiting for my mars mat to arrive in the mail. If I need some more I might pick up some 3d printed spires for more line of sight blocking terrain.

    And here are the finished starfighters. It took some work not getting paint on the original paint jobs.

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    Savate reacted to Alpha17 in Building a Geonosis battlefield   
    No problem.  I love the Gunship, and would love to see models of it on the table, but the Hasbro one looks silly compared to figures.  
    It wasn't at either Geonosis battle, but the Hasbro Clone Turbo tank does look good on the table, and is a great LOS blocker if you're looking for a Hasbro toy to use.
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    Savate reacted to Alpha17 in Trenches (Now with Command bunker/gun position)   
    My Mudplanet mat was being used last night by some other players, but I wanted to get some pictures of my new LOS blocker on the table.  After playing one game with it and key positions, we've decided that it makes a terrible center piece, because it's too big for that objective, but moving it slightly off center helps with that.
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    Savate reacted to Alpha17 in Trenches (Now with Command bunker/gun position)   
    Made up some simple and easy wire obstacles for the trenches yesterday.  Be fun to make up some special rules for them, but for the moment they'll just obstruct movement and provide light cover.
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    Savate reacted to arnoldrew in Obi-Wan‚Äôs Armour   
    It's an abstraction of how good their defense is. Boba Fett is in cargo pants and the Emperor is in a bathrobe.
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    Savate reacted to TauntaunScout in getting more imperial officers without buying entire specialist package   
    Get online discount Veers to proxy. 
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