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  1. Hello I have finaly bought the lord of the rings lcg. After trying the decks in core i soon ordered expansions. But I wonder if someone can help med to build a good solo deck and two decks for dual play. I have listed what I have. Hope to go througe the different scenarios that I have Solo or with a friend:) And then we will see if I buy some more. And do you also know what I should buy. Hehe it is alot to catch up with expansions. Love the game so far:) What I have: 1xCore Complete Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle Khazad-dum Expansion Complete Dwarrowdelf Cycle Thanks for any help:) Regards Thomas
  2. Hehe thanks;) Sometime on can read so much that one gets blind to whats right infront of you:)
  3. Hello I have just got into the game and have 1 core and one of each war pack to date. My question is and sorry if its stupid bur have to ask. 1. I know that you can have 3 of each card in a deck but can one also use 3x of each signature cards also..Or is the cards that comes with the warlord non adable... and 50 cards is normal size to go for in a deck right? thanks Mvh thomas
  4. At 180 with the smaller board its harder to use the rebels strengths, and it plays into the imperials. With your list I'd take off dodannas pride, since you can only resolve one crit per attack, and overload pulse will be more beneficial in the long run. If your looking for a way to out gun the victory class, ask to borrow your opponents rebel ships and run 3 capitals without fighters. Its a bit of a skew list, but gives you the dice you'll need to kill the victory class. The game does change a lot at the 300 level, so don't worry about losing a lot right now. Once wave 1 hits there will be a lot more depth and options for the rebels that will offer many different play styles. Thats great to hear. We only have one core set right now. My friend uses my imperial ships. But next week i will have my second core set:) Really look forward to play with 300p. I have played lots of x-wing M. and I just love this game. The epic feel about it and I have pre-ordered some ships from wave 1;) You can see it in my signature:).......But I will remove dodonas pride and see if I could use something els.
  5. Hello After playing 10 games with armada (loving it) I loose every time. I play rebels and loose everytime to the victory 1 and 2 class destroyer. Last time the victory 1 broke my nebulon escort in half and destroyd the front of my CR90 in one turn. The guy im playing with always have the dominator and gunnery upgrade, rockets upgrade on victory 1. Its a killer close range. Looking forward to get my second core set, so I can build bigger fleet, but then 2 destroyers come. So is there any good tactic for the rebels. I have buildt a new rebel fleet 180p that I will try out. Nebulon escort (57) General dodona (20) Redemption (8) CR90 B (39) Overload puls (8) Dondonas pride (6) 3x xwing squadrons (13x3) Tactic: Fly the CR90 full speed on the side to try and get behind the victory and attack from the rear. Fly the nebulon behind the xwing to help take out some tie fighteres, then try to go behind the victory to help out CR90....Do what i can to stay away from the front of the victory at close range....OOohhh the horror of 3black, 3 red and 2 blue dice and perhaps concentrate fire dial or token. Or BOTH.... Any ideas, tactics. Need to find a way to get points to win over the empire. Or is the best tactic to stay far away;)
  6. Thanks. And good about tarkin. I thought he only helped other ships not his own. Like howlrunners ability to ad a dice only effects those around her.
  7. Hello First i must say that i love the game so far and looking forward to what will come. i have some questions that i need to clarify. 1. Assult concussion missiles: is this card usable only one time and discarded like rockets in xwing m., or is it usable every round. Like if they have lots of rockets. 2. Command dial and command token: if one have one navigation command token and have a dial with navigation. Can one in movement first move with the dial rules and then spend the token to move some more or just adjust speed +\- 2 and one click right or left. Same with the other commands. Concentrated fire with one extra die and use command token to redial also. 3. Brace: if you only have one hit there is no point using brace right. One hit will always go through. If one do not have evade. More questions will come after some more play:) they always do hehe. But one starnge thing about the core set is why did they put in grand moff tarkin as a fleet commander. Cant use him before the expancions and when my second core set will arrive:) he is to date useless hehe.
  8. How do you best fly this squad? The X and B together and A on the flank.
  9. Thats awesome:) I will try them this weekend:)
  10. Its important that I find guys and upgrade that really loves stress and can use stress to their advantage. Does anyone have a alternative build.?
  11. Hello I have been thing for some time to try to build a squad that just LOVE stress. To get and use stress to their advantage:) Not many to choos from, but I have come up with one 100p list. Wes Janson (30) - R2 astromech (1) Keyan Garlander (43) - Advanced sensors (3) - Heavy laser cannon (perhaps a crew upgrade instead. Im not sure) (7) - Opportunist (4) Hobbie Klivian (27) - R5-K6 (2) (100p) I have also thought about porkins and ibitsam. HOW it works: They will fly in formation and WES will always attack first befor the other two. And this could help out Keyan to use opportunist. The R5-K6 will always make sure that Hobbie can easy get rid of stress. Wes have 1-2 movement that remove stress. So all have stress removal function. So think this squad is not afraid of Mara;) I wonder on if heavy cannon on Keyan could be used to upgrade to a crew memeber. Any thoughts:)
  12. Thaaaaank you all. It was there in front of me all the time.. Myyy god i feel better. The puzzle has fallen in place;) sometimes one can read and read and read but cant see;) now i have some work to do:) Have a great weekend:)
  13. Ok thanks:) Agenda card understood. Ooohh i feel so stupid;) but more clarification on story and side mission deck. 1. Like u said the rebel draws/chooses two active side missions. The rebel plays the one they choose and get the reward if they win. But after all the two active side missions are completed. They draw two more ? 2. Story cards. What happens if the side mission dont say what story mission to play next? Omg. I have playd many bordgames but this is first time my brain hurts;)
  14. Hello Got the game this week and have played the tutorial. Ready for aftermath. But i have a little trouble understanding the use of story and side missions. I know how to build side mission deck, but what do you do with the story mission deck. I know mission two is a side mission. Do the rebel just draw a card from the deck. And what do you do when its time for a story mission again. Just pick one??? Imperial does not get any agenda cards befor impscan buy em right. With influence after a mission. And then use em on next mission? Sorry for the questions, but u are my only hope...
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