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  1. Massive is an AH card game keyword meaning engaged with each investigator at that location. Since the games use the same keywords with similar meaning your guess is probably correct.
  2. Looks pretty cool. I wonder if this was supposed to be the Gencon special event for this year. Has a lot of the characteristics of quests from past events.
  3. Any reason why this can’t be preordered through FFG?
  4. So based on the AMA session, the door is not closed to new content on the RTL app, correct?
  5. I do really like the Spirit Deck. Get a Silver harp to keep the extra card from Cirdan, be able to cycle a couple of Elven lights (and get money to boot from Arwen) and you have a good little card draw engine going. The deck is not going to win any combat heavy quests by itself but it is a good compliment to a focused Tactics deck.
  6. Leadership: Dain, Balin, Thorin High starting threat but once you get a couple of allies out, it can both quest and fight using Dain’s and Thorin’s abilities. Spirit: Arwen, Cirdan, Glofindel Start with 10 quest and one of the better non-lore decks with card draw.
  7. It’s been nearly six months since the last round of nightmare decks were released. Any thoughts if we’re going to get more soon? What do you think will be next ? Flame of the West or the Harad cycle? Also for those of you have played a lot with nightmare version, what is your favorite? I have them all but have only played up through Khazad Dum so up now my favorite has been Return to Mirkwood,
  8. I think physical content will be to fill in gaps, such as these new classes. So I wouldn’t be surprised if other small product releases happened from time to time. But new campaign content will be limited to the app imo.
  9. FFG doesn't have the license for SW board games (IIRC Hasbro has it). So any SW product from FFG cannot be classified as a board game. So a game like Imperial Assault needs to be classified as a miniatures game.
  10. Excluding Carn Dum - I’d guess between 40-50% win rate
  11. I don't play solo (usually two or three player) so here's my multiplayer list: 1. Battle of Carn Dum (runaway leader) 2. Shadow and Flame (6th AP in Dwarrowdelf cycle) 3. Dunland Trap (1st AP in Ringmaker cycle) 4. Ruins of Belegost (Gencon 2015) I haven't play the saga quests yet and just started with the nightmare quests. Not sure what progression style means (only use player cards released at the time the quest was first available?) so I can't comment on that either.
  12. Interesting that iOS is not mentioned as available.
  13. App updated on my iPad and the new scenario is there but is labeled "Unavailable" so I can't buy it.
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