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  1. 2000 is hardly a term I would apply the term "a few" to, additionally the supplanting of regional control from elected Senators to Moffs occurred shortly after the events in Sith which, coupled with atrocities commited against peaceful demonstrations such as the Ghorman Massacre which occurred 1 year after the events of Sith, it did not take a signifigant amount of time to polarize opposition.

  2. I didn't say they weren't used offensively, just that their primary use was for Defense, even when Obi Wan was originally instructing Luke on its use it was a Defensive exercise, their really is no sword fighting equivalent to using your sword to deflect bolts, let alone deflect them away from harming allies or back on the firing individual.  Meaning Lightsaber combat often involves holding your blade in positions and angles that serve no defensive purpose in a Melee skill analog.

  3. All the original EU source material and the movies themselves point to the birth of the Rebel Alliance coinciding with Palpatine's assumption of power 19 BBY, Initially it was opposed politically, with a handful of systems openly opposing it, Order 66 crackdown on the Jedi coincided with similar orders to assassinate vocal heads of state that opposed the formation of the Empire.


    Early opposition from individual systems was met with such overwhelming force that the rest of the galaxy learned to hide their sympathies, produce half hearted efforts to deal with home grown rebel elements and wait and see.  Early years were spent secretly negotiating with sympathetic governments and Rebel cells to come under one coordinated leadership with the goal to restore the Republic, Keep in mind many rebels initially preferred a break from Empire and Republic entirely.   The Alliance to Restore the Republic is in essence from a US centric view the Declaration of Independence combined with the formation of a Continental Army which occurs closer to the Battle of Yavin in canon with the Corellion Treaty(The Force Unleashed now being non-canon, good riddance, you are free to set the exact date of said treaty slightly earlier in the timeline if you prefer), which is not to say nascent rebel operatives were not openly fighting battles on a smaller scale all over the galaxy, even prior to the Treaty being adopted.

  4. Guess I'm in the minority preferring as fast a release schedule as possible.  I'd particularly like to see career books for AoR and EotE finished as early as possible, for additional races/ships/droids/equipment options for play and allow them to focus on more content similar along the lines of regional sourcebooks like Corellia "Suns of Fortune" Force and Destiny I'd prefer they go as slow as they need to, to include as much new material as possible from what's new in the canon.


    By the end of 2015 we should know a lot more about what EU content has been retconned in canon and will start seeing more licensed products like the new Marvel comics, Rebels, completed Clone Wars series and first of the sequels, possible live action series.


    At the point where they have all 3 core games released with career books and a selection of regional sourcebooks that reflect each game line best(Criminal regions for EotE, Rebel hotspots for AoR, Regions shrouded in mystic or mystery for FaD), perhaps we can start seeing sourcebooks marketed to be used with all 3 systems, such alternate playing periods Prequel Trilogy, Sequel Trilogy, or collections of races/ships/droids, regional sourcebooks that fit well with all 3 core games, crossover adventures etc.

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