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  1. The first out of career specialization typically pays for itself in savings for skills, the second less so but so long as the talents are desirable its a good investment of experience, after this you typically aren't taking specializations for skills, but for talents and ranked talents, dedication is nice at 4+ specializations but its the 2-3 additional ranks of durable, enduring or lethal blows per specialization you are choosing that make stacking specs so nasty on scaling encounters. The Force Rating Specializations are pretty underpowered in comparison to these especially since you typically have to spend enough exp to Dedication levels to capitalize on the specilaization and buy into the powers.
  2. In the case of dungeons and dragons the books were the "The Complete (insert class or race) Handbook" of 2nd edition, softcover supplements of all equal length. Generally they provide additional options for playing core game mechanics and are purely optional, and widely viewed as an added revenue grab by game developers. While the Career and Regional sourcebooks could be considered splat books in a sense as they are optional rulebooks, I think they paint a larger picture for the game universe as a whole so are almost a must have sourcebook.
  3. We have one party member at 4 and majority have 3 atm.
  4. At 3 as they used in the original Beta it was too restrictive. The issue is adversaries do not scale well at 7+ specializations, especially when certain careers may be nigh unkillable monsters thru use of multiple applications of Durable and Enduring, while other party members laugh off even the most complex of Piloting/Technical or Social related rolls. If you introduce adversaries capable of challenging your unkillable Hired Guns, they absolutely thrash the remainder of the party at those power scales, unless all of them invested in the same specialization paths. The same for social or other skill based encounters, you become increasingly forced to tailor encounters to individual party members instead of a party. As additional careers books continue to offer 3 specializations and we start seeing specializations from the other two game lines you will see increased ability to diverge in ranked talents
  5. I understand that you are paying an ever increasing amount of experience to unlock additional Specializations but for balance purposes should a cap be used. At 3 you already seem at the high end of the power scale with things you can do, get that up to 5-6 and you start seeing multiple 5's and 6's for characteristics and Soak and Strain levels doubling
  6. For myself I am greatly relieved the game was not designed around minatures combat. I am not opposed to using maps and minis or tokens for the sake of giving players a sense of scale but a rule system incorporating them or requiring them in a narrative RPG is a money sink and often clunky resulting in slower gameplay.
  7. My vote is neither Commitment or Destiny but, Temptation. Force Users will be Tempted by the Dark Side of the Force, non Force Users could experience temptation in other ways, receiving a trade off of getting something they desire with negative consequences that become increasingly more difficult the higher the Temptation Score becomes.
  8. Obviously want to see the remaining 4 career supplements and the additional 12 races they entail. Hutt Space, Corporate Sector and Coruscant(with sizeable details on The Black Sun) are the three regional books I'd like to see most for EotE Adventure splatbooks (As we got with The Wheel and Cloud City) for Tatooine, Ord Mantell, and Mandalore would be nice as well if they didn't opt for a full regional book for any of those
  9. During character creation, id say; Characteristics>Talent>Skills>Specializations If you intend to be particularly skilled at one role id recommend getting a primary skill to 4 or if you are a Droid possibly a 5(though Id never put a 5 in Brawn or Agility). If you want to be more well rounded invest towards as many 3's as possible. Early talents tend to be more useful for 5 and 10 points than spending 10 points on getting a career skill from 1-2(since you most likely already chose 1-2 ranks in the 6-8 skills you wanted most, more if you were a Droid. Investing too heavily into talents or skills initially is a short term gain over the long term benefits of higher characteristics and will become more and more apparent as play progresses. I would only recommend investing in a second out of career specialization during character creation if it had 2 or 3 skills you wanted to select for free during character creation outside your career specialization.
  10. Gonna agree with some of the earlier posts about the best uses for starting experience, investing 20 into a universal specialization which provides you with a force rating but no additional skill options initially, means you are either laying aside enough experience to get force tree powers as well or investing experience into the force user talents. As starting characteristics can only have experience applied to them during character creation you are far better off developing those initially. Each +1 to a characteristic afterwards typically will cost you 120 exp and upwards later. While things like skills/talents and additional specializations are easier to develop thru gameplay.
  11. I'm not convinced Jedi will start out at a higher power level than any other character I think the developers will likely balance the systems nicely to work evenly among all three systems. For those insisting that Jedi should be the end all be all for a power scale of things explain to me how an entire army of them got wiped out by one Sith that Obi Wan had already spanked once on Mustafaar and as others have noted a buncha clone warrior mooks. upcoming Rebels cartoon as well as a number of EU sources have already confirmed that some Jedi survived the purge. I don't think people should take anything either Yoda or Obi Wan says in the movies quite so literally since they have a habit of telling truths from a different perspective, ie flat out falsehoods hello Luke your father is dead Vader killed him anyone? The same EU material that provides us with examples of Jedi surviving during the Original Trilogy also points to Dark Jedi, Inquisitors and Emperor's Hands, if you so easily accept the later its not such a stretch to accept the former. Ultimately the min maxing of multiple specializations both Force related and not is what is likely to make characters overpowered, much more than the Force skills.
  12. I think he just flipped all hs Light Side tokens in his Destiny Pool
  13. Not sure I see Jedi "Insert every secondary specialization" happening here it would be a little tired and wouldn't fit with what we have gotten thus far at all. If they want a Jedi Ace Pilot, you either start as a Jedi or you start as the career that makes the Pilot specialization possible in the book and select multiple specializations across careers as desired. That's the model they used thus far between AoR and EotE and I don't see that changing. As I said before I think Force and Destiny will be about creating a heroes journey more than previous two lines that have Obligation and Duty. Force and Destiny I think will explore the Light and Dark side of the Force more than the two previous lines and may include an additional mechanic to represent the temptation of the Dark side. While force sensitive characters may be more susceptible to the Dark Side, a greater storyline of trials, failure, attonement and redemption are not strictly limited to Jedi, just ask the Greeks. I expect the 6 careers will by fairly general in nature Jedi among them and maybe an additional not-Sith force sensitive career, perhaps a career dealing with the Nobility or Corporate types, Veterans of the Clone Wars era, or Law Enforcement (Sector Rangers) Ex Imperial types that neither joined the Empire the Rebellion or the underworld.
  14. You'll get something Jedi, whether it be a failed one or one in hiding, and as a starting character. I doubt their power levels will be on par with what would be considered a Knight that has finished his/her training.
  15. So discussing possibilities of Careers and Specializations again.... Again I still think we will get some standard Careers without Force Rating specializations, though they may arrange multiple careers to have Force Rating specialization options available to them, I do think we will have a Jedi Career, with specializations that differentiate them from one another. Since the game like EotE and AoR will almost certainly be set in the time of the Empire, Jedi background could easily be padawan learners that lost their masters, Jedi that failed in their trials, force sensitive prodigies, Jedi who abandoned the Jedi code for some reason(love, revenge, grief, madness), Galaxy is a big place perhaps they were lost in the expanse, Or ultimately we know that the Force is a hereditary trait as well, what is to say Mace Windu's second sisters, 3rd boy didn't inherit the gift. The movies tell us the Luke is not yet a Knight until he faces Vader for the second time(ie his Jedi Trials and a part of his heroes journey, to become a Knight), Perhaps when Yoda refers to Luke and Leia as the last two he is simply referring to the last two capable of bringing about a foreseen destiny in which Vader kills the Emperor(and not the last two Jedi), thus creating a future in which the Jedi are no longer hunted and allowed to flourish once again. We already know Rebels is going to have a Former Jedi and a second force sensitive prodigy. The EU is filled with references to Jedi surviving Order 66.
  16. We will know soon enough how much EU canon remains intact after the first movie. I expect we'll see most of what was available from WEG in its time to survive in some form as that game line did more to expand on existing material rather than create new events or storylines, Earlier novels like Thrawn Trilogy, Shadows of the Empire etc... I think are most likely to remain. Dark Empire comics is iffy, The Force Unleashed was already relegated to game designer fan fiction. Galaxy spanning events outside the movies that somehow require explanation also likely gone, Jedi Children/New Jedi Order/Legacy stuff likely meets a canon meatgrinder Bioware by retaining its liscense w/ Disney for Old Republic MMO I think we can safely assume races or locales portrayed within are likely to remain canon, which spares Chiss.
  17. Correct so if having access to a Jedi Career's starting skills is important to you and later signature abilities you create a Jedi Career, if you want to play the farm boy pilot that later develops into a Jedi via universal specializations and Jedi career specilizations that option is there for you too, one of the primary reasons a career available Force Rating specialization would have to have some skills attached to it, is the need to provide 2 skills from it to someone during character creation, unlike with the Universal specializations from EotE and AoR. And Lightsaber skills could easily be provided via that route. What 8 skills do you think make a Jedi? Lightsaber Athlectics Vigiliance Perception Knowledge Discipline Coordination Piloting(Space)
  18. It comes down to the basics; you have 6 species and 6 careers, in a stand alone book, as a stand alone product you aren't going to introduce a species(Droids) that is unable to play one of your 6 careers if having a Force Rating or being Force sensitive is required, this is assuming only 1 career is Force sensitive if there are more than even more so you wont see Droids as one of the Primary species in the book, you will be able to create a droid using rules from previous 2 books with all their inherent restrictions but it just isn't likely to be a featured species. The previous two books in the RPG series with the Force sensitive specializations was a universal one apart from all the other careers that a droid was capable of taking. I also don't expect to see Bothans, Duros, Wookies, Mon Calamari or Transdoshians. You will get Humans, and likely a selection of 5 other species capable of being force sensitive.
  19. My thoughts; Odds are we will see at least one Jedi Career and access to the Lightsaber skills with separate specializations that carry a force rating similar to EotE and AoR universal careers though likely including at least 2 additional career skills as well(not all of them including lighsaber.), though for non-Jedi it likely would carry out of career costs associated with it for those wishing to acquire the specializations, which would be just fine. I also think the majority of Force and Destiny will deal with Careers and Specializations that have no Force sensitivity at all but used to provide balance to what is a stand alone game, specializations to be used to cross over things like pilots, scouts, scholars, diplomats, etc... I also think there will be even more cross over in specializations from FaD than their was from EotE and AoR, simply by virtue of the number of likely specializations that would already have been released already from the previous 2 lines. Product line is likely to explore "the heroes journey" more than previous 2 lines as a motivation,(The Calling, Temptation, Tests, Failure, Atonement, Final Victory) permitting for characters to simply pursue their heroes destiny without necessarily being affiliated with Duty to the Rebellion or some Obligation to less savory elements. Thus making it possible to combine all 3 mechanics if desired. I am not convinced we will see a Droid species PC in this book as I think they would prefer to offer playable species able to explore every career option which droids would not be able to, though I would expect to see droid profiles included in the back of the book with a cost to purchase one as with previous two books. I hope they create a Force Rating characteristic cap 5-6 seems appropriate, and would like to see them explore a prerequisite system with the Jedi Career to advance to Knight/Master, They may very well not even wish to entertain the thought of endgame player Jedi Masters during the Galactic Civil War period, and prefer to have players rise simply to a signature skill rank of Knight though with power levels on par with a Master's. It will be set in the time of the Galactic Civil War, sorry to those looking for Old Republic or New Jedi Order material, but its hard to create a standalone product line designed to work alongside two other product lines set during the time Galactic Civil War and break from that mold, it won't happen. You will see force users ABY being Jedi that failed, are former young learners in hiding, or from force sensitive's without direct affiliation to Jedi. I expect we will see references to Adversaries and Bestiaries that present a special threat to Force users, and references to Planets and locales that carry significance to Jedi, Sith and other force users.
  20. Would it not be possible to get a Force Rating of 2 with a starting character just by investing heavily into talents anyhow, provided its a specialization tree that doesn't loop about extensively. If one wanted to justify starting as a Padawan that would be a method, though they would have under developed characteristics which could also be considered appropriate for your typical youngling. I think much too much is being made of the Force aspect of Force and Destiny, for it to fit into a ABY timeline it inevitably will consist of more than just force users, One could easily argue Chewbacca or the Droids had significant Destinies of their own
  21. What are the odds we are going to get Careers that are fairly general with a more limited amount of specializations that provide a Force Rating. Example a default Career with access to specializations for Diplomat/Scholar/Jedi Consular, another Career w/ specializations for Pilot/Scout/Aspiring Jedi etc... Who is to say that every Career has a specialization in it that has a force rating, some may be for a Failed Jedi, or other force users w/ skills unrelated to lightsabers and the Jedi Code. It may very well turn out that Jedi is a single Career with just 3 specializations in the book and the remaining careers are intended to provide focus for the other areas of a Star Wars universe it is a stand alone game after all. Personally I am hoping they break from the standard career and specialization mold slightly for Jedi, a Knight or Master specialization with perquisites and a Force Rating cap somewhere around 5 or 6
  22. WEG predated the various crystal and such upgrades but it did include lightsaber construction rules and options to modify lightsabers just as blasters could be modified. Though WEG modifications were less of a power creep factor than simply raising Sense and Control for Jedi
  23. We still haven't seen much in terms of Force Powers involving Lightsaber Combat, for deflecting attacks, nor have we seen anything to detail the ability to send out messages to those you share a strong connection to, resisting the effects of gas, vacuum or exposure, force choke, force lightning, absorbing force or energy attacks, Force Healing powers are debatable because they were a mechanic from the original WEG days and their inclusion in EU canon comics, books and games. Most of those powers could be covered as Force Talents as a part of a specialization without the need for their own Force Power Tree, The power to Heal/Harm could be simple enough to link to light side/dark side, and while I expect Force Lightning would be included as an option for Dark Side NPCs I doubt it gets its own tree for player use. Only two I see much call for would be Lightsaber skills and Force Healing with a sprinkling of odd talents otherwise, plus the 5 powers released thus far
  24. I'm sure there will be ways to add hard points to a lightsaber, they just may be talent generated much like mechanics currently.
  25. Not so far, since my players know they would be laughably told no, its one thing to suggest a personal defense field and wearable armor stack, quite another to just pile on various clothing pieces to try and get +6 soak. Is a reason the wearable armor can be Modified for effectiveness and talents exist to increase soak or armor or on characters, you start allowing silliness like the example provided and your in for a world of power player creep.
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