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  1. Q: How exactly is the travel handled practically? A: Universe is a big place with a lot of gravity wells stars and anomalies, and to further complicate this the stars themselves are moving around the galactic core, so adjustments need to constantly be calculated for this stellar drift, the math for doing so often taking significant time and calculations. A typical Astromech Droid only stores a small amount of navigational routes, the same for a ships NavComp. In theory you could travel thru hyperspace with all kinds of curves to the route itself, so long as a gravity well doesn't force you to drop into real space. Q: How is traffic and checkpoints handled? A: Varies, based on a lot of factors, travel in Core systems is much more restricted, criminal elements and governments manage shadow ports even within the Core though. Imperial agency BoSS manages a lot of the ship registry, tracks transponder codes etc.. Some systems become natural checkpoints due to the presence of these shadow ports, crossover to multiple other prominent hyperspace routes, or like Ord Mantell, the gravity well prevents all but the most nimble of vessels from being able to make the turns necessary within hyperspace to continue on its route. Basically smaller ships with good handling are less likely to need to adjust as much. Q: How safe is hyperspace really? A: Without the aid of a Navcomputer and a precaluculated route? Its not, especially jumps Coreward outside of the Slice towards Wild Space or the Unknown Regions. Additionally Jumps in the Deep Core are particularly dangerous because of the amount of dense stars. Most ships are equipped to automatically drop into real space in the event of a gravity well, but getting lost from jumping blindly or stranded without fuel is always a risk if the crew is reckless. Q: Can you fly without sublight drives? A: In hyperspace yes, but if your sublight drives are out you aren't able to pull away from gravity wells like stars or planets to get back into hyperspace. Q: How do you stop in hyperspace? A: Ships Navcomputer usually precalculates stops based on the origin and destination, but as I said before there are failsafes in place that will drop a ship into real space in the event of a gravity well intersecting the route. Pirates will use large asteroids to simulate a gravity well along less patrolled hyperspace lanes, and Imperials will use Interdictors to generate gravity wells for the same purpose. And sometimes you have to make a stop in real space simply because your vessel can't manage to avoid a gravity well along its planned route. Q: How far can you go? A: Not really limited in terms of distance you could travel from one end of the galaxy to the other particularly on a well travelled hyperspace lane, assuming there are no gravity wells to obstruct you., Ships consumables is taken to represent food and fuel, and the further you travel the longer you spend in hyperspace. Q: Does communication work in Hyperspace? A: Sublight communications relays and standard comlinks are too slow to function in hyperspace, which is largely what PCs are limited to. Hyperspace communications is possible via the Holonet. The Republic prior to the Clone Wars only expanded the Holonet hyperspace transceivers to the Mid Rim, The Seperatists during the Clone wars largely used their own Shadow Holonet relay within Outer Rim, as do certain independent regions such as Hutt Space and Bothan Spynet for example. The Empire now heavily restricts all Holonet communications and closed off many connections to help isolate worlds and control propaganda. One of the reasons Imperial communications relays are such prime targets for the Rebel Alliance.
  2. A merchant paying 50% of an items list cost is actually pretty realistic. If the concern is for all the credits that player potentially saves by buying low then reselling for profit, keep in mind you still have to have a buyer for said goods and planetary and Imperial business liscenses could substatially cut into their operating expenses doing so, and the risk of making a sale without having paid for such runs the risk of seeing your goods confiscated. Which leaves you with selling on the black market, which carries its own risks.
  3. Alot of the descriptions for Force Push and Pulls again sound more like the application of Bind, not Move, The Order66 podcast predates the F&D beta, and the description apart from players wanting any target to count as items and objects for throwing via Move. I appreciate the responses, and I am probably just overthinking it but it probably just comes down to perceptions differences about wording and RAI
  4. Yes but the issue is the description for Move says items and objects, which frankly is not terms in any roleplaying game parlance that has ever been used to refer to characters. Bind has a Force Push/Pull and Move element to it and does effect targets by moving them one range band closer or further away, which would make it the appropriate power to my mindset.
  5. Is Force Move really intended to throw around organic beings? I personally don't really remember this application in any of the movies. Even with droids it seemed limited to the unshielded varieties. Bind and Force Choke seemed the more often alternative employed against organics. Do other characters get to add opposed rolls to attempts to move them via the Force? Correct me if I am wrong but when did "object" come to equal characters. Particularly since a telekinetic method of restraining moving and harming characters is available via bind.
  6. Reason I support the eventual creation of play the bad guys supplements, is not from a desire to do so, and I agree it tends to create intra party conflicts even among purely bad guy groups. If FFG doesn't create it fans will, which means there was obviously a demand. If created late in the games life cycle it serves to fill in the gaps for content and offer a sort of advanced nemesis creation content to use. Definitely not a fan of making species exclusive in the rules though, let GMs houserule that sort of stuff in their own campaigns
  7. Its definitely possible we will see a Dark Side/Sith supplement just as likely we see a Light Side/Jedi supplement and an Imperial/Rebellion specific splatbooks, though I don't expect them anytime soon. Career books and regional sourcebooks alone will probably eat up the next 2 years. Plus from a narrative standpoint playing "evil" is usually harder to develop content for players as it takes a more mature roleplay group to do so.
  8. Definitely recommend the Beginners game sets, its a good value in terms of beginners or experienced players. Beginners get a hand holding adventure that walks GMs and players thru adventures and how the dice mechanics work and the experienced player gets value in the form of the adventure content(including followup downloadable bonus missions), tokens, maps, and dice, if anything its the Core books that are tougher to get value from as largely half of a Core books content is reprints of the same rules in each game system.
  9. Most the power creep comes from high skills or the odd combat specializations talent tree that generates critical, You could easily encourage broader development behavior from PC's by simply doubling the experience cost for training skills to ranks 3-5.
  10. I typically invest as much of my starting experience into characteristics as I can, but don't try and push any characteristics higher than a 4 on an alien species or 3 on a human as I prefer a well rounded character and plan for slowly raising stats via Dedication as time goes by. Depending on the play group I usually focus on talents over skills to prolong the difficulty usually only investing heavily into skills where I am feeling particularly challenged until I have at least 2 specializations. My current Thief>Force Sensitive Exile>Force Sensitive Emergent>Recruit still has just 1 characteristic at 4(Agility) and no skills trained higher than 3 for example with very little invested into Force Powers aside from Sense so far.
  11. We bash the holiday special but to a content starved fan of 6 years old it was great, Heck how else would I have known that Wookies have families in tree towns prior to that or that Boba Fett was pure awesome with a rocket pack.
  12. Hard to say when original Star Wars actors don't even have to act due to royalties, who is to say their careers necessarily suffered since up until the 90's they were still among the highest paid actors in the business off royalties alone.
  13. Seen both the old late 70's and 80's Dr who and the modern shows and just never loved it also for the premise. The older versions reminded me of watching Land of the Lost, and the new stuff while much better written still loses me for the premise of an immortal time traveling alien picking all his companions from Earth to travel with him on adventures, adventures which largely seem only to serve the needs of that weeks plot and not some greater overriding purpose.
  14. continuing off topic but I could see a Melee based Hunter, a Demonlitionist based Hunter, then maybe a profile for a Guild Hunter
  15. I can see Bounty Hunters being the last career book they release for EotE, just because they know it is likely the one everyone wants most, I'm curious if that's where they put Gamorreans as I had expected they would have been part of Hired Thugs or the Nal Hutta books.
  16. still wish we'd get a news post confirming the species though.
  17. Personally I have just taken the position that Midi-Chlorians are cellular markers that are simply attracted to individuals based on their strength in the force and not the source of the Force itself. For standard game timelines the Emperor has expunged all mention of Midi-chlorians anyhow, and it was treated more as a form of Alchemy in the Old Republic than as science, so any Holocrons would likely present it from a more mystical point of view.
  18. After we have a full range of Career Specialization books with a selection of Signature Abilities for everyone. Id like to see regional splatbooks for Arkanis Sector(Tatooine/Geonosis), Corporate Sector, Mandalore for EotE Ord Mantell, Elrood, Hoth/Bespin, Naboo, maybe some of the systems introduced in the new trilogy, comics and tv show for AoR including Imperial worlds ripe for a campaign setting. For FaD id like regional books for locales with both a lot of Force related flavor like Dathomir, Tython, Dagobah, Moraband(Korriban), Ziost, Ilum Id also like to see Universal splatbooks for Droids, Planets/Systems, Starships, Vehicles/Weapons/Gear, Alien Species, Creatures, Who's Who book with stats for characters from the EU. After all that if they still have the license maybe some sourcebooks for playing during different periods, Old Republic, Clone Wars, New Trilogy. As much as id prefer the materials focused on what was introduced in canon, I understand the game was developed and planned out prior to the new canon, so much so we still have mention of the godawful Starkiller storyline in AoR. So am hoping that's the direction their focus goes after they release most their preplanned products.
  19. What happens to all those little Force lifeforms living in Jedi who become force Ghosts?
  20. This game really does scream out for a playable species, droids, ships, planets splatbook at some point, the old WEG line really defined so much of the EU it would be nice to see that kind of attention to detail.
  21. I think the most important thing to consider is the EU can for the most part be considered part of canon until such a time as the movies, TV shows, comics or books that are forthcoming without the Legends tagline invalidate it. So is the Millennium Falcon a heavily modified YT-1300, until we hear otherwise sure. Does the Chiss Ascendancy exist in the Unknown Regions, last I heard yup. Did the ISD juggling Starkiller help found the Rebel Alliance as some twisted plot of the Emperor, now that's just crazy talk since no one at Lucasfilm likes that bit of EU.
  22. Where did you read that books or comics are officially canon moving forward? Its entirely likely that the upcoming books are also released with the same Legends tagline. Any Marvel Comics may ultimately become canon by virtue of both being Disney owned and the exclusive comic home for the IP going forward but personally taking a wait and see approach to what they say about them in terms of canon going forward.
  23. The new movies will use what they want from the EU and discard what they don't much like Lucas did. Coruscant came from the EU to the movies in the same way. I expect by the time they finish the next 6 movies we will see a number of easter eggs or nods to the EU materials in one form or another. The idea that they won't for copyright reasons is laughable as the authors themselves have confirmed that all the liscenced EU material is the property of lucasfilm to do with as they please, as part of the deal they made for producing it.
  24. Definitely in positive category, as even though I liked the characters mostly from their backstories in the Zahn novels, Shadows of the Empire and most the Stackpole X-wing novels and early Han Solo books, I would rather Lucasfilm have the freedom to take what they like from the EU and disregard the rest for the sake of creative freedom. The backstory of Boba Fett surviving the Sarlaac was fun for a popular character for example, but I wouldn't weep too hard if he was left dead unless they planned to something more signifigant with the character. Things like organizations, species, planets, Ship models from prior to RotJ I can see remaining largely intact, its the species wide nemesis like the Vong, Mandalorians and Starkiller silliness that I doubt we see more than easter egg mentions without retaining any of their stories.
  25. crafting your own species outside of the current rules isn't terribly difficult Core rules really demonstrate a lot of what you would need to know for balancing one. One you should never have enough starting experience to get a baseline characteristic higher than 5. and for each point you increase your base Wounds plus Strain above 20 subtract 10 more starting exp. No characteristic should start above 3. Start with all the characteristics set at 1 with 250 experience towards raising them. And at least 75 points saved for the starting experience pool. Free talents or skills at character creation are typically worth 10 starting experience. other species specific abilities carry a cost based on power of each individual ability plus or minus 5-10
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