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  1. For $200 and 2 of you playing my advice would be go to an online discount retailer like miniature market.


    Grab the following;


    2 Core Sets

    X-wing Expansion

    Y-Wing Expansion

    Millennium Falcon Expansion

    HWK-290 Expansion

    2 Z-95 Expansions

    Tie Fighter Expansion

    Tie Advanced Expansion

    Slave I Expansion

    Most Wanted Expansion


    That will give you a big chunk of ships and allow you to build small fleets of Rebel, Imperial or Scum and Villany;


    For Rebels you'd have;


    YT-1300, 3 X-wings, 2 Y-Wings, 4 Z-95's and a HWK 290 as options


    For Imperials you'd have;


    Firespray-31, Tie Advanced, 5 Tie Fighters


    For Scum and Villany you'd have;


    Firespray-31, HWK 290, 2 Y-Wings, 4 Z-95's


    all for under $200 w/ free shipping

  2. ECM is used for jamming communications, Han does it to the lone Tie fighter he encounters in the middle of nowhere after his jump to Alderaan to prevent it calling for help.


    keep in mind ECM is not stealth its white noise for blocking other signals, it actually broadcasts you presence loud and clear.

  3. Really looking at how the Millennium Falcon is so upgraded all wrong, see Han Solo made a lot of personal modifications to his ship that aren't covered by Hardpoints, think Rigger specialization and Signature Vehicle, which was used to up Armor, Hull, System Strain, Handling, and add the Massive 1 quantity to his ship.


    Which freed up the 6 stock hard points for making his baby crazy fast, upgraded engines and hyperdrive, replaced the medium laser cannons with Quad Lasers and added a forward mounted Concussion Missile Launcher, the remaining hard points he invested in an ECM suite(uses it to jam tie fighter communications on arriving at Alderaan), cloaked smuggling compartments, and a retractable hidden personal scale heavy blaster(as seen departing Hoth), for good measure the ship has droid brain autopilot, possibily astrogation as well

  4. My understanding is there isn't a Force Power to detect other force users beyond what fits a narrative, its safe to say demonstrating Force powers or using items in such a way as only a Force sensitive character could would be a pretty good giveaway though. All that hand waving and jumping about.


    Trick is telling the difference between the normals who tap into the Force via a Destiny Pool(though Han and Obi-wan would likely argue the source) and the specials.

  5. If FFG is looking to stretch the content out, splatbooks with playable species and planets, gear ships and droids and some adventure hook ideas would be a good source.  Bumping the number per book from 3-4 to more like 8+ per book would be preferable though.


    Sourcebooks for playing in Old Republic, Clone Wars, New Movie Trilogy would all be welcome additions.

  6. After the Edge of the Empire Core Book, second best sourcebook for Edge of the Empire games is the Age of Rebellion Core Book, you get 5 new species, a better selection of Imperial vehicles and starships, 15 new specializations, and 2 new Force Powers


    Next I would say is Fly Casual, followed by Dangerous Covenants, Far Horizons, Enter the Unknown, then Stay on Target.


    Lords of Nal Hutta would be my next choice, followed by Suns of Fortune


    Lastly would be the adventure books Beyond the Rim and Jewel of Yavin and GM kits.


    Specialization decks are a low priority, photocopied pages from each specialization are sufficient though the Adversary Decks can be handy for avoiding the need to page thru multiple books for NPC statlines.

  7. My group turned Dobah into the Hutt and then gave the Hutt a deal on the glitterstim spice if they could have Dobah's body, which they turned around and gave to the Imperials for a reward.


    For the OP question, no it sounds like you handled the encounter fine honestly, players are extremely tough to permanently kill, your more specialized characters may even invest a little more into a broader selection of combat skills as a result.

  8. This topic seems to come up once a month, I personally take no issue with the business decision to spread the Species/Vehicle/Starship/Droid/Gear content up between multiple books and to see the occasional species repeat between separate compatible game lines.  My concern is that they eventually won't give me all of what I want at the pace of 3 per unless we eventually get some species/starship/droid compendiums.

  9. Actually the soldiers of the American Revolution largely went unpaid at the end of the war, the same occurred for the standing army created for the War of 1812, Spanish American War, Civil War and World War I.  Our nation had a history of paying wartime soldiers low wages with promises of additional pay and benefits after the wars and then conveniently forgetting about those commitments at wars end, its just not largely taught in our educational systems.

  10. Strain is largely considered non lethal damage is why, I believe exceeding strain simply results in unconsciousness and incapacitation, though you would have a hard time opposing attacks that wound you laying on the ground in a heap and could quickly start racking up a lot of additional wounds and criticals that way, in answer to your question though additional attacks that hit PCs or Nemesis do not inflict an extra Critical when you exceed your strain threshold like they do for Wounds, though Rivals and Minions would due to their conversion of strain damage to wounds, if for some reason you wanted to track that among NPCs.


    Keeping in mind attacks that deal strain damage can still critical on their own or environmental effects that inflict strain damage may inflict critical hits after you exceed your strain threshold.


    Anything capable of racking up enough advantages on its combat checks to land criticals is particularly dangerous to PCs with critical hits being progressively worse with each one until healed, especially with the Vicious quality.  

  11. FFG books draw from all late 80's and beyond EU, including some of the worst of the EU(TFU anyone).  Where there is a conflict between two sources I tend to choose what is canon over legends, where no conflict exists hey wonderful I have more material to help flesh out my game world.


    WEG provided excellent source material for the 90's novels that helped popularize much of the EU, and provided sourcebooks for most the earlier EU novels prior to the New Trilogy or New Jedi Order series, it also avoided making too many ground breaking changes to the setting, and left alot of what was in the past unexplained.


    The comics of the 90's and on  tended to do more to develop the ancient history in the EU, or far future prior to the EU canonhammer dropping.


    Saga had the advantage of the pre-trilogy laid out and largely applied its d20 loot and character class mechanics to the genre by making the Jedi classes and crystals, and since KotOR based its mechanics off Saga and was wildly popular where previous Star Wars games had been meh, they had an impact of the EU.  Saga largely offered what videogames of the 21st century EU or New Jedi Order gave us, because the Old Republic game is still running in its EU quasi canon state i expect content provided from Old Republic will be viewed as favorable EU material for FFG.


    Which brings us to FFG which truly has the best opportunity to expand on the line further as Next trilogy and stand alone films, novels, comics and a complete Clone Wars and Rebels content become available for them to develop off of though I am not expecting too much new content until we see what comes out in theaters

  12. i don't see it as game breakingly good my only advice would have been an adjustment to starting exp, reducing Presence by 1 would probably be sufficient to make it comparable to most other starting races.


    the Dark Side Sustainment as its described would be usable at the end of each encounter to generate automatic successes using dark side pips per force rating for the purpose of generating strain recovery(close to 60% of the die facings per Force Rating) compared to Command which applies a Boost die(only 33% of the facings can generate at most 1 success and requires additional ranks of Command to generate greater effects and the effects are applied to others not to yourself)  So in comparison to a talent like say Command it would be a doubly effective Command skill usable on yourself that multiplies in effect based on force rating(a talent with its own desired rewards associated with it) without the need for additional talent ranks.


    Personally I think if the goal is to give them a per encounter mechanic to recover more strain I would have just called the power Dark Side Sustainment and give all that race 1 Rank in Rapid Recovery starting out, just as droids start with 1 rank in Enduring to reflect thier more durable mechanical nature.

  13. overpowered in starting skill choices, giving it an advantage over all other lightsaber careers by race, though not a major issue if starting exp is appropriately adjusted to reflect that.


    The Dark Side Sustainment power is not gamebreakingly good but it is imbalanced as its useable in every encounter rather than limited to one skill instance with no penalties to it.


    starting XP at 10 less than a Human same baseline strain and wounds, again you gave the race two advantages superior to the baseline human (lightsaber trainable to 2 without need to spend XP, and a special ability usable at the end of every encounter) with only a 10 point reduction where it probably should be starting at most at 85 XP if not less

  14. Credits only carry value if they can be perceived to have such, and can be traded for such.  That's the primary reason Separatist credits are worthless now.  Alliance credits would similarly be devalued based on their availability for use outside of Alliance controlled worlds.  The Republic credit was changed to the Imperial credit along with appropriate markings, thou that change was largely cosmetic.


    The Hutts maintain their own currency form that is prevalent on many Hutt influenced Outer Rim worlds, just as the Corporate sector maintains its own monetary system along with the Company Store to go into debt spending them on.  The intergalactic Banking Clan pretty much manages market values for thousands of individual systems currencies, creating new ones and devaluing others regularly.


    Creates an entire adventure hook possibility when you add into the element of crime lords, governments, and corporations trying to artificially create wealth via short sales of currency and artificial disasters, like pirates and mercenaries to start conflicts between two neighboring worlds.  Not to mention the money to be made off gun sales, medicine, construction materials, fuel etc, and the potential tariffs to be collected off survivors benefits, and opportunities to reestablish new legitimate business ventures in the vacuum.

  15. The best stuff? Like the Age core rulebook's history of the Rebellion being built from Force Unleashed?


    Yeah I could have done without mention of Starkiller in any products, especially since his role in the formation of the Rebellion was just pasted into what had already been made available by WEG, in terms of the three founding parties and the name for the treaty and locale it took place at.

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