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  1. Some other possibilities, for running Under a Black Sun, perhaps the players opt to sell the Glitterstim they may have acquired from Doobah or other activities around Kessel to a representative of the Pykes(offered them a better rate than Thakbas) who can then arrange for a sufficient cover for their approach to working for them on Coruscant.  The work they are doing in Debts to Pay could be filler work to get the funds together they need for any ship repairs or debts they may owe Thakbas in place of Bargos.


    Want to lay some groundwork for future adventures you can have the meet up with the Pykes happen at The Wheel, while the players are earning some Obligation to Reom for assisting them in repairing and getting hard to find tech for their ship. gives you some preset hooks for Beyond the Rim later if you choose.

  2. Considering its already a restricted ship I would probably invest in Nightshadow Coating, I'd probably opt for a retractable turret mounted Quad Laser, or a retractable Turret Mounted Twin Heavy Laser Cannon, and either a linked pair of Concussion Missile Tubes, or the Arrakyd Missile Pack for heavier hitting power and the option for different missile loadouts.  I'd probably spend the remaining 2 modification hard points on an Advanced Targeting Array and High-Output Ion Turbines doubling down on the ships speed to make the ship as fast as an A-wing, which is really the biggest strength of the HWK-1000 honestly.  Its primary Hyperdrive at 1 is more than passable for hyperspace travel speeds.  The Rigger specialization will already uparmor the ship for most starfighter scale weapons, and the ships speed and stealth capabilities should allow it to avoid most encounters against larger ships.  For a little more added gravy you can put a piloting droid brain in the ship to allow the ship to fly on autopilot or be used for remote pickups if need be.

  3. Imperial Army Troopers as depicted in canon, were largely vehicular crews and officers, with Stormtrooper Corp acting in Infantry roles very similar to the Marine Corp.


    The fact that line Imperial Army troopers is never depicted in the films does not mean it would not exist, we never see a refresher or Bothans in the original trilogy yet we accept their existence on much less visual evidence that we have of a non-Stormtrooper Imperial Army force.  Why do we see Stormtroopers in almost all media sources? Easy its iconic, the same reason we hear the soundtrack for the Imperial March constantly throughout the movies.  


    Stormtroopers maintain strict height-weight requirements that the Imperial Army and its officer corp do not meet again as depicted in the movies, this is not unheard of even in a modern military though it is largely limited to units that carry out ceremonial duties.  Which means absent Imperial army soldiers the Imperial Army only produces vehicle crews and officers? yeah okay.


    The other thing to consider is the Imperial Army is primarily a garrisoning force on Imperial controlled worlds drawing its ranks from within planetary forces, where the Stormtroopers are more likely to act as first response force and travel with the Imperial Fleet as well as acting as a garrison force.  

  4. Personally I would probably start out as;


    Ace/Pilot for the signature skill as you can only choose them from your starting career

    Ace/Rigger for second signature skill, as above




    Force Sensitive Exile for the initial Force Rating(if Starfighter Ace is your primary focus) or Force Sensitive Emergent(if a more Willpower focused force-user is your goal) or both if your ultimate goal is getting more +1 Force Rating and Dedication talents taking the second universal tree does allow you to avoid paying for for as many talents as you automatically receive any of the non ranked talents you acquired from the previous universal specialization and save on the out of career new specialization XP tax, at this point you are already at a FR of 3 and +4 ranks dedication that way


    then finish with grabbing your Force and Destiny careers like Startfighter Ace and since you likely will be taking advantage of alot of Agility/Cunning/Intellect related skills I'd probably go with a Lightsaber form that specializes in one of those like Ataru


    If you want you could go back and grab Squadron Commander for some leadership talents as well later


    Answer to your original question though I'd say Abilities>Skills>Talents>Force Powers>Force Rating

  5. Or find ways of splitting up the party, a good example of creating time sensitive requirements in an adventure would be Dead in the Water, if one of the players really wants the combat monster encounter experience more than roleplay, design encounters for that and find ways to make her group experience that more often, and set aside other encounters for the other players, it may be that watching the others roleplay will make her more comfortable with the premise.


    Plus the combat encounters can be made more challenging without the fear of wiping out the rest of your players at times.

  6. and yet an astromechs droid brain is used to fly a ship one assumes without physically taking hold of the ship controls with 0 Hardpoints required, and is a few instances in canon where an R2 units jacks into the ships controls and uses ships weapon systems from a USB port as it were.


    Personally I would give PC R-series more freedoms here than an NPC R-series unit and limit an NPC R-series unit to only using assist actions as its detailed in the Stay on Target sourcebook


    Basically NPC astromechs are only allowed to roll to Assist on piloting checks and for every 3 Advantages or a Triumph they can do one other astromech manuver or action and count as having received a single success on the check with no additional roll being made.


    The ship likely doesn't have one interface that allows access to every ship function however unless it is setup with an Astromech socket, or as depicted on the Nubian Star Skiff an Astromech Bay. So if the droid is flying the ship i wouldn't allow it to fly the ship and fire weapons and perform damage control or engineering tasks, absent that socketed hardpoint

  7. Way too many starfighter crew and gunners in those estimates there and lacking for engineers and command function staff, plus 3 full shifts is a luxury the imperial military wouldn't afford its crews its more likely you would have a crew compliment broken into 3 overlapping shifts where 2 shifts are active at all times and during battles all hands would be at battle stations.  The fighter compliment would likely be similarly arranged such that at any given time only 2/3rds of the TIEs would be actively performing operations, unless they were all called for.

  8. I am fairly certain part of playing a trader or smuggler is to try and buy cheap and sell for profits, there are even droids or devices for monitoring intergalactic exchanges for such.


    Buying a business that generates an additional 100 credits a month of profit, you are essentially getting mechanically in game a business that gameplay mechanics wise isn't ever in the red, which is much more far fetched than a business that only maintains a small return in monthly profits after you pay for the costs of running said business, labor usually being the most expensive cost.  If you want to present your players and their business an opportunity to earn more profits that what getting out and running an adventure is for.


    Look at it this way that business you spent 50000 credits on is still worth 50000 credits you simply spent the credits to give yourself a little extra disposable income

  9. assuming the ships sublight engines are disabled via combat, sabotage, tractor beam or some other means, you could pull along side it and simply connect to the other ships docking doors, slice via computers or cutting device to open the other ships doors for you.


    Some ships use specially designed assault pods that cut thru the other ships hull where they connect for boarding, believe one such ship is mentioned in the Dangerous Covenants book.

  10. You start with a Career and one specialization but from there you can choose any other specialization that is not an exact duplicate of another along with access to the the specialization skills as career skills and associated talent trees.  Your initial career choice does restrict what signature abilities you may have later and how much it costs to select those additional specializations but  thats all.

  11. That sounds like the price of the Beginners Set


    http://www.miniaturemarket.com/ffgswa02.html can get one close to $40 and ya can get the decks at the same print on demand price FFG sells em for instead of the upcharged amount you are seeing


    Definately recommend Oggdudes Character Generator, it doesn't have the rules text but as you already have one core book of rules the only rules you arent seeing is what is actually "new" in the AoR book that way.

  12. Lots of PDFs are "available" I said FFG license won't permit them to sell them as PDFs like their other games.


    Your player wants to be a Fighter Pilot but play in an EotE setting and you don't want to buy AoR, fine use OggDudes character generator to find those starting career skills and start as an Ace, like i said Smuggler Pilot and Ace Pilot specializations are identical(you aren't even permitted to take both)  Want to use the Signature Skills but the Ace splatbook just like any other career that wants to use a signature skill, the notion that a smuggler pilot could not be a fighter pilot is only limited by your decision that all fighter pilots must have the Ace's starting career skills because Cool, Perception and Light Blaster somehow make a superior career template than the Smuggler's Coordination, Skulldrudgery, Vigilance, Deception, Knowledge(Underworld), Streetwise

  13. Looting can be an issue if the narrative you set permits it with no drawbacks, If I can earn 500 dollars for touching my toes after getting home from work every night you bet your ass i'm touching my toes nightly.  if you want to discourage looting find narrative ways to discourage it, the easiest means is frankly having time sensitive story lines, and not rewarding the behavior, so your players come to think of it as a waste of their valuable time.  I respectfully disagree with the notion that a metagamer is going to stop looting if you make him flush with credits, when looting with no consequences can get him even more free.

  14. Ace Pilot and Smuggler Pilot specializations and talents are actually identical, the difference is in the starting career skills and later signature abilities, don't get too hung up on the career names, when it comes to your players backgrounds.


    Yes the Ace career is better suited to starfighter pilots with a military focus, and the Smuggler version gets more of the social or criminal career skills, the Smuggler version actually has a broader amount of career skills in fact.


    Ultimately though at this point complaining about the decision to split up the game into 3 product lines and releasing species/specializations/starships piecemeal and sometimes reprinting species/specializations between lines is beating a dead horse, that ship has sailed.  At most you are discussing a topic for a different edition of the game.

  15. AoR has Mon Cals, Ithorians and Sullustans, all the other species are reproduced in other EotE sourcebooks so far, a seperate subset of careers, with new 21-22 specializations, though EotE has specializations that can largely do the same thing with a more scum and outer rim bent.  You also get stats for more Imperial and Republic vehicles, capital ships, starfighters and NPCs in the AoR Core book, while EoTE products largely focus on Freighters and pirates, criminals and such and less so on large scale line military ships.  AoR has rules for Capital Ship actions in space combat that are left out of EotE for example.


    Ultimately yes you are paying extra for core rules you may not need for what amounts to the same new content you would get from 2 career or regional sourcebooks, so you are paying about $10 extra for the second set of core rules.


    PDFs are not an option whatsoever as their licences will not permit it for sale.


    25% new is not really accurate since its technically more like 60% new, you are just getting hung up on that big chunk of 40% you already had, 5 new species, 6 new careers, 22 new specializations plus 20+ new vehhicles and starships and 2 new Force Powers, new Duty essentially a reputation mechanic, and over 20+ new adversary profiles, is more than you will get in any 2 EotE sourcebooks

  16. Honestly its your game the cost of repairs is whatever fits your narrative, if the player has issues with that and needs to read a price in writing somewhere that's on the GM, for not being blunt and upfront about that with the player.


    Money sinks shouldn't be there to somehow deprive characters of all their ability to earn credits, and players haggling with a local scrap dealer for the cost of parts should certainly be allowed.  Find a balance

  17. WEG described Hutts as hermaphrodites in their species Galaxy Guide I believe which would probably be the first mention of it.  Phantom Menace simply confused the matter further with what is identified as a female Hutt alongside Jabba during the Boonta Eve podraces.  As the older Legends EU material likely didn't supercede the movie representation I am sure FFG just went with the two gender movie interpretation.

  18. Its more simple than that, lightsabers are iconic weapons for Force Users, yet most specializations do not have Mechanics as a career skill, the change more likely has to do with wanting to make Force users crafting and modifying their lightsabers easier across all the specializations without mandating everyone take the Mechanics skill.


    In regards to the Ilum crystal and two impossible difficulty rolls, Sam Stewart says you simply upgrade the difficulty of the rolls after you reach 5 purple difficulty dice. and Jay Little said its not intended to be above 4 purples , though nothing has been offered in an official FAQ from either.

  19. Statistics for the characters from the movies is honestly just fluff, and frankly low priority fluff.  At the time when WEG added them it also included a range of details on background characters and species, so had some value in adding to the EU.  Would it be a fun splatbook to have at some point, sure, but its behind alot of other priorities for me as a GM and player.

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