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  1. I wouldn't mind a product released that included the statistics of characters depicted in the movies, I just doubt they would ever provide talents and skills as provided via the existing careers and specializations to do so, so trying to view movie characters thru that prism is a flawed approach.


    Ultimately the Careers and Specializations are a balance mechanic for players and not really intended to be NPC development tools.

  2. Planetfall finished development prior to the Necron expansion announcement, don't read too much into the product status on FFG's own website, its intentionally misleading, as are their release date timeframes in their product announcements.


    Much as I am bummed that Necron's did not receive a third warlord in their own expansion to be on par with all the other factions, I imagine over time it won't be that big of a deal.


    The game needs a greater card pool for creating more thematic or trait centered decks in general and could use more planets and a good multiplayer ruleset more than it needs a 3rd necron warlord really.

  3. When it comes to generating characters from the Movies, I prefer to ignore the Careers and Specializations entirely and simply focus on providing them with the characteristics, Force Rating, and talents/skills that are appropriate independent of following a Career or Specialization tree that is more appropriate for player characters to develop thru

  4. Playing a Unit to your HQ is not a cost its an effect that is resolved as a result of triggering the Battle win conditions.  While you may not be able to prove your opponent has no units in his hand.  It would still trigger and resolve its effect for both players, unless both players had no units in hand.  If both players had no units in hand then you are correct in that the triggered ability would not be changing the game state and thus would not resolve.


    The card itself is poorly worded for competitive play as it essentially relies on the honor system of both players following the rules where no means of verifying it exists.  Not an uncommon thing in casual games, think Go Fish.  I agree that effects like this should have been worded with the option by saying each player may place a unit from their hand in their HQ to avoid this but that particular cards rules were written from a casual perspective.





     If you don't have a unit to put into play, you can't trigger the battle ability (because of the "has to have the potential to change the game state in order to trigger" rule).


    This is incorrect, that rule applies to all aspects of the triggering effect not just the player triggering it first.  So long as either player can resolve the effect, it would occur.


    The person triggering the planet's battle ability has no way of knowing, when checking play restrictions, whether his opponent will or will not have a unit in his/her hand. You cannot use information that is hidden from you when checking to see if triggering an ability will have the potential to change the game state. So if the winner of the battle has no unit in hand, they cannot trigger this battle ability.


    Again the FAQ you are quoting about triggered effects does not care which player initiates the effect, only that the effect itself can be resolved in part.  You cannot say because half the effect cannot be resolved it won't trigger since your opponent if he has a unit in hand is capable of resolving the effect, thus changing the game state.  Nothing in the rules supports your premise that an effect would not trigger simply because you cannot "prove" your opponent can resolve their half of an effect.

  5.  If you don't have a unit to put into play, you can't trigger the battle ability (because of the "has to have the potential to change the game state in order to trigger" rule).


    This is incorrect, that rule applies to all aspects of the triggering effect not just the player triggering it first.  So long as either player can resolve the effect, it would occur.

  6. Thank you both. To clarify point two: If I commit my warlord and units in my HQ to a planet where my friend a) does not have units present b) has not deployed any units and c) has not committed his warlord, I leave the units at the planet in the state they arrived when my warlord returns to my HQ, correct? 

    Unless you somehow arrive with all your units exhausted till the end of the first combat round yes.


    The battle ends and victory is declared during the first combat turn of a combat round(including ranged skirmish) where you have a ready unit and your opponent has no units at the planet. 


    This is a bit of an overstatement. The battle can end on any combat turn, not just the first one of a combat round. 


    Not an overstatement in the slightest.  Just have to read complete sentences instead of highlighting and reading half a sentence.

  8. The battle ends and victory is declared during the first combat turn of a combat round(including ranged skirmish) where you have a ready unit and your opponent has no units at the planet.  The end of the combat round(which is what you are describing in all of your scenarios) would still allow for an additional action window to occur prior to the start of the next combat turn prior to a winner being decided. Allowing for fresh Ambush troops to potentially arrive or events that might potentially eliminate your units prior to being able to meet the requirements of declaring victory, even though he retreated all his current units at the end of the previous combat round.

  9. 1.  You can choose to exhaust the units and retreat them back to your headquarters at the conclusion of the combat turn in which you won, or you can leave them ready on the planet while your Warlord moves back to your HQ at the end of the combat phase.  One of the ways of generating a stalemate would be doing so at the end of a combat turn prior to looping back to the beginning of your next combat turn which is where winning a battle is determined.


    2. This is trickier as you win the battle at the beginning of your first combat turn, and would thus never progress to the end of a combat turn where the option of retreating units back to the HQ would happen if you had any other Ready units including your Warlord at the beginning of your first combat turn.  In this case the units that arrived with your Warlord would be left behind.  If you could somehow have nothing but exhausted units present at the start of your first combat turn you would be able to proceed as detailed in answer to #1.

  10. Not really following what you are trying to say your progression is....


    You have to start as an Ace to get Ace career signature abilities  but you also have to take either Force Sensitive Exile or Emergent to earn a Force rating to take force powers if you are doing that, taking Starfighter Ace first won't satisfy that requirement since the Force Rating for characters beginning as a Starfighter Ace comes from the Warrior career not the specialization like Exile and Emergent.


    Which means no Force Powers until you fulfill that requirement

  11. I have no issue with getting a splatbook with attributes/skills/talents for characters from the Movies, Shows, Books, comics etc...  It would not anger me or make me create a character capable of killing the Emperor with ease, truth be told the other EU characters are background characters and events for the games characters not the featured storyline.


    I would say though, it is a low priority for me as I would rather see more species/ships/equipment/specializations/planets/droids first.

  12. Part of roleplaying games is telling stories, if a player asked me to effectively write his contributions out of a story because he couldn't participate in telling more, they have essentially forfeited any say whatsoever about what happens in the story going forward. they stopped contributing.


    That said unless the character somehow adds something to the story I feel warrants keeping, I usually prefer to write a character out of the storyline at a point convenient to the ongoing story.

  13. The movies depict Imperial Army that is not a Stormtrooper, you see them lined up in ranks alongside Stormtroopers, Scout Troopers, Naval Troopers, Death Star Troopers and Army and Navy Officers in large numbers, You never see Imperial Army functioning as a Line Infantry trooper in the movies or any other source i've seen that is canon, you see Stormtroopers for that role, instead they are depicted as vehicular crews. Considering their legends entry describes them as a modern military equivalent to a Reservist force this makes sense, since we also never see any canon depictions where reservists would be called for. Why do we see Stormtroopers so often then in canon?  They are iconic and easily identifiable, they are easier to animate over and over again, why wouldn't you see them?  Plus canon describes them as a seperate branch of the Imperial army with its own commanders.

  14. YT-2400 uparmored by a Rigger specializations with a faster sublight speed and Nightshadow Coating is my personal favorite.


    Just fast enough to outrun all the Capital Ships(not to mention being capable of being Silhouette 2 vs weapons capable of actually hurting you) and heavily armored and durable to the point that blasters and cannons can't hurt you from smaller starfighters.  Swap out the turrets for Quad Lasers and Targetting Array and add a missile pack or linked pair of missiles or torpedos for hitting heavier targets and you are good to go.

  15. Playing "evil" in a roleplaying game is difficult more for reasons of it more often creates unnessecary conflicts, than enjoyment for all, absent a mature roleplaying group that understands that being evil isn't just about being a **** to everyone, murderhobo and thief that sells out his party mates.


    If your players understand that and actually "roleplay" developed characters capable of interacting with others in ways other than those listed above its doable.

  16. If we got a reprint of Rigger for Technicians I wouldn't be overly disappointed but I'd prefer a new spec that uses Talents introduced with the Rigger.


    It would be nice for players to be able to take advantage of some of the ranked talents stacking from two specializations that way, instead of their current form where only NPC's could receive multiple ranks in some.  Though I can see too many ranks in the ability to up armor a ship as being potentially unbalancing with players tooling around in 7-8 Armor freighters

  17. 4 proficiency dice is usually where you see a good amount of success and triumphs, with largely diminishing returns on results after that, not something I would worry about outside of combat skills using weapons with multiple effects that you would want more advantage results, if you are going to be upgrading results in the chosen skill via talents anyhow you can easily make do with 3 ranks in the skill. 

  18. I expect one BH spec will be melee centric, another I expect will be either focused on a spaceship or vehicles or more mechanically/traps inclined.


    For Technician I expect something that shares some of the Rigger talents though hopefully a different specialization itself, something like an Infochant, and something along the lines of a Scavenger or dealing with cybernetics or droids.

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