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    Your argument is that a card in hand loses all characteristics by virtue of being deployed to Deep strike reserve absent any rules to support this.



    Shadowsun's Stealth Cadre: "This card may enter play as an attachment with the text, 'Attach to a non-Vehicle army unit. Attached unit gets +2 ATK and +2 HP.'"


    So, contrary to your comment above, there is no text saying that you can deploy the Cadre as an attachment - only that it may enter play as an attachment. So if deploying a Deep Strike card means that the card has all of its printed characteristics until it actually enters play in reserve (and they are preempted), wouldn't that mean that the Cadre also has all of its printed characteristics until it enters play as an attachment (and its "unit" characteristics are preempted by its "attachment" characteristics)?


    Said another way, if I am understanding your reasoning correctly, a Deep Strike card is deployed as whatever it us right up until the moment the deployment is successful and the card actually enters play in reserve. And as such, the card is subject to all restrictions on deploying whatever it is (such as the Enslavement Dial) right up until the deployment is successful and the card actually enters play in reserve. 


    If this were true, then the wording on the Cadre should follow the same logic - it is deployed as a unit right up until the moment the deployment is successful and the card enters play as an attachment (because its text does not say it can be "deployed" as an attachment - only that it can enter play as an attachment). But we know that's not how it works because the Combat Action on Ambush Platform ("Combat Action: Exhaust this support to deploy an attachment from your hand.") can be used to deploy the Cadre as an attachment - despite its text only allowing it to enter play as an attachment.


    This indicates that once you announce your intention to have the Cadre enter play as an attachment, the restrictions for deploying an attachment are applied, NOT the restrictions for deploying a unit -- which then enters play as an attachment. Doesn't it follow that once you announce your intention to deploy a card into reserve, the restrictions for deploying a card without characteristics into reserve are applied, NOT the restrictions for deploying whatever the card's printed characteristics are -- which then enters play as a card in reserve without characteristics?


    Further, if the restrictions for a "face up" side of the Deep Strike card are applied while deploying the card into reserve, how could a Deep Strike event ever be deployed into reserve, since events cannot be deployed by definition? Doesn't this pretty decisively indicate that deploying a card into reserve does not consider the characteristics of the face-up card during its deployment?



    Again Your comparison is not apt since one the text on both the Shadowsun Stealth Cadre and Gun drones specifies when its state changes to the moment it is being Deployed or Entering Play, your argument is that Deep Strike rules do the same is an assumption without rulings to support it.  The fact that Deep Striking cards even go further to specify that interrupt effects to modify the cost of deploying such cards cannot be used further strengthens that position since if those cards had no characteristics what cards could modify them to begin with?  Deep Strike rules further specify that Deep strike event cards can only be played from Deep strike reserve. and as Necrons do not include event cards from other factions its not really a consideration anyhow as far as the enslavemet dial is concerned.


    I saw no FAQ or rules to support your position about an Ambush Platform allowing you to deploy a Shadowsun Stealth Cadre, perhaps you can link those or are those unofficial rulings not posted to the games FAQ? Or are you referring to the entry about Gun Drones?


    Or are you simply trying to say all Deep strike cards inherently have the constant effect of having no characteristics simply because they are Deep strike cards?  I think that's a far stretch to take.

  2. if it is being deployed as a unit, since the text on both those cards indicate they can be deployed or enter play as an attachment, no such text or description appears on Deep Strike cards or under the Deep Strike rules themselves as of yet. Hardly a similar comparison.


    A card being deployed to Deep strike reserve does not lose any of its characteristics until it enters that state.


    Your argument is that a card in hand loses all characteristics by virtue of being deployed to Deep strike reserve absent any rules to support this.  There is a cost to deploy to Deep Strike reserve no, can you cite any examples where deployment costs and restrictions are preempted by the game state a card enters the game, that are not interrupts to existing gameplay mechanics?

  3. The wording for the Enslavement dial rule specifies deploying or entering play, the Deep strike rules specify you "deploy" to Deep Strike reserve, and when it is revealed it is not considered to have entered play, meaning the enslavement dial mechanic only applies at the time it is being deployed.


    Cards that have entered reserve do not have characteristics, cards deployed to such would have them until they enter that state, the mechanic of deploying the card would precede the game state it enters.

  4. You "deploy" cards into Deep Strike reserve, and when they come out of Deep Strike reserve they do not count as entering play per the Deep Strike rules.


    So the only time your enslavement dial has to match the faction you are Deep Striking is during the initial Deploy action to Deep Strike reserve, since the Enslavement dial restricts units that can be either deployed or put in play.

  5. Did you miss the rule that the enslavement dial constrains which units can enter play under your control by any means, not just which units you can deploy?


    Yup, though it still plays fairly fast with faster card draw and resources, I may trim down to 4 factions with a focus on Dark Eldar for more Event card recycle.

  6. Not really an issue of luck, I use 6 factions all under 3 or under cost units, 12 units in all 2 from each faction, my current build uses Resource and Card generating army units plus Promotion, and I have not had any issues, though I am toying with upping my deck size to 60 since I find I cycle thru the deck fast.


    Hint...Recycle and Drudgery.


    Staff of Command isn't really the main means of cycling thru a Sautekh deck

  7. With a Sautekkh deck Warlord you would likely be best served by including as many factions as possible ie all 7, however you may want to limit how many copies of each of those common army cards you include in your deck to avoid generating hands that aren't predominantly Necron


    You are predominantly using those other faction cards as force multiplier card effects for your Necron cards.

  8. Three Core sets is ideal for deck building purposes, and if you are sharing a card pool with an additional player that's just more common cards available between the two of you for building allied decks.


    Only downside is the extra 73 cards you wont need per Core set in the form of extra planet and Warlord cards.

  9. As with Tyranids you only need the Necron Deluxe Expansion to make a deck for Necrons, though you would need 1 core set for tokens and the planets and a selection of Neutral and Common Army cards from the other 7 non Necron factions to enslave.


    The Death World cycle appears to be a month behind the Necron Deluxe expansion which likely means a steady stream of additional Necron cards over the next 7 months

  10. Not sure why all the hyper ventilating about this at this point.


    The release dates that come with the product announcements have never been 100% accurate, often they are laughably inaccurate.


    We will see the 5th War Pack likely Thursday next week, and the 6th Warpack 4-5 weeks later followed a month later by Necrons.

  11. What if there are units from both forces at a secondary planet but no warlord? They both abstain from fighting and muster their forces until the Warlord arrives or it becomes the first planet?


    Correct, though there are cards and effects which can create exceptions, The Tyranid Warrior Prime Synapse unit and the signature support for Barzhul, or the ever so enjoyable Aun'shi combos to initiate battles on multiple planets for example although in the later case its an effect of the warlord being present at the start of multiple battle phases.

  12. I would like to see a deluxe expansion for the Horus Heresy. I think it would be pretty cool to have Horus the Warmaster as my warlord.

    Sounds more applicable to a player created system like The First Age web content players made for Lord of the Rings.


    Muddying the 30K characters and units with what is still a fairly underdeveloped card pool for 40K units and characters.

  13. Alright, thank you! We were fairly certain of this as it wasn't detailed very well either. I have a few other questions and I'm unsure if I should ask them here or if I should start a new topic. Oh well, if anyone reads this maybe I'll get lucky! Essentially I wanted to know why you'd commit your warlord anywhere but the first planet? This is because as I understand it, you can't claim other planets (other than the first) and units you put on the 2/3/4/etc planets will go to hq, which means the bulk of your army becomes the HQ force pretty much always. So since your aiming to win only 3 planets, and 2/3 times it can be done with the first three in a row, why would you bother sending the bulk of your army anywhere else?


    I love this game, but I'm trying to sort out the tactica and intended interpretation of the rules to ensure I'm playing this right.


    Thank you again!

    There are a lot of reasons why you might want to deploy a warlord to a planet somewhere other than the first planet, for as many different reasons as there are warlords, since each potentially plays differently when paired with the card abilities of his signature supports/units/events.


    It is uncommon for HQ units that commit to a non first planet to return to the HQ with your warlord, as it requires specific card effects or a specific set of circumstances in the Battle phase to allow them to do so as a retreat.


    The strategy you use will depend as much on your deck as your opponents deck and how the planets flop when revealed.


    During the Command phase, you choose your planet on the dial, the move your warlord and ALL units in your HQ to that planet. The Warlord arrives in whatever state (ready or exhausted) it started in. Army and Token units arrive exhausted (unless you have a card effect that says otherwise, of course).



    Fixed that for you

  15. Considering deluxe expansions are always a part of the card pool meta competitively, cycles seem to be the best means of introducing trait/theme specific warlords as they would be rotated out eventually. 


    The Tyranids expansion contained 10 infestation tokens, despite only using 7 planets a game, so a 10 planet official rules variation seems likely at some point.


    They could introduce 4 new planets(2 single type and 2 double type) without effecting planet type variation, who's battle effects could reshape the game meta, and play variation.


    New card types for multi game campaigns or multiplayer matches.  Heck even a neutral event card that allows you to switch the first planet with the last planet or faction specific planet attachments or planets themselves(Necron Tombworld, Shrine World etc...) could all combine to reshape the existing game strategies.

  16. Personally I'd like to see a deluxe expansion that expands on an even greater variety of cards for all 9 factions without warlords(I'd even prefer something with singles and the odd double or two of common cards like the core set to expand the card pool that much faster),  additionally would like to see at least 4+ new planets and a solid multiplayer rule set, be a part of it.


    Getting deluxe expansions that feature warlords from 3 of the 9 factions afterwards(plus additional planet options or sector rules/options), and war pack cycles with 9 warlords, 10 new non signature cards per faction and 3 new neutrals.


    Illustrated card sleeves for Dark Eldar, Tyranids and Necrons would be a welcome release as well.

  17. 3 core sets gets you 3 of each card that is only available as a single in the core set and 6 copies of the 2 cards per faction and neutral cards.


    Unless you want to have mirror matches(where you both play the same warlords and factions) one of each additional war pack and deluxe expansion is sufficient beyond the core set, since all of these include 3 of each card already, which is the maximum any one deck may contain of a card.


    If your group of players is large enough you might consider getting some additional core sets and duplicate copies of the war packs and deluxe expansions to accommodate deck building with allies but generally 3 core sets and one of each war pack and deluxe expansion provides enough cards to build upwards of 16 separate decks.

  18. Using just a Core set with only one sphere is a pretty significant handicap, Spirit and Lore really lack for good attack options outside of Gandalf.  Tactics suffers for questing.  Leadership performs moderately well if you can manage to reduce your threat early enough with a Gandalf/Sneak Attack since it had good resource generation decent questing and the ability to ready Aragorn.

  19. By its nature Support is pretty open ended, way of saying doing anything to help others that is or isn't already listed, so as a GM is a good opportunity for you to introduce stories that might not otherwise easily fit into one Duty or another you might have been sitting on.  Maybe the rebels need to help develop a cure to outbreak of a rare illness.  They are needed to distribute arms or supplies to rebel cells located throughout the sector.  Perhaps the base is in need of serious maintenance repairs or upgrades that requires one or more of the other means of supporting the other players Duties to make possible.

  20. 1.  Do I search the deck/pile for a spider *and* Ungoliant's Spawn and add them to staging area

    2.  Do I search the deck/pile for a spider and then keep playing until Ungoliant's Spawn crops up in the course of the game

    3.  Can I search the decks for Ungoliant's Spawn and use that as the "Spider"

    4.  Something else all together



    3. Ungoliant Spawn is a spider so you can search for it and put it into play if you are ready to face it and finish the quest, or it might already be in play in a Snare or waiting to engage someone, or you just aren't ready to face its effect so prefer to play out the game until you draw it naturally from the encounter deck at a later point.  Either way the game can't be won until it is defeated.  Unlike the Beorn Path which can be won so long as the UNgoliant Spawn is not in play.

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