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  1. Would love a full-on rogue faction. Just use the capital ships for the Zann Consortium in Empire at War.
  2. Greetings all. Great work here Green Knight; makes me wish FFG would just print a bunch of extra squadron cards in a pack. Have you given any thought to ships not yet in the game? I’ve been bouncing around ideas on U-Wings, Zeta Shuttles, TIE Brutes, Strikers, Reaper, and the like. Ex. Zeta Shuttle S3, H7, Att: Red Red, Bat: Red Blue Strategic, Assault Bohdi Rook (Rogue One/Zeta Shuttle) S3, H7, Att: Red Red, Bat: Red Blue Rogue, Strategic, Assault May not be attacked on the first or second game round. TIE Brute S4, H4, Att: Red Red Red, Bat: Red Red Swarm
  3. I guess what do you expect? Them to do a card pack for the two cards in wave one, then redo it to include the added cards from wave two, and so on?
  4. Hey. It looks really solid. Personally I prefer the Cymoon, but Kuat is nice as well. My only suggestion would be to try to find the points upgrade as many TIEs to scatter aces as possible. Howlrunner, Rudor, Mauler, Ciena only cost a few points to upgrade, and those scatter tokens will make them last much longer (possibly tying up enemy fighters for another 2-3 turns) Edit: to add my version of your fleet list. Dropping the reserve hangars paid for a good chunk of the fighter upgrades.
  5. I like your list. Have a very similar one myself. I would recommend considering a few of the Ace options because they are quite excellent. My list swaps uses Jamming Field on the Hardcell Transport. Along with DIST81 and DFS311 which both get major benefits from being obstructed. The rest of the squadrons go to Grievous, Phlacc-Arphocc, and a bunch generic Hyenas/Tris. I think Jamming is going to be clutch once I get it all onto the table.
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