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  1. I feel like that might be a bit too much. I think one token off primary attacks with a very minimal cost should be good. Then you're not dealing with silly things like four ion tokens at range one. (Would be excessive and unnecessary)
  2. I think you guys are on the right track. And I really like Gundogs example, but I think this will improve on that idea just slightly: Cannon Upgrade - Fire Linked Ion Cannons, 1 point Imperial only (or defender only) Whenever you hit with your primary weapon, the target receives one Ion Token. The benefit of this is that it leaves the modification and title slots open. It also only requires one upgrade card, which is nice. If you wanted to get really interesting, you could have it cost a bit more and add an attack die as well. It's always bothered me that the defender has to choose between guns and ion cannons when they should be able to do both. What do you guys think?
  3. Looks sweet. That Subversive imperial deck looks really sweet at first glance. Punishes people for Resting, but then punishes them for having strain as well...nice.
  4. Plus 10 A-Wings would have to use upgrades to fit...
  5. My take on Death Sticks: At any time you may spend one focus token to remove up to two stress tokens from this ship. 2 points Plus one of my own: Forged Transponder Set up this ship after all other ships have been set up. You may place it in the enemies deployment zone. 5? Points (what do you all think?)
  6. Wait wait. Just like to counter one (fairly insignificant) part of your argument. We know that the SSD has weapons - unlike some modern command ships - because Piett is yelling "Intensify forward firepower!" when the ship gets rammed. Actually, I'd have to watch RotJ again, but I'm fairly certain that we actually see shots coming from it when it is getting attacked by the Y-Wing and A-Wing on the conning tower... That being said, I do believe we will see some form of SSD in here. I just hope they don't have to nerf it too much to make it work.
  7. Tector Class SDs are up armored and have internal reactors to fix the design flaw. You can actually see a couple of them in RotJ.
  8. One of my favorite ways to watch the OT is with the assumption that Artoo has stepped in and is manipulating all the events on a galactic scale. Like he watched Sidious do it in the PT and decided that he could do the same thing to take him down. Pretty lulz. And it makes you realize just how integral he is to the whole story.
  9. The Star Wars universe does have shield strippers. Look up Intruder Missiles. I also believe the "Egg" bombs used in Dark Fleet Crisis were shield strippers as well.
  10. That avenger card is broken in Vader. I would run him all day - and make people cry...
  11. Agree with using Outmaneuver as well. You also get around the C-3P0 problem that everyone is crying about. Dang. And I had just put Vessery to the side in my "probably never use" pile...
  12. My trick is to use KR Multicase cases. Ships are stored on their flight stands, so I just leave a selection of my most common pilots already based up. Makes everything so much easier.
  13. Understanding basic math - even up to algebra and calculus - does not mean you have more than the slightest grasp of statistics. And you still haven't answered the question. How can you possibly expect the PS2 Scyk to cost 4 points less than the PS8 version (which also has an ability)? That would be such a gross departure from every ship released so far it would completely alter the game. Please let us hear your justification.
  14. I can't believe you actually think the PS2 will be 16 points (and say that you're confident in it) so I'm going to assume you're trolling now. Do you really think that the PS8 pilot is only 4 points more? We're talking 6 points of pilot skill AND an ability for four points? Not gonna happen. I would bet you 20:1 odds. Next.
  15. Lolol. Aaaaaannnnddd, this conversation is done. No point in trying to talk math with someone who clearly doesn't grasp the basics - and rebuffs attempts to help. Slightly more on topic, like others, I expect the Scyk will be either 13 or 14 points. Personally I hope 13 points. I feel like the title will be too expensive otherwise (and yes I know we have to evaluate it without). Also, I think it would be slightly weird if Serissu cost 20 and the cheapest Scyk was more than 14... If it were 15, might as well pay the 5 points for a ton of ps and a sweet ability. That's the cost of an assault missile...
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