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  1. https://raithos.github.io/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v8ZsZ200Z82XWW13W12WWWW151Y81XWW12WWWWW151Y109XW111W36WWW155W12&sn=Droid Trifecta&obs=
  2. If ship performs a coordinate action and fails, does it count as "having "coordinated" for the sake of triggering Nodin Chardri's ability? I was flying Nodin Chavdri (resistance transport) with Larma D'Acy crew today, and a situation arose where he performed a red manuever, used Larma D'Acy to perform a coordinate action (which failed because there were no viable targets), and then used his ability to perform a red focus action. Was this legal, or did I cheat? I can't find anything in the rules or rules reference that says you can't do this.
  3. Do the cikatro vizago cloak shenanigans still work?
  4. Sabre 7

    Mini Swarm Mania

    This, but swap the binayre pirate for Sunny Bounder. I've been flying it recently, and it actually is a pretty decent list.
  5. I've had decent success with the Kimoglia, including against some competitive tournament lists. They key seems to be harpoon missiles, high PS, and making sure you have the flexibility to b-roll and fire the missile in the same turn. I frequently get the bulls-eye arc to activate, and probably 90% of the time this is because I barrel-rolled into the bulls-eye. Also, high PS is critical, because if the opposing ship has a higher PS it's usually trivial for them to re position out of the bulls-eye. With that in mind, here are the two builds that have been working: Torani Kulda- VI, Harpoons, Unhinged, LRS (33 pts) Dalan Oberos- VI, Harpoons, Unhinged, GChips (31pts) Torani uses LRS to pick up the target lock early, and thus can barrel roll for the bulls-eye. Dalan barrel rolls as his action, and then uses his ability to get the missile lock. Also, out of about 10 games, I haven't been able to get the title to proc once. This could be because I generally try to flank with the Kimoglia out of fear that flying a 1-agility ship straight at the opposing list will get it burned down. Nevertheless, I have taken the title out of my lists. My current list is the above two pilots and Fenn Rau. Fenn goes straight at the opposing list as a direct threat, and the Kimoglias come in from the sides. My opponent is forced to choose between turning away from Fenn and letting him get behind their list, or facing Fenn and letting the Kimoglias roll in on the flank.
  6. Definitely Wave 4. Despite my later misgivings with the Phantom, it was FFG's first serious foray into the expanded universe. Also, Defenders are one of my favorites from the EU.
  7. I would think the best use would be to fire on a deadman switch Z and force splash damage on your opponent? Could target lock the Z, and fly it into the enemy, and then blast it with something like Assault Missiles or Ion Torpedoes to splash extra damage.
  8. So I played a game last night to proxy the new flight-assist astrometch... and it is awesome. I ran the following: - Snap: Intensity, FAA, Primed Thrusters, AT - Blue Ace: FAA, Primed Thrusters, IA - Nien Numb: SOT, Targeting Astro, PA, AT Snap becomes a 4-action monster, able to boost + BR, pop intensity, and then take his regular action. Blue Aces was particularly useful in situations where my opponent wanted to joust at close range. He can bank away and past the enemy ship in order to trigger FAA, and then whip back around into a flanking position with his hard boost. While probably not competitively viable, both Blue Ace and Snap are a ton of fun with the new astro. I strongly recommend giving it a try.
  9. So how does it work when a low PS Sheathipede pilot coordinates Miranda? Can she Slam without first revealing her dial? EDIT: Disregard, the SLAM card specifically states that it cannot be performed as a free action.
  10. Blue Ace with Flight Assist Astro sounds like fun, I imagine he will get allot more use out of his ability when it has the potential to be free.
  11. Added the Store championship data for Goblin Games in Manhattan KS (http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=2941). Only had 11 players, so there was no cut. 1st Place: Justin Geering (4-0) -Fenn (PTL, AT) - Kavil (TLT, VI, Unhinged, VT, - Zuckuss (VI, K4 (or dengar, can't remember), Title, Tractor Beam, 2nd Place: Tim Smith (3-1) - 3x Delta Squadron Pilot (X7 title, MKII Engines) - Academy Pilot 3rd Place: Sam Osborne (3-1) - Quickdraw (Score to settle, FCS, PA, LWF, Title) - Backdraft (VI, FCS, PA, LWF, Title) - Omnicron Group Pilot (Palpatine, Collision Detector)
  12. Should be interesting to see how it handles without a K-turn
  13. I'm not convinced that a PS9 arc-dodging Xizor will be the way to go. His shenanigans only work if he uses his BR, which leaves him with a possible FCS target lock on offense, and no tokens for defense. He may be hard to pin down, but I don't think we will accomplish much. I have a feeling that FFG kept the Starviper PS low on purpose in order to prevent any pilot from getting both crazy arc dodging shenanigans and good action economy. A reactive PS9 banked AS BR + action economy would probably be a tad OP.
  14. Another option for an EPT would be Lone Wolf. With AS and AT, she would make one heck of a flanker.
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