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  1. Way to tell 'em, or something. Go you. Class dismissed
  2. We're sorted. Sold 2 of the cores to a couple folks in our regular group. We're just going to derp around casually at home sessions and maybe revisit store/competitive play after the New Year depending on interest and fiscal capabilities.
  3. It's just Q4 sticker shock, folks. A non issue. Before things get too pedantic I think I'll sign out. Cheers to all.
  4. I imagine what will actually happen here is my playgroup will just use the cores to learn how to play for a month or so, we'll take our usual break at the holidays, and when we get back see where the local comp scene is at and grab the packs then if they're in stock. For good or ill our local store crowd generally hits hard and fast. It wouldn't even be an issue any other fiscal quarter of the year.
  5. I have 3 cores arriving tomorrow. If I had known about this pack rollout method I would not have pre-ordered. Not quite sure what I'm going to do just yet, but my initial reaction is not positive. I'm going to wait until my knee-jerk emotions have passed and then figure out what to do. Likely, it will be to try to sell 3 cores. edit- To clarify it's the timing moreso than the method. $200+ right before the holidays to hop in and be competitive? No, thank you.
  6. I mean, I appreciate your vigilance as a forum policeman, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm still diving into this thing, just a little dissapointed by the delivery method. Have a good one.
  7. The 3 Core Set thing again. I mean, really? I guess if it ain't broke...
  8. I just can't help but be cautious. I've been drinking the FFG kool-aid for a long time now, but I believe I've reached a point where I'm done with blind buys and pre-orders. I'm very interested in Runewars, but I'm going to wait a bit for this. Not only to catch some reviews, but also to see what kind of support, and how much support, comes with it. The FFG of the last few years is a bit more aggressive than the one I fell in love with back in 2009. If Runewars isn't an instant success it will get dropped within a year. That's a very consistent, and measurable behavior at this point. This time I don't plan on being stuck with a core box sampler with maybe a sprinkling of expansions or half hearted POD's. If they get a full game on the plate I'll absolutely take a look, even if I have to wait a year. I hope to live vicariously through some of you for the next few months while I wait to see how they roll it out.
  9. I was tempted to buy two cores of Armada at the beginning when everyone was shouting "buy two cores", but 5 waves in I'm glad I didn't. I think I'll grab one core and some extra dice and wait to see how the expansion bloat is going to work out. If it flops or doesn't get some quick followup support I may look into a 2nd core.
  10. Great points all around. Mentioning X-Wing also makes me realize how heavily invested I am in Armada. Do I need a fantasy version of x-wing/armada? The more I considered that the more I found it unlikely. It's more likely that I'll choose to be content with my 3 faction Battlelore set and try to avoid the wash, rinse, new coat of paint cycle the last generation of product lines have offered.
  11. IF I decide to invest in this game upgraded tokens will be the first thing I buy or make. I like the idea of the mechanic, but I don't see cardboard hanging in there longterm.
  12. I see plenty of faction possibilities, even outside of the 4 main factions. Whether FFG is capable of releasing a game that actually explores all of the factions in their own setting is another question.
  13. Not getting that 4th faction doesn't exactly make me want to dive into the Runewars miniature game. Who's to say I get into heavily collecting that just to have it dropped before all of the necessary elements are explored? They sort of set their own bar with faction representation in that setting. If they can't deliver a game that fully explores the setting, or at least fleshes it out a bit more, then I'm sort of not interested. This may not be a big deal for a casual board gamer, but I'm looking for a setting to invest in as a collector as well. When considering the Runewars Miniatures Game I'm not exactly filled with confidence.
  14. This was one of my last questions, actually. Thanks. I'm used to the "2 core" thing from FFG but I was curious if they were going to buck the trend this time. 2 of each core set it is, then :/
  15. I'm a reformed podcast fan. At the height of my groups involvement with rpg's I was subscribed to....many.
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