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  1. They are of no importance to the plans of our Dynasty. Hard decision, i really prefer neitehr.
  2. Now i got a question... how does an AdMech Magos go about creating something for which there is a need, without violating the tenets of the mechanikum? In our group, our explorator wants to build servitor mounted rocket artillery. If there is no design known to him, would this be "inventing something new" or would a typical AdMech just tak some rocketlaunchers on a servitor and call it a day (this kind of mix-and-matching, does it fall under heretek?), or would he need a whole new SCT plan for such a thing?
  3. ... when you declare five minutes into dinner with the commander of a space dock, that you'd execute him, if he were one of your soldiers... then proceed to take over the station so he becomes one of your soldiers, just for the sake of form.
  4. Well, Darrius Wolf prefers his old commissar coat and cap (you just can't best this hat). At the moment, he has no need to add anything to that, so its quite plain. He does have a "gala uniform" which consists of a coat of the same making, but with all his medals straddled upon (he likes to stress that none of these medals are honorably given, they are for proper combat action). There really isn't much to add to the regalia, though he does consider getting himself some hexagrammic wards in the armor he wears beneath but at the moment, practical light carapace armor suffices.
  5. So basically, a Goliath with a Mining Facility and Extended Vaults + Arboretum...could churn out tanks pretty much forever. Oh don't mind me, i'm just writing down future endeavours.
  6. Right, Flak Turrets and the Micro Laser Defense Grid are your best bets in this regard. I actually think about creating a carrier out of our cruiser with both. Basically "We launch, you stay away with your crap."
  7. I did start writing down our own adventure. It gives a very good insight into the mindscape of a character which helps in roleplaying. But your stories sound much more epic with many ships and everything
  8. Apologies for the doublepost, but i started making a log on fanfiction.net, retelling our adventures in the Expanse. It can be found here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10334179/1/Carving-a-Dynasty
  9. Wow. What a mindblowing ending for now. I started reading to get some inspiration on my own chronicles, but i have no idea if our adventures can even compete with that. Also, i've learned a new way to read the chapter "Koronus Expanse"
  10. Thats actually not a bad idea. There's shenanigans to be done with it.
  11. Just like a real submarine! I seriously consider doing such a thing with a carrier, or maybe we can houserule some kind of torpedo-bay that can be fired without being autodetected. Would be interesting to discuss the physics around this. Also, the monkey was a joke. But alas...
  12. I had an interesting epiphany, but since i have no access to my books atm, i wanted to propose this to the community and discuss this. Is it possible to create a ship that operates similar to a submarine? What weapons would be a good use? Can it be done with cruiser-sized ships? Does shooting torpedos break Silent Running? Why is there a monkey on the bridge?
  13. Interesting found, Baron. Its still nothing i want to occupy my cruiser with.
  14. Yeah, its basically a bigger Manufactorum, only able to produce one specific kind of good and the space and power is the manufactorum's * 4. So, nothing i would want on our ship at the moment.
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