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  1. Looking for a TRADE... I have 1 Luke Skywalker #35 Legendary 1 Han Solo #46 Legendary WANT 1x Admiral Ackbar #27 Rare 2x Holdout Blasters #63 Rare 2x IQA-11 Blaster Riffles #55 Rare 2x Dug In #139 Uncommon 1x Promotion #56 Rare 2x Scout #33 Rare 1x All IN #152 Uncommon 1x It's a Trap #107 Uncommon 2x Rearm #109 Uncommon Contact direct johnjbest@gmail.com US ONLY Please.
  2. Here are my samples of the IG-88 and Chewbacca figures colored. Un-like others, instead of paint I used sharpie markers (Only challenge is getting to some of the tough locations) I then sealed them with a coat of clear lacquer spray paint. Appreciate Comments. https://goo.gl/photos/7gKbCt4FNCXndUNs9
  3. Heard the situation is resolved for the time with a preliminary agreement... Hopefully freight will be moving shortly...
  4. Khudzlin is correct.. Keep in mind that with mixed affiliations, you have to watch your deployments a little more closely to ensure you have resource cards from that affiliation... so if you have a SITH deck with several navy sets added... you will need to have 1 Navy resource/objective card in play to play any of the navy cards out into the table. Could be frustrating having a whole hand of navy ships with 3 sith objectives in play so you can't them into the action.
  5. I did add a few additional photo's to the link... as I have left out several initially. Trandosians, offiicers and Nexu turned out well.
  6. Seeing some of the posts here I decided to try my hand. However not being big on paints, I tried a different technique using Sharpie markers. Would like to hear comments on how this method might or might not hold up... Contemplating some sort of clear top coat to help the color last. So far they seem pretty good though a few I am not happy with the color choices i made. https://picasaweb.google.com/102963703022147391216/Ia?authuser=0&feat=directlink The link should be public...
  7. I have used quart sized zip locks for the tiles.. I sorted them in 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40
  8. Mission: Indebted There are several pulse cannons in this mission that fire at the end of the round with red/Yellow attack dice. Rules were not clear if Accuracy is applied to these attacks. With red/yellow die, max accuracy would be 2 spaces greatly limiting the use of these weapons. 1) Does accuracy apply for these weapons or do they shoot for line of sight? 2) Do hero's get to throw defensive dice for these attacks? Thanks
  9. Please help with this scenario. I am playing DS with the Black Squadron Assault objective. I start my turn with 2 focus on Vader's Tie Advanced I refresh and remove 1 focus on the tie During deployment I place a focus token on the Black Squadron Assault (BSA) to bring in a unit. Can I also claim the ACTION on the BSA and remove the remaining focus token from the existing TIE unit? eg by playing the single focus do I get both the resource and the action capability of this objective? Would this also work if I focus the BSA objective to bring in an event in some other phase and can then also claim the action? Thanks
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