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  1. No they're not. But their owners, PAI Partners and previously Eurazeo, both are.
  2. So... Asmodee was bought by the French private equity firm Eurazeo in 2013 for €143 million. Asmodee acquired FFG in November 2014 (the first round of the OMG THE SKY IZ FALLING posts for those that have been here will recall). In July 2018, Eurazeo sold Asmodee to PAI Partners for €1.2 billion. Asmodee created Atomic Mass Games in autumn 2019, after being acquired by PAI Partners. In 2018, PAI Partners made the following statement in this article: https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/40926/eurazeo-finds-buyer-asmodee "PAI gave some clues to its plans for Asmodee, saying in its statement that it “intends to support the current management team in its plans to grow the business further through international expansion both organically and by acquisition.” PAI partner Gaёlle d’Engremont gave some elaboration on those plans. “We are excited by the company’s growth prospects, which include further developing Asmodee’s position in the core hobby gaming market and successfully diversifying the group’s main brands onto other platforms.”" PAI Partners is the European private equity company that owns Asmodee as part of it's investment portfolio. Asmodee, in turn, owns FFG and Atomic Mass Games among others. In my opinion, PAI will no doubt try to grow the value of Asmodee (with the FFG/AMG portions including the lucrative Star Wars game license) and then try to sell it sometime in 4 to 7 years at an increased valuation based on how they flip other license companys/products in their portfolio. About PAI Partners from: https://www.paipartners.com/about/pai-today/ "We acquire majority stakes in medium to large European companies who are leading brands in their market. We invest in five core sectors and are particularly focused on consolidating sectors and on markets where growth can be sustained through economic and financial market cycles. We harness our deep industry connections to deliver an ambitious and truly transformative approach. Our approach encompasses every aspect of our investments: consolidation, market position, growth, product and service development and beyond. Ultimately, we always seek to build excellent companies into sector leaders that can attract a strong premium on exit. An approach and attitude that often sets PAI apart from others."
  3. It's not ALL Star Wars games. It's quite clear in the announcement that it's the three miniature games: X-Wing, Legion, and Armada. It looks like Asmodee is pushing FFG back to just their boardgames, which is what they always excelled at pre-Star Wars (granted under CEO Christian Peterson)
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