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  1. Yeah! Bunch of jerks for expecting competitions to be consistent with their rules! Jerks! That's so unfair to people who don't want to follow the rules!
  2. Thread necro activate! I used the Autopilot Drone tonight with a Jakku Gunrunner (along with Genesis Red and Asajj). The Drone was set up directly in front of the QJ (pretty much touching) and moved first. Then the QJ came up behind it and Tractor'd it for one-speed move towards the enemy ships. Repeat on turn two. On the explody turn, if your opponent hasn't made an active effort to avoid the Drone or destroy it, you should be able to push it right into the middle of their ranks. Which is what happened on tonight's game. It did manage to hit two enemy ships for one shield each, and caused them to hesitate in their formation, which made it easier to pick off one of the forward ships quite quickly.
  3. No. They didn't need to put the override terminology on the Targeting Battery card, nor does anyone need to use Boosted Scanners for the Rage 4-5 lock because it's right there in the Rules Reference Guide in the first few sentences of the very first column on Page 1. So spend your energy to use your Targeting Battery and do your bonus attack. Acquire lock. Done.
  4. You mean you all don't have at least one of every ship from each of the seven factions? And often in multiples? Am I doing this wrong?
  5. I agree that the cost, and set-up, may be a bit of a challenge. But for the coordinated ship to basically receive the equivalent of three actions (or four with linked) seems pretty powerful. Coordinate action, Toryn TL, and the ship's own action>linked action potentially.
  6. Comms Team: After you perform a <coordinate> action, you may spend up to 2 <energy> to coordinate that many additional ships at range 0-1 of the ship you coordinated. Toryn Farr: After you coordinate a friendly ship, it may acquire a lock on a ship you are locking, ignoring range restrictions. Can Toryn trigger each ship to acquire a lock for each of the up-to three ships that are coordinated? Her ability doesn't specify an Action requirement, only that the ship was coordinated. So I'm thinking that Comms Team can allow up to three ships to be coordinated, and then Toryn can trigger each time to allow each of the same three ships to each acquire a lock on something that Toryn's ship has locked. Yes?
  7. Going back to the OP's question... There's nothing I can see in the Epic or Huge rules regarding ship limitations. The old v1 rule was a maximum of 12 small ships of the same chassis, and 6 for large. But the only reference I can find in the RRG or anything now is to check the official app for limits, and of course the app is so woefully ignored by FFG there's nothing for it.
  8. Slugrage

    Huge Ships in App?

    That app has been a bad idea since they considered doing it, and it just keeps being awful (Sorry FFG). They dropped all the Epic/Huge stuff and there's nothing available for it from them. I still rely on Yet Another Squad Builder for it, and it's all been updated with the new information.
  9. In a 500 point Epic build, there would be 24 Trade Federation Drones, deployed in four Wings of 6 fighters each. That would come to 464/500 points, leaving 36 points for either init bid or some scattered upgrades. But at least it's not 50!
  10. I know that. I've worked in retail of various kinds for over 30 years, so I understand how stores work. However, with this gaming shop, over half the footprint of the store is gaming tables already. There will be no extra staff at all and I could guarantee that 100%. It's not how they do things. They expect the community to run the events, and the staff sit behind the desk to collect the "fees".
  11. That's the thing. These aren't for tournaments. Just for the regular weekly casual play nights. I don't disagree that there's space and all that being used in the store. However, we play there on our regular night regardless if there's the Open Play kits or not. Adding the OP kits will have an entirely zero impact on any other space or game events. None. Nada. Zip. On our nights, there's several tables of X-wing/Armada/Legion/whatever on the big 6'x4' game tables, and a few tables of D&D playing. Beyond that, half the gaming tables are empty.
  12. I'm having a personal issue here. I've been asked by a local store owner to oversee/run the 2019 Open Play kits for X-Wing, Armada, Legion, and Imperial Assault (yes, we have players for all of them but there's a bunch of overlap). This is good. I like the idea of these kits. However, the store owner also wants to charge entry fees for anyone taking part with them. Nothing steep, but the fact that they wanted to even charge a fee at all kind of caught me off-guard. I was under the belief that these are purely meant for encouraging people to play the games in the shop and the idea of charging for them seems... petty? Am I wrong here?
  13. Because in product distribution, we're already well inside the "OMG Christmas is coming" window for product releases. Anything that's dropping in Q4 2019 better start getting hyped right now to ensure it has a strong sales presence for the seasonal buying frenzy. Or, just because. Your choice.
  14. Somewhere in the panel discussion today, I was told (ie: haven't had time to listen to it all myself) that when FFG was asked about IA, all that they said is that there's nothing in the production plan at all for IA. So take it as you will. I haven't confirmed it yet nor do I have the exact quote. But as it stands, IA appears to be as close to dead without it being announced as is possible.
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