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  1. Slugrage

    How are the other 5 Factions getting Ion Clouds?

    If the MSRP of $40 is where you define "Fairly Expensive", you're in the wrong hobby.
  2. Slugrage

    So Rebels.

    There's still some solid OT choices that they haven't tapped yet but are in Imperial Assault: R2-D2, C-3P0, Old Ben, OT Lando. Then there's all the characters from Rebels now that they've opened the door with Sabine, so you'll have Hera, Kanann, Ezra, Zeb, Chopper. With Jyn (and Krennic) out, there's also everyone else from Rogue One. That's just the unique Operative type characters (and a few of them could be Commanders). Echo Base still doesn't have their Corp units yet which they could do easily. There's also the Tauntaun suggested in the artwork that was revealed so that's an option too. And we haven't even scratched the surface of any of the new books or comics that are all canon as well now.
  3. Slugrage

    On the Hunt - Sabine Wren and Bossk!

    There's a Tauntaun artwork on the Endurance Training card on Bossk...
  4. Slugrage

    Balance in the Force Article

    Yup. Posted over an hour ago, but thanks for the effort. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/289915-theyre-up/
  5. Slugrage

    Casual X-Wing is Dead/Casual Player Bemoans Changes

    I'll fix the topic for you "Casual Player Bemoans Changes"
  6. Slugrage

    Are the new Points available yet

    The FFG offices are also located in the central US, so they've barely opened for business today (presuming a 9AM start time)
  7. Slugrage

    Are the new Points available yet

    Complaints? From the Star Wars fan base? But everyone is so moderate and reasonable in all the comment threads in anything Star Wars related... . . . . . (said no one ever)
  8. Slugrage

    Extra Charge/Shield Tokens

    After a few expansions, you'll be drowning in Charge tokens. I've already thinned my game box once.
  9. Slugrage

    The Importance of Turn 0.

    I have lost matches, quite decisively, by turn two.
  10. Slugrage

    Dewback Attack!

    Rancors, Dewbacks, Banthas, Nexu, Wampas, and Loth Cats are all fun in Imperial Assault... 😈
  11. Slugrage

    is 800 points to small of a army?

    Play however many points you want, but just keep it inside of two hours.
  12. Slugrage

    How many ships

    My go-lists are: 5 Scum, 3 Alliance, 4 Empire, 3 Resistance, 3 First Order
  13. Slugrage

    Servants of Strife Preview Article

    The Vulture Droid 1-speed K-turn and 2-speed T-Rolls. That's gonna be fun.
  14. Slugrage

    Is the Rebel HWK-290 getting played much in your area?

    This is my problem. In v1 I absolutely loved the HWK. However, with the release of v2, I've been slowly playing my way through everything and I honestly just haven't made it back to the HWK yet. It's still on my "Need to Fly!" list, but I just haven't made it to it. I've been having too much fun with my Scum ships (also not including the HWK). But soon!
  15. Slugrage

    Points and slots adjustment?

    Soon. Eventually. Not at this moment. Patience. It's a virtue. Especially with FFG.