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  1. Why do people hate TLJ? (Spoilers)

    For me it boils down to shoddy writing. Watching ESB the night before, the writing was far superior and it was just a better plotted, more well thought out movie. Problems: There was no way for Del Toro Guy to know about the cloaked ships. No one told him. He also had no reason to turn coat. Why wouldn’t Hondo tell her own troops her plan? Because no on dated her in college and she hates men? Why did we need to know the second thing? But hey, let’s promote sexism anyway. Men bad. Sisterhood good. Arrr. The not-Empire let small ships hyperdrive away. That tiny ship could’ve either evacuated the crew to separate systems, saving them all, or just make fuel runs. Luke’s entire arc, including his pointless death. What a waste of a good actor. The best scene in the entire movie was between him and Artoo. The entire casino sequence and the call to Mazz were unnecessary, as was every kid and cute animal. Phasma keeps dying like a punk. Leave her dead. She means nothing for the plot anyway. There’s no identifiable main character. It’s like watching separate people play separate RPG’s. There’s still no point to Finn. Engineer Girl was super whiney and also had no point except promoting classism. Was I entertained? Yes, but in future Rian Johnson shouldn’t be allowed to write anything at all, ever. Even a Baz Luhrman musical version would have been preferred to what we got.
  2. Imperial HUGE Ships...I'm Calling It.

    Joe Boss? Nothing about the new Dreadnaught or Flying Wing SSD?
  3. The First Order Strikes Forward wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t prequel bad. I really missed the Imperial March and its many variations, though. Without it, the scenes with the villains are just bland.
  4. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Stay away from the Lego Star Wars series. They invent a kyber crystal-powered fighter that uses the Force to cleave ISD's in half. At least it's a kind of a parody and not meant to be serious at all.
  5. Enemy of my Enemy HOTAC epic mission!

    There's a whole FB group that uses X-Wing rules, but 1/220 scale Mobile Suits. It looks pretty cool.
  6. Enemy of my Enemy HOTAC epic mission!

  7. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    I hope it's Anime. I want some Hera fan service LOL. The Rebel Alliance seems to confer rank through some kind of arbitrary process. They made Lando a general to reward him for going to get Han. Luke blew up the Death Star and is only a commander. During the Clone Wars, Jedi who have heretofore displayed zero tactical, strategic, or leadership abilities are assigned to lead legions of clones. Don't even get me started on the rest of this Mary Sue era. It's best not to think about it. It's just too darn stupid sometimes.
  8. Painting Contest!

    Hmm.... the last SW ship I painted was a 3D printed C-70 Charger..... I guess I could include a Y-Wing for scale?
  9. Lighting and Repaints

    That reminds me. Someday I need to get back to drilling out my Ghost's engines. (sigh) So many projects, so little time... I really, really want one of those Star Destroyers, though, and I don't even play Armada.
  10. Force Friday

    Maybe they'll put out a Lego Star Wars wave and we'll get "real" versions of the Star Scavenger, Arrowhead, and that crossbow thing the sith chick was flying. .... .... .... What?
  11. To be fair, though, he has to run into that kind of thing all the **** time. Even his underlings are terrified of him. I mean, c'mon now.
  12. Reporting... Nebulon-B Frigate here

    What specs dd you give Corsec for the basing, and what did they charge you? I was thinking about ordering this myself. Can't think how I'd store it, though....
  13. I thought the most interesting characters were Chirrut and Baze. I could've watched an entire movie starring those guys. Jyn was boring, could've been replaced by a message carried by an R2 unit (the R2 could've blown out the window, flown up, and gotten the hard drive, too) and I wouldn't have missed her. There, I said it.
  14. Posting Pictures

    That thing is so awesome I can't even.....
  15. Blogger stores all of its images on the Google albums folder. I've had no problems posting images hosted there to this forum. (such as the C70, etc)