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  1. Everything is connected. I swear.
  2. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Also, James Urbaniak. I think Steve Blum has made his money as Every Imperial Ever, though.
  3. That's.... a discussion for another time. Interesting note: James Urbaniak was the voice for the villainous MO-C droid, so it was like Rowan was being pursued by Rusty Venture the whole time
  4. Usually you see Lego making models of established ships, but never the reverse! LOL Amazing work, as usual.
  5. I can now also safely say the Lego Star Wars show had a better ending than Rebels.
  6. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    That's kinda sad. He makes some poor writing decisions, and they make a lot of poor decisions in general.
  7. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

  8. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    So anyway yeah, she's dead. And so is Kanan (sp?) which was a real surprise and kind of unnecessary. Blowing up that apparently unarmored, unshielded fuel dump was a boner move for the Empire. You'd think the governor would know that it's extremely essential to the factory's operation, given that said factory is the reason they're there in the first place, and been like "oh, let's send in every stormtrooper we have and just physically swamp them/stunblast them". Of course, they should have put huge shield generators around the fuel pods to keep everyone out in the first place. Also, why not just glider up to the super-vulnerable fuel dump, set some charges, and glider off to have a ready-made distraction for your extraction op? Or do that before you send in your extremely valuable Y-Wings? Or let a kid plan an op? (sigh) Rebels. At least they didn't kill Chopper, so I guess it's all okay. If Rian Johnson does in the next movie I'm gonna drive up to his house and kick him in the balls.
  9. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    That's always been my belief. Her being alive is terrible writing ("Mary Sue wins again!"). Vader killing her is him putting a nail in the coffin of Anakin and adding more anguish to the darkness of his soul. If she lived, then their confrontation is just a meaningless fight. But that debate has been on here before, and it's not pretty, so let's not gin it up again.
  10. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    I would too, but I'd still make it a point to tell Rian Johnson that he made terrible writing and art direction decisions. They made the dreadnaught flat and boring because he told them "I just need something flat to fly over." That Art Of- book is full of things that show how little imagination he had.
  11. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Solo fell down a shaft, landed in a trash pile on top of an armorless Phasma, who rescued him from the Not-Death-Star. They were going to open a new shipping business and Han wasn't in Ep 8 because he was STILL WAITING at the licensing office for her to show up. She is currently climbing out of a flaming pit on the SSD-2. Luke's okay, he just left his robe to go cliff diving. Leia died between movies straining herself on the toilet. Shoulda eaten more fiber. Hondo activated the suicide hyperdrive on the Raddus because no one wanted to hear about how she was jilted by yet another guy she met on the internet, so she is, in fact, dead.
  12. SWEET! And bonus: now you can do an all-TV-show force!
  13. Sweet! The Star Scavenger was a great ship. I liked the stock one better than the one with the Arrowhead welded onto it, personally. The Arrowhead was a sexy fighter design, too, even though it was INSANELY overpowered.
  14. Why do people hate TLJ? (Spoilers)

    For me it boils down to shoddy writing. Watching ESB the night before, the writing was far superior and it was just a better plotted, more well thought out movie. Problems: There was no way for Del Toro Guy to know about the cloaked ships. No one told him. He also had no reason to turn coat. Why wouldn’t Hondo tell her own troops her plan? Because no on dated her in college and she hates men? Why did we need to know the second thing? But hey, let’s promote sexism anyway. Men bad. Sisterhood good. Arrr. The not-Empire let small ships hyperdrive away. That tiny ship could’ve either evacuated the crew to separate systems, saving them all, or just make fuel runs. Luke’s entire arc, including his pointless death. What a waste of a good actor. The best scene in the entire movie was between him and Artoo. The entire casino sequence and the call to Mazz were unnecessary, as was every kid and cute animal. Phasma keeps dying like a punk. Leave her dead. She means nothing for the plot anyway. There’s no identifiable main character. It’s like watching separate people play separate RPG’s. There’s still no point to Finn. Engineer Girl was super whiney and also had no point except promoting classism. Was I entertained? Yes, but in future Rian Johnson shouldn’t be allowed to write anything at all, ever. Even a Baz Luhrman musical version would have been preferred to what we got.
  15. Imperial HUGE Ships...I'm Calling It.

    Joe Boss? Nothing about the new Dreadnaught or Flying Wing SSD?