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  1. There's a .... WHY IS THERE A FREEDOM GUNDAM?
  2. I hope it's Anime. I want some Hera fan service LOL. The Rebel Alliance seems to confer rank through some kind of arbitrary process. They made Lando a general to reward him for going to get Han. Luke blew up the Death Star and is only a commander. During the Clone Wars, Jedi who have heretofore displayed zero tactical, strategic, or leadership abilities are assigned to lead legions of clones. Don't even get me started on the rest of this Mary Sue era. It's best not to think about it. It's just too darn stupid sometimes.
  3. Hmm.... the last SW ship I painted was a 3D printed C-70 Charger..... I guess I could include a Y-Wing for scale?
  4. That reminds me. Someday I need to get back to drilling out my Ghost's engines. (sigh) So many projects, so little time... I really, really want one of those Star Destroyers, though, and I don't even play Armada.
  5. Maybe they'll put out a Lego Star Wars wave and we'll get "real" versions of the Star Scavenger, Arrowhead, and that crossbow thing the sith chick was flying. .... .... .... What?
  6. To be fair, though, he has to run into that kind of thing all the **** time. Even his underlings are terrified of him. I mean, c'mon now.
  7. What specs dd you give Corsec for the basing, and what did they charge you? I was thinking about ordering this myself. Can't think how I'd store it, though....
  8. I thought the most interesting characters were Chirrut and Baze. I could've watched an entire movie starring those guys. Jyn was boring, could've been replaced by a message carried by an R2 unit (the R2 could've blown out the window, flown up, and gotten the hard drive, too) and I wouldn't have missed her. There, I said it.
  9. That thing is so awesome I can't even.....
  10. Blogger stores all of its images on the Google albums folder. I've had no problems posting images hosted there to this forum. (such as the C70, etc)
  11. I thought about the magnets, but the thing wasn't solid enough inside its hard candy shell to support them. One of the longer rod-type, maybe? I just remember the peg ones I had on hand being too shallow at the time, plus I would've had to somehow drill into the slender Litko rod. Casting your Hammerhead is a great idea! Keep us all in the loop on that one!
  12. The pegs and base are the Litko huge ship base kit, found on their site and Amazon. I glued the holders directly to the bottom of the ship. They're snug, but shallow, so I'd recommend either using the peg holders as a drill guide or getting extra pegs. When I first saw how thing they were I nearly balked and ordered thicker acrylic rods and rod holders from Secret Weapon miniatures, but the Charger is light enough to be okay on them. The Acclamator is one big hunk of plastic, however, and requires the bigger cross base. I reinforced it on the Litko base using L-shaped plastruct rod. I wish the dude would just get rid of the Stargate garbage and print out more Star Wars ships (like a Hammerhead or a Brah'tok gunship) but oh well...
  13. The Charger is pretty spot on with the sliding scale chart, too. I checked it visually against the chart that was posted a while back and it matched up pretty well. Now the only casts of his I want but don't have are the Nebulon and Immobilizer...
  14. Thanks! Yes, yes it is. It costs less than a Blockade Runner. I tried to find some turrets small enough for the AA banks on the Acclamator, but everything I found was to huge for the model. The Russian needed to cast the thing at twice the size that he did, but oh well. It struck me how close it was to Vigil size, so there's some conversion potential there using 40k thrust nozzles and some turrets. This biggest hurdle there would be that box under the Vigil's prow. I'm guessing that it's a small craft bay, but Fractalsponge has never shown the doors open.
  15. I don't, but I do have ebay.