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  1. So, still after an animal. If they’d named it after the Mercury Cougar or Jaguar XJS, they’d still be animals.
  2. That flying t-bone is literally named after a jackass. It’s the donkey destroyer! 😛
  3. Fun fact: an onager is a type of donkey. Enjoy.
  4. Still no Hammerhead corvette.
  5. Bumping this thread up, because it’s so full of many good things....
  6. Where’s Joe Boss? Is he not Calling It (tm) any more?
  7. For a minute there I thought that was Edward James Olmos and got excited. Okay, more like 18 seconds.
  8. The best part of this sequence has always been been Threepio going from fussy mother hen to “I’m done with this shiff, we’re leaving.”
  9. Heed now the Undeniable Truth of The Force Awakens: Rey the Flatchested is actually a boy named Morty, who was traded for drinking money and a cheap spaceship by his ******* grandfather, Star Wars Rick. THINK ABOUT IT.
  10. In the end, people like what they like, dislike what they dislike, they’re entitled to disagree, best done amicably, and that’s that. But Dune will always be superior for showing Sting in a diaper, and a floating Charles Durning.
  11. When Jyn " goes up onto the communication tower and is waaaaaaaaay out on the inconvenient control spar, the TV commercial shows a TIE coming up at point blank range and hovering there. This never happened in the film.
  12. Since I just got a Nebulon and couldn't wait to paint it up, here it is in all its glory. And next to my other frigate..... And by her lonesome.... She's got a fine posterior, too..... Details and more photos on the blog.
  13. Any objections to showcases for things like MacrossVF1's scratchbuilt Arquitens, or other folks' Hammerheads, Peltas, and other Epics?
  14. Here’s something positive for you: given the mass of Death Star II and its structural integrity (as it was not finished) it’s a good bet (mathematically) that its destruction meant there would’ve been intact chunks big enough to cause an impact winter on the Forest Moon of Endor which most certainly would have killed a large number of native life, including a lot of Ewoks. Over time they’d evolve to organisms better able to weather an ice age, but in the short term a vast amount of the surface would be covered in snow and ice and most fauna and flora frozen to death! The Maths are also with us in favor of there being nothing but Ewoksicles for OT Survivors to find! Also, the cargo frigate was cool. Two things positive. Because I like you.
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