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  1. Anyone else fly some of them new Star Vipers today. Those banked barrel rolls are dope. Makes the starvipers a brutal knife fighter. I ran the following: Scum's 4BZ StarViper: Black Sun Enforcer (25) StarViper Mk.II (-3) StarViper: Black Sun Enforcer (25) StarViper Mk.II (-3) StarViper: Black Sun Enforcer (25) StarViper Mk.II (-3) StarViper: Black Sun Enforcer (25) StarViper Mk.II (-3) M3-A Interceptor: · Sunny Bounder (14) "Light Scyk" Interceptor (-2) -- TOTAL ------- 100/100p. --
  2. I like this. I'm going to have to steal it.
  3. I often like discussions of what a power combo's weaknesses may be. The analysis is very interesting.
  4. I've seen a few posts in multiple areas (even for different games) where people state that they hate net listing. Why is there such hate for this? I don't see why people get so mad when someone goes to the next to find a good list to play. Thoughts?
  5. I'd like to point out that Rey is also only 2pts for a similar effect.
  6. So I opened a guns for hire pack today. I just realized no target locks come in the pack.
  7. Didn't realize SoCal (San Diego/LA) was a small meta? Where do I have to go to play in the real Meta??
  8. Decimator/Whisper isn't Tier 1??? That list is brutal. I've gotten to top 4 every time I've run it.
  9. I think you should have let him re-dial the move. It was an opening move of little import and running off the board was obviously not his intention. Past the first few moves, I can see holding someone's feet to the fire for a mistake. This was an opportunity to make someone's day. Sometimes you have to be the better person.
  10. Stuff with decent agility. I tend to smile when playing a raider and see any agility 0/1 ships on the other side of the board.
  11. Good does have more hp than most epic ships and similar offense. A raider will tear one up though.
  12. How do you guys build yours? My current load out is: Heavy laser Cannon Dengar Zuckuss Gunnery team Optimized generators Insatiable wort title Comms booster Engine booster Quick release locks (or emergency shield generator) Hits like a truck has decent defence and can power up mind link.
  13. I kinda get the the sense that heavy access to the tech slot is the imperial thing. They have 3 ships that can use it (to the other factions 1) and are the only faction that has the system-tech combo (allowing FCS/Targeting Synchronizer shenanigans). They also have the best access to AGI 3 (even their 2 AGI ships get to be 3 agility, thanks lightweight frame).
  14. I tend to run the fat potatoes unless I am running swarm or multiple large ships.
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