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  1. The vipers do a lot of fighting at R 1-2. So I don't get to use them all that much. On the approach, at least 1 guy tends to reach R2. And the opponent will simply shoot him instead of the thrustered targets. Also, Sunny's ability makes him ALMOST a 3 atk ship. On top of that, I get one more blocker. If you are dead set on thrusters, you can run 3 x enforcers with mkii and thruster and There with mkii and thrusters and have a 1pt bid.
  2. Team mech killers will be starting their stream soon. Below is the link if you'd like to watch. http://www.twitch.tv/teammechkillers @JaceDK
  3. I should be streaming a match with them this evening on Team Mech killers twitch
  4. Not yet. I'll either go pink/grey (for the dress suit) or black/red/gold (for the monarch suit she used). I'm learning more towards the black/red/gold
  5. For those who haven't seen Venture Bros, below is a pic of the monarch. Strategy will vary significantly based on what you are facing. However, there are a few principals which will apply often. I usually start the starvipers in an offset box (back rank is 1/2 base shifted left or right from front rank) near center board with sunny about range 2 to the side depending on rock placement. Keep in mind that the 1 bank right followed by bank roll right curved forward from back of base to front of base (there is a reason I hardly have an opponent do there for me) will drift you ship 2-2.5 bases to right and only about 1 base forward. This allows a lot of control on your intial engagement. With the aforementioned box formation I can either keep the swarm together or split them up in pairs if facing harpoons (have 2 bank+roll left and have 2 bank+ roll right). If you have a mobility advantage, you want to try to use this to attack from 2 angles, this allows some of your vipers to not need s-turns in the turns after the first engagement. Try to get your opponent to spread damage. Use wounded members to block. Or take the target locks action with healthier ships and focus with the wounded one. Make your opponent make hard choices between trying to pull a 1-2 hit, but tokened starviper off the board vs sinking damage into a undefended target. Sunny should start going for target locks when you have wounded starvipers on the board. Ifyou have a target locks without a focus, do the math on whether it is worth the spend or if it would be better save it for a closer shot with more mods. (If you took hit blank blank vs a tokened Inquisitor at R3, save the lock. Good blocking is key with this list. When jousting this, Starvipers have a unique advantage in that the can set up a formation that blocks all of a target's turns and banks away while still allowing all the ships to fire on the blocked target (minus the guy who ends up getting the block of course).
  6. I had thought Monarch using Xizor rules would be very thematic. I'll have to consider that for a later project.
  7. Monarch Squadron went 4-0 and took first at it's first store kit tournament since repaint.
  8. I finally got the last commission for the star viper repaint done. The only thing I need as this point is the alt art pilot cards.
  9. This was exactly my thought in including the harpoon.
  10. Fenn can land the R1 Side arc on the ghost no problem. Then the ghost boosts past you and Fenn eats a R1-R2 main gun shot from outside fenn's arc. Rebel fenn steals scum fenns token to boot.
  11. Cheapest way to get 2 PS 10 cruise missiles
  12. I had someone running something similar in my local meta with PS 10 Cruise missiles Lieutenant Dormitz — Upsilon-class Shuttle 31 Fire-Control System 2 Systems Officer 2 Courier Droid 0 Hyperwave Comm Scanner 1 Hyperwave Comm Scanner 1 Ship Total: 37 Tomax Bren — TIE Bomber 24 Veteran Instincts 1 Extra Munitions 2 Cruise Missiles 3 Guidance Chips 0 Ship Total: 30 Darth Vader — TIE Advanced 29 Adaptability 0 Cruise Missiles 3 Advanced Targeting Computer 1 Guidance Chips 0 TIE/x1 0 Ship Total: 33 This rather hard to avoid, especially Vader Simple BBCode HTML Close
  13. If they use chips, you just bring Kagi in at the same time. He might die, but gets to fire at least once and will require both missiles and that Miranda spend a shield.
  14. Fine with this trade, it gets defenders to the end game vs 2 ionized bombers. PS8 is enough to get simultaneous fire vs Miranda.
  15. You can't lose a Delta, Kagi takes the locks due to pilot ability. Kagi might die (opponent would need to Max out his dice while losing a shield from Miranda to get the extra die on her missiles). But he still shoots at least once and the end result is both ships ionized and half of Miranda gone. Turn 2 you kill Miranda and re-ionize Nym. Then, you can K turn behind Nym and chain ionized him.
  16. The trick here is is that you need to fly them apart, but get into range at the same time. Some enemy lists can make this risky (particularly ones with strong reposition ability such as PTL Kylo or gunboats). The risk being if you spread out too much, your opponent can rush one side of you formation in hopes of setting up an asymmetrical engagement. There are certain factors that make this more difficult for your opponent. For example if you have PS advantage and boost on both ships, you can dial conservative (slow) moves with each ship and then boost with the ship that is going to be chasing. Here you can set up a situation that is bad for your opponent no matter who they choose to attack. If they attack Han, you are able to fire with both ships (since Han is a turret) and Han is faster (large ship with open dial +boost). If they try to take Poe, they have a another set of problems, Poe has infinite dice mods (Pilot ability + Autos) along with black one and Regen. Its realistic that most lists simply won't have the fire power needed to kill Poe. You'll need to be wary that many opponents will come to this realization a few rounds after dealing no damage to Poe and try to throw a reversal toward Han. Look for opportunities to leave a hard turn plus boost open to scramble into chase position with Poe if they reverse on you. As to the rocks, @Tbetts94 differing advise is just due to our play styles, while Tbetts94 may run them tight he will still place them a bit further than minimum. The danger of flying into tight rocks is that it drastically limits the possible moves available to your ship, an opponent that knows your next move can set up some nasty kill boxes that would not be reasonable to attempt on an open field where he can't reasonably predict you maneuver and you have a boost available. This is part of the reason holding a position on the edge of the board is a mixed blessing. If you are on the edge of the board, you can't get flanked from outside the board edge, but half of your dial is unavailable. This in turn, makes it easier to figure out where you will be. The lesson here is that if you have two similar positions (with respect to the enemy) you want the one closer to the middle of the board.
  17. @Arctitian You want spread out, large rocks for this list. Large rocks gets you better defence rolls, speed out gives you room to arc-dodge. Your starting goal is to build Rey tokens (you are in no hurry to engage the enemy). Then You wanna set up a scenario where the enemy is chasing one ship with the other following you will prefer Poe chasing and Han leading. (Unless they have several attacks, then let Poe lead and Han chase). You can make either ship nearly immune to single attacks in a round (Han has 3po+ evade, Poe does Poe stuff). Pick an enemy ship and make sure you can land a kill in 2-3 rounds. Pay attention to the ranges the enemy can fight well at and don't be there. PS11 plus boost is nearly the final word in range control.
  18. Excellent write up Wurms! Posts like these are why I hang out here.
  19. Captain Kagi — Lambda-Class Shuttle 27 Collision Detector 0 Ion Cannon 3 Hotshot Co-pilot 4 Ship Total: 34 Delta Squadron Pilot — TIE Defender 30 Ion Cannon 3 TIE/D 0 Ship Total: 33 Delta Squadron Pilot — TIE Defender 30 Ion Cannon 3 TIE/D 0 Ship Total: 33 What do you think about this? @Tbetts94 and I concocted this. Kagi makes the defenders immune to LRS. Hot-Cop is there to beat Deadeye boats and make life hard for Poe. Is it too much of a gamble?
  20. Crimsonwarlock


    Hey guys what about this... Captain Kagi — Lambda-Class Shuttle 27 Collision Detector 0 Ion Cannon 3 Hotshot Co-pilot 4 Ship Total: 34 Delta Squadron Pilot — TIE Defender 30 Ion Cannon 3 TIE/D 0 Ship Total: 33 Delta Squadron Pilot — TIE Defender 30 Ion Cannon 3 TIE/D 0 Ship Total: 33
  21. Have you heard the the tragedy of Darth Guidary the wise? It is said that said that he had the power to change maneuver dials in the activation phase. Where can you learn theses powers? Not from any FFG Judge...
  22. My two builds are Lowhrick w/Rey+Tactician+DTF This one is a good Biggs replacement. Lowhrick plus DTF makes a strong defensive boost to another ship Any pilot W/ Rage+Experimental Interface+Inspiring Recruit+Inspiring Recruit This is if I want strong firepower from my wookies. Gives me fully modded dice plus reinforce. I usually still use lowhrick a the pilot, but this setup could work with a generic or wulfwarro
  23. No he only packs lists that he wants to fly. Unlike me, who drags his whole collection along.
  24. Did you run adaptability on your bump master?
  25. Just curious what are you running that packs a 4pt bid?
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