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  1. Because people have developed strategies that involve flying in such a manner that your opponent's options are joust or go to salvo. We have a Marshall that has stated that if he doesn't like the moves you've picked, he will end your game despite your moves being Legal, because he has seemed your flight path to be unsporting. This literally creates a situation where if my opponent doesn't joust me, the Marshall will end the game. I feel that this is highlight's an opportunity where the game can change for the better rather than just have some judges deem certain strategies comprised of otherwise legal moves illegal. Phantoms have have been playing this strategy for months and no one has cried that it was unsporting conduct. My position is that within the current ruleset, if your opponent decides that they won't budge on the location of where the engagement is to happen then I'm allowed to select when the engagement happens.
  2. So if your opponent sets up a favorable engagement on a different area of the board is it "Unsportsmanlike" to not enter his trap? The board is only so big, it takes 2 not to engage. I'd I had been facing Jedi Aces would it be fair for the Marshall to force the game into final salvo (8v12 dice) because he didn't want to joust me in the rocks? The rules give him 2 hours to engage me. Getting your ships to engage at the correct time and location is a cornerstone of x wing.
  3. It's more of that high level x wing looking like low level x wing stuff. Sometimes, when playing a knowledgeable opponent, the best move isn't the best move because it's expected and thus, will be countered. That and if you sightread/adapt better than most, running a less studied line of play can tilt things in your favor. Take list that loves to joust (Ketsu/old t/ talonbane) in a matchup vs tie swarm. Jousting down the edge of the board is very well studied and many players (particularly those running jousty lists) have a familiarity with the rule of 11. If you instead joust the tie swarm at a 45 degree angle you may gain some advantage by making the tie swarm player think on the fly in a new situation (even though rule one of x wing is don't joust the f-ing TIE swarm player). In this case spacing needs to be eyeballed and rocks may be in the jousting Lanes. Approaching at a 45 Lenghtens the opposing formation increasing the odds of the swarm not being fully engaged.
  4. Exactly, rules exist to define what is allowable.
  5. Agree on this point, but I would be remiss in not pointing out that generics typically benefit from refusing to engage on any but their own terms due to (Generally ) better salvo dice. The 12 salvo dice on my Vipers pretty much forces Ace players into the rocks. Part of the reason I hang back with vipers vs aces is the board edge protects them just as much as the rocks.
  6. I hate to break it to you, but it's rule of 10.5 in America too. Rule of 11 just rolls off the tongue better. Mats are 3'x3' or range 9x9 which puts ships accross from each other at Range 7. Each range is 2.5 bases so the ships start 17.5 base lengths apart. You only have to move 10.5 bases to secure range. Since their were no medium bases when the principal was developed during 1.0, they just called it the rule of 11. The extra .5 base allowed the rule to cover slightly being off on lateral placement (**** you Pythagoras!) or imprecise movement. The range 3 rulers are 12" long btw. To check if the mat is American. See if you can fit 3 exactly accross.
  7. After 30Min all ships at R1;of the board edge are destroyed. After 60 min all ships at R2 are destroyed. Something like that?
  8. Or what if I stated my plan was to wait for my opponent to make a mistake?
  9. With at least half of games going to time (24 of 41 games in round 1 were called on time), one could reasonably conclude that the clock is indeed part of the game. How would you have handled this game if you were Marshall? Would you call the salvo if neither player moved towards each other (most likely giving the game to the guy with more dice)? What if one player moved to engage after the warning, but the other did not? Would you DQ the guy who didn't change his flight pattern? If so, at this point you've forced one player to adopt an inferior strategy (rule one of x wing is don't joust the f-ing swarm, or from my opponent's perspective, stepping into the happy fun time Starviper playhouse doesn't seem like a great option either) or get DQ'd. If not, then this rule seems to have no application in this case or is just unenforceable. The best way to avoid this situation is to make it so the winning move is to play (objectives could force people to spread out or engage in different areas of the board).
  10. He said it was on purpose, I see no reason to dig any further than that. It wouldn't have mattered anyhow. The last engagement had 3 of his Torrents shooting. 2 of them maxed out their rolls and only got 1 damage to my shield. The other torrent rolled no hits. In order to change the outcome, his 1 reroll would have needed to land a crit, and I would have to blank out 4 greens and draw a double damage. The odds are quite significant that I would have still won even if he didn't fly the ARC off the board.
  11. I had considered that, but our Marshall was a bit of a stickler for the rules (as is his job). The timer was even set for 75 min initially and then extended to 2 hours when someone showed him the tournament doc where it had to be 2 hours. I almost lost because of this extension as I was getting ready to move to my opponents board edge with 14 min on the clock. If this extension had come a turn later, I would have been too close to safely disengage. Fortunately for me vipers can fade back quickly.
  12. No worries. Literally any of my other games would have been better to stream.
  13. So both of our lists are built around punishing an opponent that moves into unfavorable terrain. We both started the game planning on killing the other guy as he enters our side of the board. Your response is to End the game because one or both of them isn't willing to make a stupid move? (Jousting a swarm is generally stupid). Were getting into some pretty subjective territory here. I came up a plan to win within the rules of the game, **** I even told him I was gonna come engage him in last moments of the game after we recognized the other guys game plan. He had options to play against it ( it took about 2-3 turns to get to his corner of the board). Ryan could have tried rushing me to force an even engagement or fleeing with his list to keep me from scoring points . All this said Ryan and I had a blast cracking wise and playing for 2 hours with plastic space ships. Does it matter how we flew?
  14. Oh noes, I'm getting scouted... Also, I don't think they're gonna drop points on the vipers anymore.
  15. My plan was pretty much this. Run the clock out and engage at the last round. Use my moving second with reposition ability to engage offsides 3-4 vipers vs 1-2 Torrents and either take 2 or less damage while halfing a Torrent (win outright)or kill a torrent for half a viper (roll 12v11 salvo instead of 12v13).
  16. I think you're right, they did use the top down can a lot during that match
  17. I was watching the Vid for day 1. And during round one there was an opaque border covering the cards during part of the match. Seemed to only be there during activation and engagement. This wasn't there during any of the other matches. Does anyone know why? Opaque at 1:55:11 Clear at 2:07:45
  18. I checked it his twitch channel, but it had no videos. Does he post them afterwards?
  19. Anyone know who steamed the Hannover System open?
  20. Reach out to meg@cascadegames.com I had a similar problem (received 2 2 straights). They set me right.
  21. Used to be that way in 1.0.
  22. Scum already can use one gas cloud. Just bring Tobias Beckett
  23. Yeah, I posted the deets on page 2 or 3. Nothing sinister, error in the squad builder was the root cause.
  24. Still won't take it...
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