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  1. The same can be said for any swarm list that declines to pursue a retreating ace. Vipers are just better at it than TIE fighters. In a Ace vs Jedi matchup I have 12 dice to the opponents 6. (Most other ace lists top out at 8 dice) I'm effectively starting from a winning position. Most ace player's are aware of the salvo disadvantage and come in well before the time limit. Part of why I've started taking the list to higher level tournaments is that it matches up strongly vs the current Meta. Vs swarms I get to play quad aces, vs aces, I get to play a hypermanueverable swarm. People complain more loudly about defensive play vs aces, but the list actually uses the tactic a lot more vs swarms. In these cases I don't want to go to salvo (I'm usually losing these as most swarms have at least 14 dice). If I'm holding back here I'm looking for a few things -the swarm player decides to charge me through the rocks and splits his forces and loses shots as he weaves through obstacles. (This doesn't happen too often in cut games) -given a swarm player that refuses to enter the rocks, I'm am looking for a weakness in their flight path. Most lists will either k turn or turn away, leaving me an opportunity to pounce. The opponents will either K turn to regain arc (leaving me with a serious mod advantage and enough space to avoid getting blocked on the second round of fighting) or they will start turning back towards be, which allows an aggressive bank plus slide to let me slip out of arc of most of them and gain an offsides engagement. -ocasionally I will run into someone who has a flight pattern with no discernable weakness. In the scenario you cited, Frost fortresses 2 of his ships and does donuts in the open half of the board I let him build. (In a rematch against this archetype, I will consider placing at least one rock in the opposing corner to counter this). In this case I got to think of something better. I've only made it this far down the flow chart a single time. The board is only so big, if one player wants an engagement, there will be one. If rolling dice is important to you, change in and roll them dice. If winning is important, play the game of cat and mouse and solve the puzzle.
  2. This outlook is literally what pissed off the internet when I was running star vipers. I don't think I've ever taken a game to 0-0 points destroyed salvo, but the threat of an off sides salvo has certainly caused many an opponent to follow my game plan and fight in an area of my choosing.
  3. If the internet at Large is to be believed, this isn't fair to the ace player. Having more salvo dice than your opponent isn't sporting. Be careful with this strategy.
  4. Orr... You run both and win no matter which way it gets ruled
  5. M3A Syck has the following hull ability: Weapon Hardpoint: you can equip 1 [cannon], [torpedo], or [missile] upgrade Barrage rocket is an upgrade with 2 [missile] icons? Can the M3A equip barrage rockets?
  6. There are plenty of solid selections of generic pilots. The runner up list at worlds had a z95. Top 4 had 4 Starvipers. Cartel Marauders were in evidence. Generics are excellent for building efficiency lists. Nothing I love seeing more when building an efficiency list than an opponent with a 20pt bid
  7. Good catch. I hadn't thought of that.
  8. I blame... Raithos.... YASB had the option for a gunner. I guess that neatly sidesteps that issue.
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