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  1. Crimsonwarlock

    How are the other 5 Factions getting Ion Clouds?

    Scum already can use one gas cloud. Just bring Tobias Beckett
  2. Crimsonwarlock

    Illegal Squad at Phoenix / Trip Upsilon (no relation)

    Yeah, I posted the deets on page 2 or 3. Nothing sinister, error in the squad builder was the root cause.
  3. Crimsonwarlock

    They're up!!!

    Still won't take it...
  4. Crimsonwarlock

    Illegal Squad at Phoenix / Trip Upsilon (no relation)

  5. Crimsonwarlock

    Illegal Squad at Phoenix / Trip Upsilon (no relation)

    Torkil, Seevor, Serrissu, and a kimo I think
  6. Crimsonwarlock

    Illegal Squad at Phoenix / Trip Upsilon (no relation)

    I was at the event and fellow that this happened to is a good friend of mine. The illicit list was due to a bug in YASB 2.0 I'm not 100% on the details of the bug, but the judges were able to replicate the bug. There was no Ill intent. The computer did the math on serissu incorrectly and as a result his list was showing at 199 pts in the Yasb, but was really 201 pts. This is part of the reason I keep using FFG'S app despite it having bugs (like periodically eating my lists)
  7. Crimsonwarlock

    Nien Numb

    Yeah, meant afterburners.
  8. Crimsonwarlock

    Nien Numb

    Think of Nien like a Biggs for Poe. If you ignore him, he K turns for days against you. The only thing keeping him in check is single actions (mostly). Autothruster plus Daredevil is amazing on him
  9. I was just watching the First Earth Stream of the French Nationals. I noticed at the beginning of one of the games, a tournament official took both players phones (I'm guessing to prevent cheating) I've never seen this in the US. Is this common in Europe or elsewhere? Does anyone have any background on this? http://www.twitch.tv/firstearth/v/340576114?sr=a&t=113s
  10. Crimsonwarlock

    Venture Bro's "The Monarch" themed StarViper Squad

    It was better for the narrative that 5 arc bound ships beat the fat turret to win the day.
  11. Crimsonwarlock

    Venture Bro's "The Monarch" themed StarViper Squad

    Update:. I managed to take 1st at a 19 Person store championship with this list. Notable opponents included Rey/Lowrick, Fenn/Talon/Thweek (had to face this guy twice back to back) and a QD/ Double Silencer list. The previous week I got second at a different store champ (14 person). I beat out a 100pt Miranda list, but got stopped cold by a Ketsu/Assaj passive mods list.
  12. Crimsonwarlock

    Poe + Miranda?

    This is very true. The Harpoons are mainly there to punish people who let Miranda get behind them or try to focus on Poe too much.
  13. Crimsonwarlock

    Poe + Miranda?

    Yeah, you get a few really 1 sided matches. That's why I only really bust it out Tournament play these days
  14. Crimsonwarlock

    Poe + Miranda?

    This is a strong combo, but @Tbetts94. Has it correct, it is hard to master. You have to really learn when and where to engage with Miranda. I got dumpstered a few times when starting out with the list (Miranda dies quick if you screw up the engagement). Below are vids from one of those tournaments where I went 4-0 800 MOV Feel free to ask any questions about my time flying it.
  15. Crimsonwarlock

    Welter Weight

    @Tbetts94. Yeah you one shotted jostero with sabacc. That was brutal.