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  1. I have no idea why piranha cannon came to mind, but blasters are for Imps, give me a piranha gun.
  2. Two of our players have no combat skills whatsoever (myself included), so we usually are looking for some means of foiling our enemies (tech solutions or otherwise), cowering, or trying to aid our allies with situational devices. For those in combat, only one or two of them will remember to aim, most are trying to move into cover, or doing something crazy like some complicated series of movements and rigging that ultimately ends with "annnnd... I fail, but spectacularly." Every once in a while the gambit pays off and someone does something incredible, but usually combat rounds last for 2-3 rounds and someone loses a limb.
  3. Too bad you are going agility, as I would love to hear about the exploits of a force sensitive wookie with a lightsaber. If it were me, I would (as stated above in other posts) go marauder for offense, force sensitive exile - sense power for defense (stick to force rating 1 with that xp budget), and consider assassin. Pump up lethal blows and hope you crit him to death.
  4. Thanks KRKappel, it's nice to hear from people who are living what I want to pursue. I find that all my writing has to do with gaming nowadays. I don't find much satisfaction in recording the events of a game, but I do like broadening characters from a table. My favorite thing to do is a character mythology or ancestry. If my character has an especially mystical bent, I find it compelling to detail out their belief structure through writing the mythos of their beliefs. I dream of writing full-length stories and novels, but I am terribly unpracticed.
  5. It has been an aim of mine for a long time to build/collaborate on a sandbox system without a GM. More accurately, I was aiming to structure a game by dividing the GM duties to the players while setting up a self-generating plot through tables. The aim is to not have it sound chaotic and disjointed (or down right ridiculous), but to form a solid narrative and have the players facilitate the mechanics. I'd be interested to hear more about how this goes for you.
  6. The boost die is in addition to the talent's original effect, and the same for the setback die for Scathing Tirade.
  7. I buy the defensive bit for retracted, but extended I would say there is no defensive quality. However, the shifting quality of defense is hard to play with, so I would choose one or the other. As to the hard point, you definitely used up one of those for modification. As tot eh encumbrance, I don't think that this would exceed the encumbrance of either item, as you are making the item compact and wearable. I'd say choose either 1 hard point and no defense at all, or defense and no hard point. Encumbrance 1. Rest seems right no me. Neat idea!
  8. I wondered about this talent being used on other player's gear. I thought that it seemed it would only apply to the character with the talent, but I could not find the text that stated it explicitly. The way I conceptualize this talent in order to rationalize the power is that the process is ongoing. The "jury rigger" is constantly fiddling with the item to keep it running beyond (or at this point even at) the normal capacity. In this way, I would see Chewie jury rigging the Falcon, and without him the Falcon would soon shake itself to pieces.
  9. This is one of my problems with this power, the extent of thought that needs to go into every use of it. I play a politico now and I find it such a huge letdown whenever I reduce this attack to a roll. Quite frankly, I can not think of how to employ a tirade in a firefight, much less how to invent one on the spot that pertains to the characters and setting. I have had minor successes in the past, but after a couple of months, I am finding it harder and harder to use this power. I had thought about reskinning the power into something else. Wookies would be able to sub in a battle yell that would be frightening enough, but I am not a wookie, or anywhere near intimidating in appearance. I see this power simply being reduced to a regular coercion check often, which is fine for species and characters that are intimidating. For those that are not, this is a little trickier. I have found that my attempts often involve the muscle of my group being intimidating while I extract information, which is running almost too close to a negotiate check. I am a force sensitive character, so I had thought about incorporating the force, but that would seem to lead to the dark side quickly if I had intent to harm the target. Ultimately, I want to reskin this power into a pseudo-psychic attack that demoralizes the enemy into simply not fighting. Any ideas?
  10. Oh, I got it. It was just a funny thing to say, made more funny by the responses.
  11. Welcome MoonlitDNC, The beginner's box does seem to be a good idea for starting out, but I understand the cost-intimidation factor. If you get a couple players together, try to simplify things at first. That might mean dropping advantage and threat for the first couple games, not worrying about critical hits, and focusing on the main skills simply succeeding or failing. The thing I am still getting used to is that this game is unlike Dungeons and Dragons or a video game, it is about story development and cinematic excitement rather than simply becoming an engine of destruction. If it suits the scene better, sometimes it is the martially-weaker character that comes out on top by virtue of cinematic greatness. I love this system because it really does allow for something to both be successful, yet make the situation worse, like all haphazard plans seem to do.
  12. I'm a Mac user, but this looks like it would have been awesome to use. Good work JasonRR!
  13. I actually enjoyed this thread, but I see what you are getting at Donovan, there does seem to be the creeping spectre of edition wars looming over it. I had eggs benedict with asparagus, swiss cheese and rosemary this morning.
  14. As I understand it: Vibrosword +1 Melee, Defensive Stance Talent upgraded difficulty, Guarded Stance maneuver +1 Melee, Armoured Clothing 1 general defense, Personal Deflector Shield 2 general defense Sixth Sense talent +1 ranged Firing from Trench, up to +2 ranged (but I have an unerratad core book) For that list, it would be melee defense Melee defense 4, an upgraded difficulty to be hit, but with 3 strain and a battery running out on the personal deflector shield. Ranged defense would be defense 5 (3 if cover and armour defenses do not stack), but with the battery running out on the shield and with a hampered ability to fire back.
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