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  1. So just like in the older AEG days then. Thanks, Doug
  2. Another couple of questions regarding this newest edition. Does the game still emphasize on roleplaying your character? Is combat still and can be brutally fast and deadly as it was in 1st and 4th editions? Doug
  3. The adventure video was okay. It was the dice that were used that I didn't care for. And yes, I have to agree, I think the GM should have had a little more experience/understanding of the system. Major factor, to me anyways, about being the GM of any game system. One day I may change my mind, or if I happen to find a group in my area that plays, I may partake in one, but until that time arrives, it will still be 4th edition.
  4. Thanks for the info guys...appreciate it. I watched the you tube videos by FFG on the character creation and the adventure. The character creation was interesting, but the adventure? Meh...didn't care much for the dice. I prefer the actual d10 version.
  5. Not sure which edition is the current one, but the last one I got was 4th Edition by AEG. Now I see that FFG has it. Is this the current edition? How different is the FFG edition compared to 4th Edition? I remember playing L5R back when it was 1st Edition way back in the late 90's...good times Doug
  6. Deagles

    App playability

    Is the app only good viewing while playing? Only asking as I know back in v1 there was one app where you could make your list and print with minimal info to all info of your ships. I used that app alot and used it for game play. Now I see this new app can allow you to print, but only minimal. Thanks, Doug
  7. So what makes the HLC better this time around? I see that you change all Crit results to normal Hit results. What's the point on having HLC? Doug
  8. If I understand this right, I can only take one of the X Wing upgrades regarding the Servomotors. But if I take "Closed" I can boost or Spend a Focus to boost but can only shoot with 2 dice? If I take open, I don't get boost at all? Doug
  9. Deagles

    Rebel 2.0 Dials...

    Comparing the T-70 to the new T-65 dials...they look like they'll work. Just gotta remember what is blue on the new T-65 dials.
  10. Deagles

    Rebel 2.0 Dials...

    Actually, we played 400pt battles alot of the time. 100pts were fine once in a while, but the 400pts were a blast and I rarely ran a capital ship...to many points. Which is why I have that many ships. Usually ran two flights of 4 XWings with one being a named pilot, other 3 were regular pilots...worked out well too. Guess I'm just going to have to figure something out. Good friend of mine, who ran the Empire in 1.0, is in the same boat. Loads of Tie Fighter, Interceptors and such and not enough dials in the conversion kits.
  11. Got my hands on the 2.0 Core set and Rebel Conversion set. While everything looks nice and very cool looking, I found that there seems to be a shortage of dials for certain Rebel ships...namely the vaunted T-65 X Wing. There appears to be only two dials in the conversion kit, plus one from the core. Problem is I own... 8 T-65 X Wings, 5 Y Wings, 4 A Wings, 3 B Wings. Wondering where I can get my hands on extra dials for the X Wings and Y Wings without having to purchase another 2 Conversion kits? Thanks, Doug
  12. Never used Poe before and his ability already says alot too. But I am wondering from those that run him, what are some good possible Elite Pilot Talents that would make his ability stronger (eg: Expertise??) or make him better (eg: PTL)?? Thanks, Doug
  13. Nevermind...found a site.
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