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  1. Hi I find armada clunky and unispiring , i don't know why. Nice the manuver system , the command dials , but i disliked the objective cards and the defense token mechanic. saluti
  2. Hi Im very interested in the game but i have a problem: Is Runewars more similar to x-wing or armada? Because i buyed various ship for ST: armada (1 core and all the wave 1 ship) but , after playing the game , i disliked it alot. saluti
  3. Hi I want ask if the the varius bounty hunter , are indispensable in a imperial list to contrast falcons and outriders , or i can play without them? I ask this beacuse , i find sad see proud imperial ships and squadrons fly with scum ships. saluti
  4. Hi Thanks for the answers . For now , i need limiting myself to the starter + wawe 1 , because i need to wait for the traslated version of the expansions (I 'm italian , and in italy is hard to convince people to play with material in non-italian language ). saluti
  5. Hi everyone I have in program to buy 8 in the next month) the starter set , 1 Nebulon , 1 Victory SD , 1 FMkII and 1 gladiator SD . Is a good start ? saluti
  6. http://www.moddb.com/mods/star-wars-ascendancy A mod for sins of the solar empire : Rebelion (the 2 dlc Forbidden worlds and stellar phenomena are mandatory) The mod is based on the trawn trilogy For now , have only the two faction of The New Republic and the Imperial Remant , in future the Chiss Ascendancy and more... saluti
  7. Hi I hope you like this. Saluti
  8. Hi I find this on youtube , i hope you like this saluti
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