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  1. Do they appreciate the thematic way of playing even though it´s a big chance they loose? My players like the game but they didnt like the WTF-experience when the house just fell apart and there was nothing they could do because of the last eventcard. It was like "uh, oh this was exciting but then suddenly everything ended without a chance to flee or anything. This is a lame ending. Just boring. We didnt even have a chance to fight til the end with Walter Lynch". I could agree with that but at the same time it does feel thematic. Sometimes things happen that you can´t prevent, just as in real life. Problem with Traumacards is that you can´t play them unless the investigators are hurt enough and if you draw the wrong cards there is nothing you can do as a Keeper to make the investigators weak. Then the Keeper is quite powerless. Especially if there are no monsters lurking around.
  2. Hi everyone. New at the forum. Played Fall of House Lynch for the first time with my friends two days ago - it went well. Concerning the Explore-rule and those NOI-cards I´ve suggested for my players a new rule. When you explore you only get to see the first card and the first explored card should be the most obvious find (a corpse, or some large item). If you want to explore more, then you have to spend another actionpoint (stay for one more turn). Irl it would probably take some time to search an entire room, especially if you´re afraid and its pretty dark. Looking through shelves, coffins, cubboards, closets, cabinets, lockers and so on takes time so I guess it adds more realism. Next time we will play by this rule but will also give the players some extra turns before we turn the Eventcards. Otherwise, I find NOI pretty lame and it has no function.
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