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  1. Sounds pretty interesting, like almost ready to buy the game masters kit to have a read of the adventure. Right now I'm reading No Surrender and it seems a step in the right direction, with a chase to Virbius to investigate the further dealings with General Scarus. His name keeps popping up so why not have a mission objective to snuff him out if not capture for torture, knowledge and cleansing.
  2. At least check out several of the commander npc profiles under an elite or master type style creation to begin to gauge to at least having a starting point.
  3. Use hoard rules for mass combat. Intermix several troopbattles with the hoard combat and presto, you have a full fledged war. Ideally make objectives such as storming the reactor, destroy munitions, dock at said station. To be honest, the No Surrender campaign book would be perfect for your mission. You could ideally swap the Severan Dominate with the Iron Warriors Chaos Legionnaires. Let us know how your session turns out however.
  4. Just wanted to know, in a game I'm running, I have a Dreadnought Librarian who is one of the more powerful character builds I have seen yet and somehow I have yet to even come close to damaging him but the question I have is a rule perhaps of one that I may have missed or not doing correct. Does semi and full auto damage stack besides using hit locations. If I were using a horde versus the dreadnought if I hit exceptionally well for maybe three or four hits would this damage stack after toughness and armor are subtracted? I know I'm grabbing at straws but there isn't too many weapons made in Deathwatch or even Black Crusade that will injure a Dreadnought.
  5. Drama

    40k Pittsburgh

    I live in Erie as far as travel I might be able to travel if weekends were something you had in mind. I love the genre and have most of the books and I'm even familiar with character creation and play so nice to meet you. Speaking I am a fan of the Steelers as well. Probably about 200 miles and two hour drive. How many hours were you thinking of devoting to a game or session?
  6. Id like to personally invite you to Myth Weavers.com. The site is dedicated to any Warhammer 40k game. The site is large enough to welcome you into the folds. If you sign up mention my name as a referral to the site. My full user name is Dramacydle so once there drop a private message to me and I will invite you into some of my play by post games I currently run. Which are pretty cool and something you maybe looking for.
  7. Id like to mention that there is a site dedicated to any genre of warhammer 40k universe games. With any of these games along with any role playing game I should mention that Myth Weavers is the go to site for play by post games. The preferred medium is reply through posting on a screen. Check it out if you have the time.
  8. Drama


    Wanted to mention that for play by post needs regarding any genre of Warhammer 40k there is an online community named Myth Weavers. Visit the site and join us for all online warhammer 40k games. These games are extensive and worth your time.
  9. I always thought planetary Governors were under Sector Governors and theoretically they answer to the High Lords of Terra which is an amassed group of political nobles. I'm currently experiencing almost the same thing. I actually have some High Lords of Terra who seek to undermine the Golden Throne. I know it's hitting pretty close to home but my Acolytes are pretty close to Ascension level and acquiring their Inquisitor Rosettes. So the way I always figured it to be from what I read is that through very formal meetings and power plays High Lords begin to filter down information to the Planetary Governors. I never really got into the specifics of the Calixis Sector Lord but I had an old game where the Acolytes started on Scintilla and they were going to eventually end up on Malfi. Because of the bitter rival between the two planets I was going to assume that even the High Lords could also unwelcome any advances by the Sector Lord or place someone in a position of power that a network cablal of High Lords know about. The thing with political intrigue is that I try to find a story and have different personae's of the story with different agendas. When each High Lord creates their agenda, then the struggle for dominating the Sector Lord evolves. Even with maybe the Sector Lord infiltrating Terra and undermining the Cabal of Radical HIgh Lords.
  10. Wanted to touch base with everyone regarding a possible open spot in one of the Only War games I'm competing to get in. We are going with the Regiment Hawk Shroud and I'm well aware of them from the knowledge from the Game Master. His name is Bishop He is well received by the men he serves with. He is a man of the cloth and flamer. Brandishing a flamer, chain sword and bolter. He has a pendant symbol charm of the Aquila and a skull belt. He has grey Ecclesiarchal Robes and a book of scripture. What I'm looking for is some extra insight into the Hawk Shroud. I know they serve the Astra Miltarium are somewhat archaic and feudal in their reaches. They are considered knights aboard their home planet. They also believe in strict cohesion and loyalty to their people. What else could I be missing. I want to do the work but do not know how the others will respond to my character. I want the character to be liked hence his informal name but I also want him to also ideally believe what the others do. I want him to bring swift retribution to the mutant scum and xeno forces of the Sector, I'm looking for some personality things to give breath into Bishop. I need any and all help.
  11. For your gaming needs if you do not find a local group and you have access to the internet there is a sizable group of future 40k Warhammer games over at Myth-Weavers. com. I don;t know if your interest in play by post but it may cure your need for a game. Tell them Dramacydle referred you.
  12. Well I didn't play test it at all. I heard of the new careers and exciting changes they would be making and just for that reason I'am sold on the idea. Makes me wish I bought the beta and play tested the game to at least speak my voice. Although a new sector to fight in and new careers seem pretty cool. I can live with keeping it main stream so to speak.
  13. Is there a pre order with 2nd edition. I was not apart of the beta but really want to see what the differences are. If there is a pre order I will definitely come up with the money for the release.
  14. Went ahead and purchased Church of the Damned and just from a quick read through it looks to be inviting enough. I'm just wondering how to justify getting them back on track after the Black Sepulcher I know the stand alone should only take a few sessions so maybe not try to spend so much time on the Black Sepulcher. Do you tinker with the story any or do you play the modules as is. I didn't know if there is anything wrong with adjusting the game to what is happening on certain terms more or less. in how our game is panning out?
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