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  1. I would be all for it, why we could even vote for most requested questions and then they can answer the top 10...where's the harm in that? They could even do it in an article, heck even have a mediator to gather the questions so that they aren't even involved directly. I think it's a fantastic idea RufusDaMan! You have my vote Sir!
  2. Sorry , I think you completely misunderstood me. I just meant that as a comparison as in no Epic ships in an epic battle like no water with Navy cadets inland (i.e. farmland, way, way inland - thousands of miles from the sea). I meant no offense. P.S. - For the record, the Navy is my favourite division of the Armed Services as my grandfather served in the Battle of the Atlantic in WWII.
  3. Aye, aye Captain Darth M.!!! I'm with you Sir ! More Huge ships? Check, (Scum Corvette, yup, yup) Missions? Check, (Could use some love for sure!) Smaller Ships that are Epic only? Umm...hmm...how about some kind of advantage for Epic play for these ships? (that way they can still be used for regular format) Actions that are Epic only? Yes! Check! (Boarding party very cool!) FAQ??? Sigh...yes, depressed at how long for this one! Check! Why not steal some cool idea's from Armada? I think it's bizarre that Epic tournament doesn't mandate you to fly an Epic Ship!!! (Kind of like Navy Cadets for a Province/State waaaayyyy inland, far from the Atlantic or Pacific )
  4. Very unique ship with unorthodox maneuvers ! Constable Zuvio (19) Push the Limit (3) Pattern Analyzer (2) Cluster Mines (4) K4 Security Droid (3) Scavenger Crane (2) Engine Upgrade (4) Total = 37 Super fun to fly!
  5. Sorry...I'm only a generic Pilot, I have no Elite talent upgrade slot...... ...good thing God blessed me with my wife, she has Pilot Skill 9 and she always equips "Swarm Tactics" so I get the benefit of her skill! Woohoo !
  6. Wow! Fantastic right up ! As always, excellent detail and great info for all of us to use! Thanks Magnus Grendel !
  7. Another great Pilot at Level 7 !!! Zuckuss (28) Outmaneuver (3) Tractor Beam (1) Outlaw Tech (2) Fire-Control System (2) Contraband Cybernetics (1) Mist Hunter (0) Total = 37
  8. Neat build ! I haven't thought of building him out as a TIE Shuttle variant, I'll have to give it a go - thanks!
  9. I know some people say that he is overcosted, but I still think he has one of the best Pilot abilities in the game ! I love using Advanced Homing Missiles with him, Snap Shot, Advanced Proton Torpedoes, and/or Seismic Torpedoes .
  10. Yup, sounds pretty straight forward to me, I'll 2nd that .
  11. And my number #1 Favourite Level 7 Pilot is....Animal, drum roll please... Bossk baby!!!
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