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  1. It should be a temporary bug on their side due to the merging between FFG and Asmodee web structures. Products and Support sections are blank, and the news feed is bugged as well (I see all the News instead of just Descent) See the "Upcoming changes to the FFG forum" pinned post. Edit : oops, too slow
  2. I just finished the first quest, It was a blast, really. Lot of dialogs and a really nice background. I needed a dictionary to help me with some words due to the rich and literary vocabulary, but it was pretty cool ! I had Mists of Bilehall tiles for the right wing of the map, and ended up beaten by a major peril with Queen Ariad. Lot of possibilities and many tiles not explored, I can not wait to do the following quests tomorrow ... and to do it again at a later time with new heroes and choices.
  3. ^ Same for Steam, ver 1.3.0 available since ~1 hour ago : - Seeds of Corruption - New ambiant tracks (!) - Bug fixes :-)
  4. I really like these doors and porticullises @Kaaihn, I'm tempted ... And a Dungeon keeper mode seems really fun, altough it would require a massive amount of work and testing. Imagine new traps such as explosive doors bumping heroes when they try to open it ! Or enchanted rooms where they get stunned if they stay too long in them while monsters try to surround them.
  5. Hello everyone, I was bored and I made a little timeline to see the list of all the Descent products released in 2016 as well as the time between announcement and release. There is also a list of the reference numbers on the right. http://imgur.com/a/rmy1w Picture in spoiler. (I apologize for any grammar mistakes in the following wall of text) ------------------------------------------------------- 1) Some thoughts : Globally, 2016 have been caracterized by a lot of varied announcements and releases : from February to December, there have been announcements for 1 box, 1 HM, 1 virtual App and a lot of new content for it. In addition, the year started with the release of : - Mists of Bilehall - 3 Lieutenants, and 2 other HM packs. These latest products were all announced many months before, and the end of 2015 was caracterized by a content drought. Indeed, since the release of the 6th HM (Bonds of the Wilds) in August, there have been no new content released until January (but many official news in between). In comparison, we start 2017 without any physical content announced ... but instead a new virtual campaign which should be available soon, Seeds of Corruption. If we give a look a the end of 2016, since August, all the announcements were tied to the virtual App, and the delay between these and the actual release have been severely shortened. Also, the 6 latest announcements, since May, all concerned the App, with the exception of Chains that Rust. So by lookin at this timeline, we can clearly see a shift if focus toward the App (temporary or not). It is totally possible that new physical content will be announced in february or in some months, but their delay is generally longer, so it would let us with 3 or 4 months of waiting at best ... months who could possibly be used to release more App content. ------------------------------------------------------- 2) What I would like to see next : I am personnally happy with all the content the game have ATM, and to see the Devs working on new App content. This is an audacious try to link physical and virtual board game, but the accessibility of it, the low cost and the large amount of "supports" (aka Android, iOS, Steam, Amazon) all lead to a solid product. One thing to note though is that since the release of Chains that Rust, this is the first time that no physical content is publicly planned. And I think this is also the first time that no reference number is left in advance, apart from the eternal 06. But there is still room for some more things : - There is still 12 heroes from the Conversion Kit that have not been released in HM packs. It would be interesting to know if anything is planned for them. Some new HM with a new content guideline (more heroes with only 1 or 2 monsters for exemple), or maybe will they be released in some future expansion boxes ? There is also the possibility they stay in the Conversion Kit forever. - For the classes : we have 7 Warriors, 7 Scouts, 6 Mages and 6 Healers, due to the fact that no small box ever complemented the Manor of Ravens. FFG instead decided to break the mold with Mists and Chains. I would LOVE to see another box to equalize the number of classes, which is one of the most important aspect of the game, IMO. We could possibly see another big box, or two small boxes complementing eachother. - Still for the classes, the hybrids were happily welcomed, and new hybrid combinations would be liked by a lot of people. Although, it is important to keep in mind that they certainly require the most testing and balancing compared to "full" classes. - The Heirs of Blood campaign book was also a great success, at least on the forums (sales-wise, I do not know !). One or some more campaign books would be a good alternative way to provide content not related to the App, - I personnally have enough miniatures, monsters and heroes. I can not even store everything anymore ! What I would like to see is more content focused on the variety of themes. What I mean is more quests, classes and tiles : who could be used by the App as variations of existing maps, Or by new virtual campaigns as well as the Delve Or by new physical campaigns I am sick of the same herbs and stones, I want cold mountains, arid deserts, luxurious and enchanted forests, glowing caves full of magic jewels and mushrooms and so on ! I can dream, but a box with a new campaign, many varied tiles and new hero classes (without miniatures, making a small and compact package full of replayability and variation for everyone), would actually be pretty cool and differ from the usual boxes, HM and LT packs. Allow it to also unlock Delve stages, App variations or a new App campagn such as Seeds requiring Nerekhall, and it would be a pretty nice release as this kind of product would concern everyone. ------------------------------------------------------- 3) What would YOU like to see next ? So, I created this post to gather your thoughts about all of this. 2016 have clearly been a busy year with a lot of cool and varied new content for us. Are you happy with what we got ? What would you like to see next ? Share you opinion !
  6. This is a really usefull tool, thank you for making this ! Missing stuff from the Quest Vault : - Old Walls (blue rectangle, x3) from Mists of Bilehall - Crumbling terrain tokens (x12) from Mists of Bilehall - Lieutenant tokens from Mists of Bilehall (x3 : Ardus, Kyndrithul, Zarihell) - All components from The Chains that Rust expansion Hope to see it updated, and happy new year.
  7. Thank you for all the work you put into this, it's really well done and so clean !
  8. I have only found the rulebook, without the quests : http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_nrep.asp?eidm=19 Ctrl+F and type Descent. I can not help you more as I do not have the 1st edition. :/
  9. Yes, at least a picture of the new Crypt dragon would be nice, there's nothing on the internet atm. Please.
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